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Pike Pole – Indispensable Tool of Fire Fighters and Fishers

Maybe you see a pike pole several times in your life. But they are very important parts that people are using in different kinds of applications such as firefighters, fishers, and in sports. Here you can find detailed information about this tool, from its history to how to select a specific application.

What is Pike Pole?

pike pole

It is a tool that there is a sharp point and bent sharp point at the head side that allows one to attach and pull types of applications. A user can use it by holding its handle to manage the object with it in various applications. Unlike axes or hammers, there can be a wide variety of applications we use these systems.

Pike Pole Applications

There are various several applications that we use the pike pole systems.

Fire Fighters

Fire fighter using a pike pole.

Firefighters are commonly using pike poles in rescuing applications. They are requiring people from fires in the buildings. And without a like pole that they bring with them, rescuing operations are much easier.

Especially ventilating in firefighting is very important. If there are people in the building, they need oxygen. Because the fire inside the installation took all the oxygen. And firefighters are using pike poles to break the window glasses to ventilate the buildings.

Also, they are using them for uncovering the hidden fires inside the different objects. These fires are very dangerous and if they are not able extinguished, probably a new fire will start. So, they are using pike poles to move the burning objects to find hidden fires.

As you understand that pike pole applications are very important for firefighters.


Especially in ice fishing, people are using these applications commonly. It is a very common application that people are taking the big fish to the boat by attaching the pike poles to them. And it makes it much easier to handle and control the big fish in fishing applications.


In rafting or boating in the river, the control of the boat inside the river is generally made with a pike pole. The captain can attach the pike pole to the different sides of the river, rocks, and other objects to manipulate the boat. And also people on the deck can catch the boat from the ropes at the sides with pike poles.

Sea and River Cleaning

Also in sea and river cleaning applications, the use of these systems is very common. You can catch them with these poles and take them to yourself without any problem. So, it is a very important system that you can use for different kinds of applications.


Lifting heavy bales and other objects in the field with these systems can be very useful in agricultural applications. Soi if you are dealing with agriculture, bring a pike pole to yourself.


People are using pike poles to lift heavy materials such as bricks and concrete blocks. So, they are generally very useful for such applications.

Utility Works

In power lines or other infrastructural works, the use of them is very common in moving heavy objects.

We can increase the number of applications. Because these systems are very versatile that you can use them to manipulate and move heavy objects.

How to Use a Pike Pole Effectively?

They may seem very basic applications to you. But you need to use it correctly to take the whole efficiency from these applications.

  • First of all, you need to be sure that you are gripping the handles firmly. This will provide the power that you need.
  • Point the pike pole’s edge to the object you want to catch or move. It would help if you used the strength of your arms to do it.
  • And also be sure that your feet are planted firmly on the ground.
  • And take special attention to not injuring others or yourself because the edges of the pike poles are generally very sharp.
  • After the use of them, dry them correctly. Because if you leave it wet, it will tend to rust.


Also, there are different materials that you can select both for the handle and the end of the pike pole.

  • Stainless steel: If you are looking for a heavy-duty application, you can select stainless steel. Because they are the most durable and robust applications that you can use for every application, but be sure that it is coated with zinc or galvanized to prevent corrosion.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum handles and pikes are very common also. They provide the required strength and sturdiness for general use, but they are not generally heavy-duty as stainless steel.
  • Wood handle: There are also pike pole applications that have a wood handle. You can easily manipulate the weights without any problem. But wooden handles are not good in terms of strength.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is a lightweight and robust application in general. If you are looking for a sports activity, you can choose the fiberglass systems. But they are not strong as stainless steel. But in terms of strength/weight, you can select these applications.

Important Considerations While Choosing Pike Pole Applications

There are also important points that you need to consider about the pike pole applications. While choosing them, you need to adjust these parameters to choose the best one.

  • Length: The length that you need is significant for various applications. There are systems that have heights between 4 feet to 16 feet handle. Assess the general situations that you are using and select the best one for your application.
  • Material: We stated all the important points on the materials above. Choose the best one for your system.
  • End design: The pointed end design is generally made from curved or straight points. So, consider if this structure will be useful for your systems in general.
  • Handle: The handle must be sturdy and comfortable to use. It must carry the load easily without any bending or cracking.
  • Weight: Strength/weight is very important for the best comfort. We generally look for strong applications with minimum weights. So, choose the best one according to your needs.

Prices According to the Use and Material

Also, it is very important to assess the price of the pike pole systems. You need to select the best application in terms of price. It is very hard to give exact prices to assess the situation. But according to the market, we can give ranges that yıu can consider for the pike pole applications.

  • Wooden systems: $30-$70.
  • Fiberglass: $70-$130.
  • Aluminum: $100-$250.
  • Special pike poles for sports, special materials, and ergonomic handles: $250-$500.

But they are the general estimates of the prices. You need to check the different sellers to find the best price.

How are the Modern Pike Poles Made?

If we take a look at the general manufacturing method of this tool, we need to check for the handle and the tools separately.

The handle is generally made from wood or fiberglass. And for both of these materials, there are material lamşinations are used. These wood or fiberglass laminates are bonded together with an adhesive. And they cut these bonded structures to create useful and ergonomic handles.

And also the steel pikes are generally made from hot forging operations. In these operations, the semi-molten steel is put inside a mold, and a very high load is applied to take the shape of the mold. And it is quenched to obtain the best mşcrostruetcure in terms of the strnegthç. Also, additional machişning operations can be applied to make it much sharper.

At the last stage, the pike is attached to the handle with an adhesive or fastener.

Little History

Historical meaning of pike pole.

If we take a look at teh history, the use of pike pole applications around the 12th century started used as fishing applications. And people realized that they are teh very useful systems and started to use them in other different applications such as the army.

Around the 1600s, the army soldiers are equipped with long pike poles in the wars. After these incidents, the use of the pike pole applications become very common in different kinds of applications.

Last Words on Pike Pole

As you see above they are very versatile applications. And in teh market you can find pike pole applications that are made from different materials. We explained the generally important things that you need to consider if you want to buy one of them. Also, we give information about how to use them correctly. Even you know the general price ranges of these applications.

So, if you have additional comments and questions about these applications, please leave them below. Your precious feedback is very important to us!

FAQ about Pike Pole Applications

What is a pike pole used for?

Pike poles are very versatile systems that you can use for different applications. But the general use is, catching the objects with the pike and pulling or pushing them by using the handle.

Where did pike poles come from?

According to history, the use of this tool started around the 12th century with teh European ice fishers.

How heavy is a pike pole?

The general weight can change between 8 lbs to 12 lbs according to the material and size of the system.

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