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Narrow Pallet Jack Systems Guide – Important Parameters

We are using hydraulic lifting systems in different phases of life in general. They are generally very useful to carry the heaviest load applications. Here, we will take a look at the general narrow pallet jack systems that are available in the market. They are very useful systems and you need to consider these parameters while you are selecting them.

What is a Narrow Pallet Jack?

Narrow pallet jack

They are systems that carry different weights of loads that are placed on pallets. You do not need to apply any physical force to carry even the highest loads with them.

They have an arm that you can easily apply the hydraulic lifting force by pushing the arm to the ground several times. So, the manual hydraulic pump inside the pallet makes it possible to lift the pallet. And it will be very easy for you to lift the pallet.

Also, you can easily release the pump if you want to unload the weight. And you just need to take the load to the place.

And a brake system allows it to use in different kinds of heavy applications that you can easily stop. So they are very useful systems that you can easily carry the heaviest loads in işndustrial and storage places.

What Do I Need to Look At?

While you are looking at narrow pallet jack applications, there are some parameters that you need to consider.

  • Weight Capacity: This is the first thing that you need to look at. What is the maximum weight that you will carry? You need to answer this question precisely to select the best narrow pallet jack for you. Because the load-carrying capacities change between 2000 lbs to 6000 lbs. For example, if you are carrying only 2000 lbs, you do not need to pay extra money for 6000 lbs applications.
  •  Lowered and Raised Height: These are two important points that we need to consider about them. The maximum and minimum heights are very important. According to the load-carrying capacity that you are looking for for the pallet trucks, you need to look for the maximum and minimum height that you can carry them. The heights change between 2″ to 10″.
  •  Width: Which kinds of places you will use these narrow pallet jacks? As you understand from its name that they are narrow things makes it possible to use the narrow sections. If you will use them in really narrow sections, you need to make them happen. Fork sizes generally change between 27″ to 48″.
  •  Steering Capacity: The maneuver capacity of the narrow pallet jack systems is very important. You need to look at the general steering capacities of different systems. In general, the steering capacity changes between 180 to 250 degrees. The higher this degree, the higher the maneuver capacity.

Last Words on Narrow Pallet Jack Systems

These are the general points about the narrow pallet jack systems. You need to look at these parameters while you are selecting different systems.

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