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Dewalt to Milwaukee Battery Adapter – Precautions and Information

Commonly, people are searching for a DeWALT to Milwaukee battery adapter to use the same batteries with these two different power tool brands.

Also, most o the power tool manufacturers are producing their batteries for the cordless versions of the tools. And you can use these batteries in other models without any problem. For example, if you have a battery that is 18V RYOBI, you can use this battery with the other 18V cordless power tools of RYOBI. Most of the power tool manufacturers are manufacturing their batteries and power tools like this.

And also, you can not use the same battery for all brands. Because the electric inputs are different between the different brands in general. So in the market, you can find different kinds of battery adapters between the different brands because of this.

DeWalt to Milwaukee Battery Adapter Review

For example, if you are using the Milwaukee and DeWALT cordless power tools in the same workshop or place, it will be very useful to have one of the battery adapters between themselves. So, you will be able to use the same battery for the power tools of these brands.

Dewalt 18V/20V Battery Adapter for Milwaukee

Dewalt 18V/20V Battery Adapter for Milwaukee

  • Compatible with different kinds of batteries of Dewalt.
  • Built-in protection electrical board.

This is one of the most common Dewalt to Milwaukee battery adapters that yo can use for your power tools. You can check the features below.

  • It is compatible with the Dewalt DCB200, DCB200-2, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB204-2, DCB205, DCB205-2, DCB206, DCB206-2 18 and 20V batteries in general.
  • It has a built-in lock and protection, and an electrical board.
  • You can easily convert the Dewalt 18 and 20V batteries to the Milwaukee M18 battery except for the NICD V18.
  • You will be able to use the batter replacement between the different brands.

How to Use?

The use of the Dewalt to Milwaukee battery adapter is very simple. You can easily slide the adapter into the Milwaukee power tool battery attachment section. To remove it, you just need to press the button right side of the battery adapter.

After attaching it to a Milwaukee, you can attach the Dewalt 18V or 20V battery to the machine that you have. And you can start to use the power tools with a Dewalt battery.

So, it will be very profitable to buy a battery adapter instead of the battery itself.

Potential Problems that You Can Face with Battery Adapters

While you are using the battery adapters, you need to be sure about these issues and ask yourself these questions does it worth using them?

  • The most important problem with the Dewalt to Milwaukee battery adapters, the warranty of the power tool that you are using will be canceled. Because you are using a third-party battery in the Milwaukee tool. And if you face issues arising from this use, Milwaukee probably will not accept any change requests. You can think that the warranty of the smartphone will be canceled if you download a third-party application to your phone.
  • Batter adapters generally work with a specific voltage range. For example, you can attach a 20V Dewalt battery to an 18V Milwaukee batter with this adapter. So you are giving a higher voltage value to the cordless machine above its range. The electric motor can burn because of this higher voltage, and you can lose the cordless machine that you have.
  • The electrical wiring system is specially designed by Milwaukee and you can only use the Milwaukee batteries. So, your machine can have electrical problems if you remove the original battery with a Dewalt battery.

But if you look at the customer reviews on Amazon, most people do not have any problems with these battery adapters. But you need to be considerate about these dangers while you are using Dewalt to Milwaukee battery adapters.

Last Words on Dewalt to Milwaukee Battery Adapter

These are the general considerations if you use the battery adapters between the different brands. You will save money if you buy one of them instead of a battery. But you can face problems with your machines and warranty voids.


Can Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries interchange? 

Most of the brands are using their special batteries in their cordless power tools. So, you can not use the Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries interchangeably. But you can have a Dewalt to Milwaukee battery adapter if you want. So, you will be able to use the batteries without any problem.

Do Dewalt 18V batteries fit Milwaukee?

No. You can not use the Dewalt 18V batteries in Milwaukee cordless power tools. If you want to use them interchangeably you need to use different kinds of batteries in different applications.

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