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Diesel cars and diesel engşne become more and more popular thotuıght history. Also, the demand for diesel cars increases in different kinds of countries. So, diesel injector systems become more known and common fuel system parts. Here, you can find detailed information about diesel injectors in general. We talk about how they work and how to maintain these parts. You can also find much more information about them.

Why Do We Use a Diesel Injector?

Diesel injector system.
Diesel injectors.

Classical engines generally do not have any kind of fuel supply system such as a diesel injector. This is generally because of the nature of the fuel itself. If we take a look at the nature of diesel fuel, it is very hard to ignite diesel fuel if we compare it with gasoline. Gasoline is completely liquid and very low in viscosity. So the ignition of the air-fuel mixture is much easier.

But diesel fuel is a much thicker fluid in general. And we need to bring it into a new physical form for better ignition. The diesel injector system generally makes this job. There is a system in diesel injectors that pulverize the diesel fuel into very tiny particles. And the total surface area of the fuel increases. So, we can say that diesel fuel is in a near-gaseous state that is much easier to ignite.

Another important chemical characteristic of diesel fuel, it ignites at higher pressures if we compare it with ordinary gasoline. So, we need to bring that fuel much higher pressure range. Another doıtu of the diesel injector is to provide diesel fluid in the pulverized form at high pressure to the intake manifold. When this form of diesel mixes with the air, the ignition will be much easier and better.

So, this structure adds extra complexity to the fuel supply system of diesel engines. There is an ECU system that controls the flow of the fuel according to the amount of oxygen in the exhaust fumes and the total airflow coming to the intake manifold.

Common Problems that We Have with Diesel Injection

There can be certain problems with the diesel injection system that you have in your diesel engines.

The first symptom that you will see is the check engine light. Because there is a problem with fuel supply to the engine. And you will feel a performance loss. Other symptoms that you can have are, the rough idle and strange noises coming from the engine. The main reason for it, the ignition and the burn of the fuel do not take place in an ideal way. And misfires happen.

And also the fuel economy of your car will be affected by the bad diesel injector. The total fuel consumption will increase if there is a problem with your diesel injector. The most common problem is a fuel leak.

The diesel injector system is working at very high pressures. The leaks can take place because of it. And if there is a fuel leak from the system, this means you have a certain problem with your injector system. You need to solve or change the system with a new one.

How to Maintain the Diesel Injector System?

In the market, there are different kinds of successful fuel system cleaners are available. They are the systems that you add to your fuel and it cleans out the system.

The most important thing that you need to consider about diesel injector maintenance, do not to hinder the regular maintenance of your car. The maintenance service will take care of the fuel system cleaning also. But if you want to make it by yourself, you can check the fuel system cleaners available in the market.

Costs of Diesel Injector Replacement

If you have a faulty diesel injector, you need to replace it with a new system. So, you need to bring your car to the service. And they will take care of this issue.

First of all the prices o the OEM diesel injectors change according to the car and the model. And also according to the size and the type of the engine, the price of the affected.

If we think about regular cars such as Fiat or Toyota, a single injector will range between $100-$150. And also the replacement cost for the injector will be around $100. Because the replacement requires an important amount of expertise and worship.

Last Words on Diesel Injector Systems

This is general information about diesel injector systems. If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.


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What happens when a diesel injector fails?

When the diesel injector fails, the system can not provide the required amount of fuel in the required form inside the cylinders. So, the intended nbırn of the fuel does not take place inside the cylinder. You will feel it as an engine performance loss, misfires, and engine stall. You need to change and repair the injector as soon as possible.

How much do diesel injectors cost?

This is a very hard question to answer. Because there are various kinds of diesel engines in different kinds of vehicles. So, their prices of them vary. But if we need to give a general price for the passenger cars, the general price of the diesel injectors varies around $50-$250 according to the brand and model.

Can I drive with a faulty diesel injector?

How do I know if my diesel injectors need replacing?

If your check engine light is on if you have a performance loss, and if you are hearing a misfire or feeling stall from your engine, you should bring your car to service. They will diagnose your car with an OBD and state that maybe you have a problem with your diesel injectorr.

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