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Crosby Shackle – Complete Guide to Uses, Prices and More

In different kinds of mechanical applications, we are using different kinds of attachments and fasteners. Shackles are also very important for these mechanical systems. Here, we will talk about the Crosby shackle applications that people are searching for them. You can find the most detailed information about them here instead of the fragmental information on the internet.

What is Crosby Shackle?

Crosby shackle types.

Crosby shackle is a very useful mechanical shackle application that we use in different kinds of applications. They have a U-shaped structure that the ends of t his U shape is connected with a pin and bolt system. You can easily detach this pin and bolt system and attach them to the systems.

In load-bearing equipment in different applications, we use them to secure the ropes and cables. We attach teh ropes and cables to other structures.


Because of this versatility, the use of the Crosby shackle applications is very common in different kinds of applications and areas.

  • Marine: You know that we are tieing the boats and hulls to decks with teh help of ropes and cables. And also mooring applications and the attachment of the anchors are very important applications that we use in general. So, in marine applications, the use of the Crosby shackle applications is very common.
  • Construction: lifting heavy weights with the help of machines or mechanisms is very common in constrictions. So to attach the different cables and ropes, we are using these shackles.
  • Oil and gas industry: Also the use of shackles is very common in the oil and gas industry to secure the pipes and cables.
  • Transportation: In cargo vehicles and ships, we are using them to secure the cargo items inside the vehicles with the help of ropes and other applications.
  • Agriculture: Also in the load-carrying applications in the agricultural systems, the use of the Crosby shackle applications is very common in general.
  • Military: In military service equipment you can see that soldiers and special forces are used to climb teh structures and mountains.

So, as you see above, the use of the Crosby shackle applicaitons is very common in different kinds of areas.

Different Types and Constructions of Crosby Shackles 

According to the material and the construction, there are different types of Crosby shackles are available in the market. You can choose one of them according to your needs. 

  • Anchor shackles: The anchor shackles are the most common ones that er use for ropes, and chains for fixing different kinds of equipment. 
  • Chain shackles: They are the special shackles to fix and attach teh chains. 
  • Galvanized shackles: To prevent corrosion in teh wet environments, there is a Crosby shackle application that is galvanized. 
  • Stainless steel shackles: Most common material for extra strength and corrosion resistance in marine and other outdoor heavy-duty applications. 
  • Screw pin shackles: There is a screw pin that you can attach and detach to connect and disconnect the shackle applications. 
  • Shackles with safety bolts: These are the bolted shackles that we use in different applications. 

How to Use Crosby Shackle Applications? 

They are very basic systems to use. But there are important points to remember about the Crosby shackle applications. 

  • First of all, you need to be sure that the shackle system is in the correct size and strength. If the shackle system can not carry the load, it can fracture and very bad accidents can take place. 
  • Attach the U section of the shackle to the cable to structure, and attach the bolt and pin system securely. 
  • Secure the bolt and pin system by attaching a cotter pin or bolt through the holes of the equipment. 
  • And make sure that it is locked thoroughly before lifting the equipment. 

So, it is very important to check the safety measurements for the lighting applications that you are making in different industries and areas. 

Alternatives to Crosby Shackle 

Heavy duty crosby shackle application.

In the applications that you use the Crosby shackle systems, you can use these different alternatives also. 

  • Turnbuckle: To attach the ropes and cables, you can use the turnbuckle applications also. There are two holes to that you can attach the ropes and adjust teh tightness of the ropes with the help of teh screws. 
  • Wire rope clips: They are teh systems that are nearly the same as the Crosby shackle applications. The wire rope clips also have U shaped design that you are attaching with two bolts. 
  • Hooks: Hooks or carabiners are also very common practice in teh load-carrying applications. You can easily attach teh hook to a structure and attach teh pin of it to carry the loads. 
  • Chain: Chain is a very versatile application when it comes to load-carrying applications. You can attach teh chain and lock it by using different clips to carry the loads. 

Consider These Factors While You are Buying Crosby Shackle 

If you are thinking about buying one of these applications, you need to consider these important points about them. 

  • Size: you need to be sure about the size of the Crosby shackle application that applies to the system that you are using. There are different sizes of them are available. 
  • Material: In general, these shackles are made from aluminum material and stainless steel material. For moderate weights, you can use aluminum alloys. But if you will carry a high amount of weight, you need to use stainless steel material. 
  • Pin type: In general, some shackles have bolt-type pins and screw-type pins. We use screw-type pins for easy adjustment. But also bolt types are better in more load carrying. 
  • Certifications: According to the safety measurements, you need to select a Crosby shackle application that meets the important certifications such s ASME and Department of Transportation. Check the workplace that you’re working in according to which OSHA regulations. 

What About Prices? 

If we compare the prices of the different Crosby shackle applications, anchor shackles are generally higher in price than the other shackles. Because the load-carrying capacity of the anchor types is higher than the other ones. 

Also stainless steel material is higher in price if we compare it with the other applications. 

Furthermore, the load-carrying capacity is a very important parameter in shackles. Because with the increasing load carrying capacity, the material quality and the size increases, thus the price increases. 

But it will be better to look at and compare the prices from the different sellers. 

Last Words 

So, you know the general information about the Crosby shackle applications that we use in the load-carrying capacities. There are different types are available according to teh material and the construction. Also, their ar different areas and applications that we are using these systems. 

You can also consider alternative shackle and mechanical fasteners to Crosby shackle systems. And if you need t buy one of them, you need to make some kinds of considerations for better selection. 

If you have additional comments and questions about the Crosby shackles, please leave them below. 

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