Black Mitsubishi Eclipse – Different Photos and Models

Mitsubishi Eclipse is a very fantastic figure in different car communities. You can find different kinds of models of them in different car communities. And lots of people are using them to convert them to JDM monsters. Here you can find different models of black Mitsubishi Eclipse photos that may change your perspective.

Black Mitsubishi Eclipse Photos

1995 model of Mitsubishi Eclipse. The black color is very cool for this car. And it says that “convert me to a JDM monster!”. The 90’a Japanese cars have a very different aura, right?

In general, these models have a 5-speed manual transmission with a front-wheel drive. But for JDM applications, we need a rear-wheel drive for better drifting applications. So, if you are thinking about one of these black Mitsubishi Eclipse cars, you need to consider the costs that you will face.

The horsepower of the models is 210 which you can increase to 600-700 hp with very good tuning.

This is a 2011 black Mitsubishi Eclipse. We can not say that has the same aura as 1995 one. But it is very stylish that you can use it for daily routines. It can be hard to find the 2011 or around models in JDM applications. They are generally best for different kinds of daily use.

2011 models have 4 shifts automatic transmission making it even harder to convert them to JDM monsters. Also, they have generally 160 hp power.

In Fast and Furious, we know the purple color of this Mitsubishi Eclipse. 2003 ones have a very special place in the hearts of the Fast and Frouiıos fans. This one is also 4 shifts automatic and has front wheel drive that will be hard to use as JDM.

2020 and after the SUV model of Mitsubishi Eclipse… Nah…


As you see above the black Mitsubishi Eclipse is a very aesthetic car that you can consider buying. There are different kinds of used cars that you can find at different prices.

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