Square Copper Tubing Systems – Manufacturing and Applications

Copper tubing and gating systems are very common in different applications. And also there is a very big use of square copper tubing systems in engineering and structural applications. Here, you can find information about these systems. Types, advantages, and uses.

What is Square Copper Tubing?

Copper square tubing systems.

Square copper tubing is the hollow square tube that is used in various applicationsç There are bulk manufacturers of these items that can custom manufacture according to your needs. You can specify the total length that you need and the thickness and other dimensions, they will provide it easily.

The most common type of manufacturing of these items is the metal drawing technique. In the drawing technique, the copper material is drawn through a nozzle that creates square copper tubing without a seam. So with the change of the nozzle, the dimensions of these applications changes.

Applications of Square Copper Tubing

There are different kinds of applications that people and an engineer are using these systems.


In fluid transmission, copper tubing systems are very common. In fluid cooling applications, the fluid is drawn inside the square copper tubings, and because of the low thermal resistivity, the fluid loses heat rapidly. Because of this reason, the use o these systems is very common in cooling applications.

Structural Applications

Another important feature of copper alloys, they are very resistant to corrosion. And if you need structural integrity in the corrosive media, the use of these applications is very common.

And also with the addition of the different alloying elements, we obtain very good and high strength of the copper tubings in general.

Decorative Applications

Copper and copper alloys are very good decorative applications that we are using in decorative applications. Also, the ıuse of square copper tubing systems are so common in decorative applications in general.

Types of Materials Used in Square Copper Tubing Systems

These are the different copper materials that are used in the production of these systems.

  • CDA 101: This is the first material that is used in copper tubing applications. The copper percent of this mixture is 99.99% which can include very low amounts of Silver. And also, there is Phosphorus inside the material in .0003%. We can find Tellurium content up to .0010% also. It is a very good material to be used in cold working applications to manufacturing square copper tubing systems.
  •  CDA 102: This material also includes 99.95% of copper. This is also another material that is very common in the production of these items. It is a very good material in cold working applications to manufacturing square copper tubing.
  •  CDA122: This is another common material that includes 99.9% of copper. And also it includes 0.015% of Silver.

Also, you can find the Copper-Sİlver and Brass applications for these systems in general.


Because of their different advantages, the use of this system is so common.

  • The first advantage is, the thermal conductivity of the copper is very high. Because of this, the use of square copper systems is more common in cooling applications.
  •  Also, the corrosion resistance of the copper is very high. So, structural members that will be used in the corrosive media are generally used in different applications.


  • The most important disadvantage of copper, they have very high prices compared with steel or other ferrous alloys.
  •  In structural applications, they are not generally strong as steel or other alloys.

Last Words on Square Copper Tubing Applications

One may think that the applications of these systems are not commonç But if you look at their advantages of them, they have lots of common applications. There are different manufacturers of square copper tubing systems and there are lots of customers.

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