Off-Road Diesel Price 2023

Do you an off-road fan and you are curious about the off-road diesel prices? You are at the right spot. Here we will give information about the off-road diesel price. And also you can find different other important information about offroad diesel.

Off-road Diesel Price for 2023: 4.576 per Gallon!

off-road diesel price
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Yes, the current price of the off-road diesel is 4.576 per gallon. And it is one o the lowest thoughts in the year 2022.

Also, it is important to note that the off-road diesel has red dye.

There is a lot of news about the offroad diesel and gasoline prices in the Biden administration. Especially in 2022, American citizens are generally complaining about gasoline prices. And also people who deal with off-road were following the off-road diesel price.

How Were the Prices in 2022?

Also if we take a look at the prices in 2022, we can see that there is a great increment in the first months. The price started at $3.72 per gallon in January. And in February, it increased to $4.032 immediately. This was a great increment and people did not expect this kind of increment in gasoline.

Another shock came in March 2022! The price of diesel increased to $5.105 per gallon. Think about an increment of nearly 50% in only two months which is not a seen thing in the history of the US. But there were certain reasons for these increments. The Ukranian-Russian war. These are the stages where Russia invaded Ukraine. This incident affected the fuel and oil market heavily. Because Russia is one of the biggest oil and energy producers in the world.

We see this increment trend in the following months. Even in June 2022, the off-road diesel price was very high such as $5.75 per gallon which was the highest in history.

Also, the bombing of Saudi Arabia’s petrol refineries by Yemen forces was very effective on the fuel prices. Even in Turkey, fuel prices soared by around %200. So we can state that the US was the lowest affected country by these fuel price rises.

And Biden administration has taken certain measures to decrease off-road diesel prices again today we can buy a gallon of diesel for around $4.5 per gallon which is also very high.

How Was the Off-Road Diesel Price in History?

If we take a look at the price tracks of the fuel, we can see certain price increments in general. In 1995 January, the price of the off-road diesel was only $1.098 per gallon. From this year to 2023, we see a general increment in the prices in general.

Also from 1997 to 1999, we see a great decrease in prices. If we take a look at the prices, the gallon of diesel was $1.291 in 1997. And in the Januaryuaryi it was $0.967 which was the lowest in the history of off-road diesel.

After that big increments, and decrements started. In 2000, a very big increment took place. Nearly 40the % of increases place between these two Januaries.

Also between 2001 and 2002, we see a very good decrement in the prices. The price came from $1.356 to $1.153 only in one year.

Following three years very big increments took place in the price of off-road diesel. The prices are $2.467 in 2006 which was a record in history.
And in 2008 the prices hit the ceiling because of the global economic crisis. The increment ıf the prices of off-road diesel was very high. In 2008, the price is $3.308 per gallon which increased by around 40% from the year 2007.

After the relief from the economic crisis in 2008, the price of diesel decreased in 2009.

But between 2010 and 2014, the price of diesel was seeing record high prices. The general range of prices is $3.8 and $3.9 per gallon. And between 2015 and 2020 we see much lower prices than in this era. The general price was between $2.5-$2.9 per gallon which is also very high if we compare it with the historical values.

But because of the global pandemic in 2020, the increment of off-road diesel take place very seriously. We see even the highest prices such as $5.7 in 2022. Even after the Russian invasion, we see the highest prices in history.

Eventually, in the year 2023, we see a slight decrement in the prices in general.

Will the Off-Road Diesel Price Increase?

In general, the off-road diesel price is generally cheaper than the regular diesel. And, if we take a look at the historical price values of diesel, we could not expect a downward price.

Last Words on Off-Road Diesel Price

This is the general information that we can give about the off-road diesel price in general. These are the general situation of the prices.

If you have additional comments and questions about the off-road diesel price, please leave them below.


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Is off-road diesel cheaper?

Yes, the off-road diesel is cheaper than the regular diesel. Because there is no taxation for off-road diesel which is cheaper than the nırmal diesel around $0.25 per galloın.

How much cheaper is off-road diesel compared to regular diesel?

Because there is no taxation on off-road diesel, the price of it is cheaper around $0.25 per gallon.

Because there is no taxation on off-road diesel, the price of it is cheaper around $0.25 per gallon.

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