Honda Dashboard Lights Meaning – A Complete Guide!

If you are curious about the different dashboard lights that appear on your dashboard on your Honda vehicle, you are at the right place to look for the meanings of these dashboard lights. We give the different Honda dashboard light meanings that you can find on your own.

What is the meaning of the dashboard light that appears on your dashboard?

General, in general, the dashboard lights or dashboard signs have the same meaning on different kinds of vehicle models and brands. These signs are also valid for the different kinds of models of vehicles. Here you can find the most common ones that you can use. Check the different signs and learn what the meanings of them are.

Honda Dashboard Lights Meaning

This exclamation mark means that there is a problem with the brake system of your Honda. You need to bring your car as soon as possible to a service or a mechanic. But with most of the vehicle’s design, also parking brake is applied. For Honda, it differs.

As you understand, if the brake sign appears like that, your parking brake is applied or you are braking at that instant.

If you see that sign on your Honda dashboard, this means that the oil pressure of your car is low. This also means that the oil spring systems inside your engine are not working well or the oil pump is not working well, so you can have low oil inside your engine that you need to check.

Honda Dashboard Lights Meaning

As you understand from the sign, it’s a better sign. This means there is a technical problem with the electrical system of your car, which means you need to bring your car to an electrician to take a look at the problem and solve it.

Please sign means that there is a problem with the airbags of your car, which is a safety problem. Once you crash, the airbag system will not work properly, and you need to solve that problem as soon as possible. We do not recommend driving your car with this sign if you’re on your dashboard.

You may have a problem with the smart entry system of your Honda, which is special to Honda cars in general.

Well-known check engine light. If the check engine light appears on your car, there can be diverse kinds of problems with your engine system or your powertrain system. You may have problems with the engine sensors or engine electronic systems, such as alternators, etc. You need to bring your car to a car mechanic or to service to diagnose the problem and do not drive your car with this light appearing on your dashboard.

Honda Dashboard Lights Meaning

In the latest technologies of the Honda vehicles, there will be smart systems that will send information about the systems and updates. If this sign appears on your dashboard, this means there is a message from the system and there is an update.

If you see this sign on your dashboard, your car, your Honda car, sends information that you need to bring your car to maintenance. Nothing to be afraid of, you just need to bring your car for regular maintenance.

This is an immobilizer sign that appears on your Honda, which means if you attach your key to the car, you will not be able to start the engine. This means you need to shut the immobilizer on your car.

If the VSA system is off on your Honda car, this sign will appear. They recommend that you need to open the VSA system of your car to increase the secure drive.

If you open the cruise control of your Honda, this dashboard sign will appear on your dashboard.

This is common for all general cars. If the turn signal is on, this will appear or blink on your dashboard.

If you open the lights in your Honda, this sign will appear.

This is also a high beams sign that will appear if you open the high beams on your car.

And also, if there’s a problem with the ABS or anti-lock brake system of your vehicle design, it will appear on your dashboard. Do not drive your car with the malfunctioning ABS. This is a very big safety problem that you can face.

If this sign appears, there’s a problem with the tire pressure of your Honda car. Did tire pressure low on one of your tires or multiple of your tires, this sign will appear, and you need to check the tire pressure.

If there’s a malfunction in the electric steering system of your Honda, this sign will appear. If you do not attach your seat belts, this sign will appear and blink, and there will be a warning sound that is completely given by the dashboard.

If one of the doors or the trunk is open, this sign will appear on your dashboard. Once you close your door completely or all the doors completely, this sign will disappear from your dashboard.

Your exterior lights are on, this dashboard sign will appear on your Honda car.

If you open the econ system of your Honda, this dashboard sign will appear.

In the newest technologies of Honda cars, there are lane assist systems that will be helping the driver to be on the lane. If the system is on, this dashboard light will appear.

Collision mitigation brake system is also another brake system or another safety feature of the newest cars. If the system is on, the dashboard sign will appear.

A lane departure mitigation system is also another important safety feature that you can find in most cars. If this system is on your Honda car, this means this text dashboard sign will appear.

If there’s a vehicle or object that is dangerous for the safety of your car in the blind spot, this dashboard sign will appear, and you need to take important precautions to prevent any accidents.

This means the wheel drive system of your car is on.

If your car or Honda adaptive cruise control system is on, this dashboard sign will appear on your car.

It is very easy to understand that if the trunk of your car or Honda is open, this dashboard sign will appear on your dashboard.

If the fuel level is low, you need to refill your Honda, and this dashboard sign will appear. Once this dashboard sign appears, you can drive your Honda car for around 30 km.

If the washer of your window fluid is low, this dashboard sign will appear, and you need to fill the fluid.

Also, if this dashboard sign appears on your Honda’s dashboard, the auto high beam system is activated, which means the high beams are activated automatically according to two different conditions.

As we stated, all of the dashboard signs, and most of the dashboard signs, are common with different kinds of vehicles and models. If you know them completely, it will be much easier for you to recognize the dashboard sign, even if you have a Honda or another car.


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