Check Emission System Honda – What is the Problem?

Honda users and owners have this problem and error message on their dashboards. Check emission system Honda. What does mean? What are the possible causes and the solutions? If you are looking for answers to these questions you are at the right place. We will try to explain the general problems that cause that message on your dashboard.

What does the check emission system Honda mean?

Check emission system Honda
Check emission system Honda.

As you understand that there can be a problem with the emissions system of your Honda vehicle. The emission system of a vehicle consists of an exhaust system catalytic converter system and the exhaust manifold that is attached to your engine. But also many more external systems of your engine can cause an error message on your dashboard. These are the most common causes of this message on your dashboard.

Problematic catalytic converter

This is the most possible and the most common problem that you can face if you have the check emissions system message on your dashboard. Can tell the converter converts the harmful gases to less harmful exhaust gases to expel into the atmosphere. And also there is an oxygen sensor that is attached to the catalytic converter to measure the oxygen levels inside the exhaust fumes. And the oxygen sensor sends this information to the ECU system of your car. And the ECU system defines the optimum Fuel and air ratio according to this information.

So if the oxygen levels are not in acceptable levels in your exhaust fumes there can be a problem with your catalytic converter. Because the catalytic converter cannot convert the harmful gases to less harmful ones effectively and the check emission system Honda light will on on your dashboard.

The possible solution may change according to the catalytic converter problem. If your catalytic converter is externally damaged it will be better to replace this with a new one. Also, the very narrow channels inside the catalytic converter made the clogged. You just need to clean your catalytic converter with special cleaners or with a soapy water application.

Faulty oxygen sensor

As we explainable an oxygen sensor is attached to the exhaust system of your car to Monitor and measure the oxygen levels in the exhaust fumes. The problem with the oxygen sensor is the check emission system Honda light can be on on your dashboard. The ECU system cannot receive the oxygen levels in the exhaust fumes and this means your vehicle can give this message on your dashboard.

In most cases, the replacement of the oxygen sensor will be the solution. But also, it can be some kind of very basic electrical connection problems or data cable connection problems between the oxygen sensor ECU system and the battery of your car.

It will be better to bring your car to a car service or Honda service.

Damaged exhaust pipes and manifold

You know that the exhaust manifold brings the exhaust fumes from the cylinders or the Turbo System of your car. So if there is a hole in your exhaust manifold or if there is a clogging inside the manifold the catalytic converter or the other parts of the exhaust system will not receive the required amount of exhaust fumes. And your car will expel the exhaust fumes to unwanted regions of the engine.

So this is a very common problem if you are facing the check emissions system Honda. The most common solution for this problem is the replacement of the exhaust manifold or repair of the exhaust manifold. Exhaust manifold is made from steel or aluminum alloys which can be repaired with welding operations.

Cleaning of the exhaust manifold also can be the solution if the manifold is clogged. Federal suspicious foods to clean the exhaust systems.

Problems with air intake and fuel intake

Also, the ECU system adjusts the air intake and the fuel intake of the cylinders. So if there is a problem with these intakes this means there can be a problem with the exhaust fumes. The exhaust fumes will not create the required composition because of The Unwanted intakes of air and feel. And from the oxygen levels at the oxygen sensor systems, the system will not receive the required information. Because of it, there can be a dashboard sign that shows the emission system problem.

The air intake and the fuel intake systems are complex systems. There can be a problem with the ECU problem with the intake manifold fuel filter air filter Etc. It’s a little bit better to bring your car to a car mechanic or the service to look at the problem in much more detail.

Loose gas cap

Also, it is probable that if you lose the gas cap this can cause problems with the emission system of your car. You just need to tighten the loose gas cap to its place.

Bring your Honda to a service!

It is very hard to diagnose the exact problem that leads to this dashboard time by yourself. It is because as you can see in a bowl there can be different kinds of reasons for the check emission system Honda.

At the service of your car, they will be diagnosed with an OBD scanner. They will attach the OBD scanner to the ECU system of your car to diagnose the problem much more detailed and critical way.

Can you drive with the check emission system light on?

It’s not advisable to drive with a check emission system light on your Honda. This is because you don’t know the problem you don’t know the source of the problem and the problem can cause much more worse things on your engine and other systems. So do not drive with the check emission system light on. And also if the check emission system lights on while you are driving Highway immediately drive your car to the nearest service or car mechanic.

How much does it cost to fix the check emission system?

Also explaining the costs and prices is very hard. Because there are there can be different kinds of problems with your emission systems and your engine. So it will be better to bring your car to service to diagnose the problem. For diagonals, they will probably take around $70 and $80. But also if the lost gas cap is the problem there will be no cost for the solution. Also if the problem with the catalytic converter the price will be around $500 if you attach a new OEM catalytic converter.


These are the general things that we can State about the check emissions system Honda. The best option is to bring your car to Honda service. They will diagnose the problem and take care of the problem.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about the check emissions system Honda. Precious feedbacks are very important to us.

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