Ignition Lock Cylinder Diagram and Electronic Parts

There are lots of people dealing with car electronics. Car electronics is a very important area that makes it possible to control your car without a problem. Also, the ignition lock cylinder is a system that makes it possible to control your car. Here you can find a detailed explanation of this part with an ignition lock cylinder diagram.

What is Ignition Lock Cylinder?

Nearly all vehicles have the ignition lock cylinder. This is a mechanical system in which you insert your key and turn, and starts the engine. It has an ignition system that when you turn your car key, sends an electric signal that starts the operate the starter motor. Once the starter motor engages with the flywheel, the engine starts.

The whole mechanism that makes this job is called the ignition lock cylinder system.

Ignition Lock Cylinder Diagram and Parts

Ignition Lock Cylinder Diagram

On a typical ignition lock cylinder diagram, different kinds of parts are available. With the proper working of these parts, the engine starter system works properly without any problem.

Thanks to Omie01 user in the forums, we have this beautiful and explanative ignition lock cylinder diagram.

What is Turn Signal Switch?

On the ignition lock cylinder, different kinds of switches activate the different lights on the car. One of these switches is the turn signal switch, when you push the turn signal, it activates the electric circuit that lights the turn signal.

Hazard Warning Switch

You know that you light the hazard warning lights of your car which defines that there is an emergency. So, there is a switch on the ignition lock cylinder that activates all four signal lights at the same time. Once you push on the hazard warning button, this switch activates.

Snap Ring Retainer

This is the application that holds all the ignition lock cylinders in their place. You need to use snap ring pliers to replace them with new applications.

Key Warning Buzzer Terminal

This is another terminal that activates the warning buzzer. When you left your key on the ignition that the engine is not running, a buzzer alarm goes off with a specific sound that warns you. And also if you left your headlamps on while the engine is running, it warns you about the situation. This prevents the driver to leave the key on the ignition and battery drain it.

Flange Casting

Flange casting is an external casting material made from plastic or rubber material. It is a casing that includes all the parts of the ignition lock cylinder parts inside it.

Rod to Ignition Switch

As we explained above, the ignition switch is a system that closes and opens the electric circuit that starts the engine. And the ignition switch rod is a system that transmits the rotational motion once you turn your key to the ignition switch. And the starter motor, fuel pump, and other components to run the engine.


As you see on the ignition switch lock diagram, there are different kind os fasteners such as mounting screws, t-bolt retaining nuts, locking button snap retainers, etc. These are the systems that hold all the components of the ignition lock cylinder in place. You will need special tools to remove and attach these systems to their places in general.

Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is the cylinder to which you attach your car key. There is a mechanism that transmits the rotational motion of teg car key through the gear and rod to the ignition switch. And the engine runs with a system.

Take a Closer Look at the Ignition Lock Switch

Ignition Lock Switch

Also if are curious about the mechanical structure of the ignition lock switch we can look at this diagram. This diagram was also developed and prepared by Pasquale
and published in ResearchGate. It is a very useful diagram to view all the components.

As you see above, there is a stator assembly that you attach your car key to inside it. This assembly makes it possible to rotate the car key inside it. This stator assembly is connected to a cam that transmits the rotational motion of the key to the other systems.

All the parts of the ignition lock switch system are connected to a body or case. And there is a latch mechanism that includes the latch spring and locking cap making it possible for to ignition lock switch to stay in its place. Otherwise, it will be very easy to remove the ignition lock system from the steering column.

As you see above the system is directly connected to an ignition switch without the gear or rod systems. So once you rotate your key, the switch activates the electrical system that runs the starter motor.

Conclusion on Ignition Lock Cylinder Diagram

These are the general things that we can state about the ignition lock cylinder diagram. We have special thanks to the people who brought these beautiful and explanative diagrams to the communities.

If you have additional comments and questions, please leave them below.

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