Granite Crystal Metallic Color on SUVs

SUV lovers and drivers are generally looking for granite crystal metallic color. It is a very common color in the SUV community. Especially for JEEP Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and RAM 1500, this the one of the most looked at colors. Here we will check and criticize these colors on these SUV applications. And you can decide to buy this color or not.

Why Granite Crystal Metallic?

Aside from it being a very cool color, these models JEEP Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and RAM 1500 originally have this color. It is a grayish color that will give a very different vibe if we compare it with other colors. Unlike the satin steel metallic color, it does not have a blueish vibe. It is a very good balance between gray and black.

Granite Crystal Metallic Color on Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler may be one of the most used cars in off-road applications. The structure of the wheels and the powertrain make it very useful in very hard terrains. So, you can easily use it in different applications.

But it can be hard to think for in-city applications. Because the handling and the ride are like a truck. This gives a great capability in off-road applications but in city driving, it will not give the same performance in general.

Also, the gas mileage can be poor if we compare it with the same class of cars. And it is actually not for in-city applications. Some users stated that the intrusive road and wind noise can be a problematic issue for you.

black Jeeo Wrangler
Image Source: Jeep Wrangler.

This is the black color of the Jeep Wrangler. Most people think it is a good choice of color. But we need to state that you are not probably a mafia or government official. And whitish colors will delete the vibe that you are trying to catch with these cars. So, you need to find a very good balance between them.

Granite crystal metallic Jeep Wrangler.
Image Source:

Did you get the vibe with this one? The balance between the gray and the black colors? It is a very good example that you can consider for Jeep Wrangler. This is the granite crystal metallic color. And it is an original color for them. You will get the required vibe for off-road applications.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

We can not say that the Grand Cherokee is an off-road vehicle. It is generally a midsize SUV that you can use for your family and city driving. But also, it will give a very good performance for off-road applications if you convert it with the required parts and assemblies.

If the positive side is, the riding is very balanced which will give a very good driving comfort for city applications. Unlike the Wrangler, you can consider this one as an in-city and off-road.

The seating is also very comfortable and the upscale cabin will give the SUV feeling that you are looking for.

But most people are saying that the powertrain is not expected well. And the cargo capacity is below average if you are thinking about buying this car. And also it is expensive if we compare it with the same class.

You can get up to 357 horsepower from the engine.

Granite crystal metallic Grand Cherokee.
Image Source: Benzel-Busch.

The same points that we stated about the Jeep Wrangler are the same for the Grand Cherokee. Jeep manufactures it with a granite crystal metallic color that will be very useful for such applications. You will get the required balance between badass colors and soft colors with this one. Check the vibe above.

Please, do not EVER think to buy a white one if you consider creating a real vibe with your Grand Cherokee.

RAM 1500

RAM Trucks and pickups are one of the most common ones in off-road communities. Unlike the other ones, the sizes of these trucks are very big if we compare them with other models.

Because of its size, it comes with a very big and spacious cabin that will give the required vibe that you need from a car. And also it provides very powerful riding with a fuel-efficient engine. Ride and handling are also very efficient and joyful for an off-road vehicle.

The standard features can be underwhelming for you. If you are not looking for soft comfort from an off-road car, a RAM truck will be very good and useful for you.

RWD and 4WD applicaitons are generally available for RAM 1500. You can get up to 702 hp engines that will be very useful for such applications.

Granite Crystal Metallic RAM 1500
Image Source: AutoBazaar.

But if we think about the color of this car? The RAM 1500 truck has also a standard and original granite crystal color. You know that these kinds of balanced colors give a very different vibe to different cars. And please do not consider buying white or black colors of RAM trucks. The original granite crystal color will give both a classy vibe and the badass vibe that you are looking for both in-city and off-road riding.

Last Words on Granite Crystal Metallic Color

In off-road communities and other forums that are dedicated to these car models, the granite crystal metallic color is generally well-known color. And if you have one Wrangler, 1500, or Grand Cherokee with this color, you will get attention to your car, unlike the white or black colors.

If you have any thoughts on this color on these vehicles, share yours in the comments!

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What color is granite crystal metallic?

It is a very common color for RAM and Jeep off-road vehicles. But it is not common as the original color. If you wish to paint your car with this color, the color code of the granite crystal metallic is AU/LAU/099. It has a mixture of grayish and blackish.

Why granite crystal metallic is very common for RAM and Jeep?

The main reason for it, people are looking for a color that will give the required badass vibe both in off-road or terrain riding and in-city riding. So, this color and colors like this one became very popular. And Jeep and RAM are manufacturing cars in this color.

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