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Ryobi Belt Sander Review; Selection Guide

Belt sanders are very useful devices that most the people in woodworking and metalworking. They are very good at removing surface roughness from different kinds of materials. And Ryobi is a manufacturer of different kinds and constructions of belt sanders. Here, we will review the different kinds and applications of Ryobi belt sanders in general. And with this guide, you will be able to select the best one for your specific applications.

Ryobi Belt Sander Models and Reviews

Check the different models and constructions of Ryobi belt sanders below. And select the best one for your different kinds of applications.

RYOBI PSD101B Cordless 0.5×18 Inch

Long and Thin Belt Sander

Long and Thin Belt Sander

  • 2065 maximum RPM.
  • 18V cordless battery.
  • Tool-free belt change.
  • Ergonomic design for tight spaces.

RYOBI PSD101B is the first model of the belt sander available in the market. You can see the construction of a belt that has 0.5×18 inches in dimensions. So, you can use this cordless belt sander in these applications in general;

  • Antique restoration: Antique parts are generally delicate parts. And they need special care while you are removing their surface roughness of them. RYOBI PSD101B belt sander will be very useful. You can easily reach all surfaces with its cordless action of it. And also you can reach the internal and tight surfaces with the long and thin construction of the belt.
  • Weld Roughness Removal: Welding sections of the butt welds are generally small sections. And removing the surface roughness of the weldments by hand will be hard. But if you have RYOBI PSD101B, you can easily remove the surface roughness and give a shining appearance to the welded joint sections of the metal parts.

In general RYOBI PSD101B belt sander will be useful for mobile applications like the examples above. In these mobile applications, it will be very easy the removal of dust and roughness in general. You can use this tool on the parts that are very big to move to other immobile sanders.

With the variable speed, you can easily adjust the speed of the belt according to the material that you sanding. For example, while you are dealing with wood materials, then you can easily decrease the RPM.

RYOBI BE319 Belt Sander for Broad Surfaces

RYOBI BE319 Belt Sander for Broad Surfaces

Belt Sander for Broad Surfaces

  • Corded electric supply.
  • 13.6 x 3 x 6.61 inches of dimensions.
  • Medium grit applications.

RYOBI BE319 is another construction of a belt sander that you can use on the broad surfaces of th e different materials. You can see that the sandpaper is wider than the RYOBI PSD101B. These are the general applications that you can use this device easily;

  • Metal Surfaces: Metals that are produced from sand casting operations generally have rough surfaces. You can use this corded electric RYOBI BE319 belt sander to remove the roughness of the metal part surfaces.
  • Rust Removal: Also, if you have rusty broad surfaces such as car bodies and metal furniture, this will be a very good application to obtain a clean and non-rust surface. After the application of it, you can obtain very good surface characteristics to apply to paint them.
  • Wood Surface Grinding: For carpenters, this device will be very useful. Because wood surface grinding will be very easy with this RYOBI BE319 belt sander. You can easily have good surface structures by applying this sand grinder on wood surfaces in general.

So in dealing with the broad surfaces in the different professions, this will be a very important and useful machine that you can use.

RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Cordless Belt Sander

RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Cordless Belt Sander

Cordless Belt Sander for Broad Surfaces

  • 18V cordless application.
  • 3×18 inches of a sanding belt.
  • Dust bag.

This is the cordless version of the RYOBI BE319 belt sander. With the RYOBI P450 One+ cordless belt sander, it will be much easier to deal with broad surfaces and big machinery that does not have an electric supply in general. The general application areas of the RYOBI P450 One+ belt sander are the same as the corded version.

But the advantage is, you can use the cordless version in different kinds of applications. You can take it with you and use it freely as a mobile application. For example, it will be very useful in the bigger workshops that are hard to transfer power to other sections.

RYOBI BD4601G Bench Belt Sander

RYOBI BD4601G Bench Belt Sander

Bech Immobile Belt Sander

  • Best for grinding the small parts.
  • Corded electric application.
  • Two sanding surfaces for different grinding applications.

This is another important construction of the RYOBI BD4601G belt sander. As you see above, it is an immobile application that you can use for grinding metal surfaces in general. You can use it in the applications like these;

  • Rust removal of small parts: Immobile belt sanders are best for the grinding and rust removal of small parts in general. RYOBI BD4601G provides two different grinding surfaces in two constructions so that you can easily remove the dust and dirt from the small metal parts.
  • Woodworking: In woodworking and carpentry, the use of small parts is very common in general. You can easily grind and increase the surface characteristics of the wooden parts in general. So, it will be very easy for you to apply this grinder on the small wooden parts.
  • Jewelry: In jewelry applications, sanding the metal parts to obtain much better and clean and smooth surfaces is very important. So, this RYOBI BD4601G belt sander is also applicable in jewelry applications that you can use easily. So, it will be very easy for you to apply this part in general.

The 120V will be sufficient for US carpentry applications. And it will be very good for the small part machining operations in general. If you have a professional carpentry workshop, this will be a very important part to machine your small wooden parts in general.


These are the general models of belt sanders available for the RYOBI trademark. So, it will be very easy to select one for you according to your needs. And for all of them, the belts are changeable with the new ones. And standard beşlts are available on Amazon and other websites.

According to the types of applications, the constructions change. On general;

  • If you thinking about sanding the small spaces and surfaces, it will be better to select the thing and long cordless sander.
  • And also, if you need to sand the broad surfaces of the broad parts, you can choose the cordless and corded surface belt sanders of RYOBI.
  • If you need to sand the surfaces of the small wooden and metal parts, it will be better to buy a belt sander that is immobile.

These are the general points that we can talk about the different belt sanders of RYOBI. Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions about the RYOBI belt sanders. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.

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What is the top-rated belt sander?

There are different belt sander brands are available in the market. But in the US, the most used brand in belt sanders is RYOBI. Because it provides various kinds of models and constructions that you can use in different kinds of applications in general.

What size belt sander does a Ryobi belt sander take?

According to the belt sander sizes in the models above;
– RYOBI PSD101B takes 0.5×18 inches of sand belts.
– RYOBI BE319 and RYOBI P450 One+ take 3×180 inches of sand belts.
These are the standard belts that these machines are using. You can take these belts for these models of the Ryobi.

What is the difference between a belt sander and a belt grinder?

Belt grinders are generally used for the smoothing actions of rough surfaces in general. But belt sanders are better at removing rust and dirt from the surfaces of the different materials. And belt grinder is generally used on the metals. But you can use the belt grinder on the surfaces of different kinds of materials in general.

Does Ryobi make a belt sander?

Yes, they are making high-quality and multi purpose belt sanders in general. You can find the different kinds of models available for the RYOBI belt sanders in general.

Can you use a belt sander to sharpen knives? 

Yes. Belt sanders are very good for knife sharpening. Especially the stationary belt sanders are best for knife sharpening actions in general. But it is important to select belt sanders that are smaller in grit size.

Can you sand metal with a belt sander?

Yes, the main purpose of the belt sanders is to apply to the metals in general. You can also use the belt sanders in other materials such as wood. Metal sanding is very common with the RYOBI belt sanders in general.

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