Rollover Accident – How to Prevent? What to Do?

Rollover accidents or vehicle rollovers are very common types of accidents that happen commonly. My sister had a rollover accident with a commercial vehicle. And I would like to write about this incident that took place. And also I would like to write about the general things that can happen to you. You can also find the general precautions after the incidents to prevent them.

What is Rollover Accident?

As you see in the picture, a rollover accident is an incident when the car tips over on one side. Also, this accident can take place on the roof. If the accident is several, a car can tumble several times which is very dangerous for other drivers in the traffic.

How My Sister Rolled Over?

First of all, I would like to state there are no health issues with my sister. She is doing great right now. While she was driving on a straight road, she could not calculate the distance between the wheel and the pavement. And the wheel abruptly crashed on the pavement. And this unbalanced movement makes our car rollover as you see in the photos and videos.

The luck that she had in this incident;

  • She was not fast. The low speed prevents much worse rollovers even the tumbles which will make the situation much worse. It is very important to comply with the traffic rules. My sister got her driving license justly. And because she is a novice, she is taking car of traffic rules, unlike the other “experienced” drivers who trust themselves too much.
  • Another important thing was, that their seat belt of her is fastened. This saved her from driving away inside the vehicle in the rollover accident. So, we understand that fastening the belt is a very important thing that we need to consider. It saves your life.

As you see in the pictures, Renault Kangoo is a commercial vehicle that has a bigger and taller body if we compare it with the other cars. So it is more probable to get in a rollover accident.

Different Types of Rollover Accidents

According to my experience, different types of rollover accidents can happen.

  • Tripping: This is the first type of rollover accident. And this is the type that my sister made. In these accidents, one tire of the car can ghit an object or a curb. And this makes all the car rollover. Gaining balance can be very hard for the driver and the car can tip over.
  • Crashing into another car: Also if the driver is driving the car very speedy, and he or she hit another car, a rollover can take place because of the unbalance. But the place of the hit and the angle of the hit is very important in this case. Head-to-head accidents or backstroke accidents do not cause rollovers.
  • Weather: Weather also has a very strong effect on the rollover. Because o the snowy or rainy road, your can rollover. Most rollover accidents take place because of this issue.
  • Speeding: Going through bends at high speeds can cause a rollover accident. Because the centrifugal force can cause rollover and loss of the balance of the car.

As you see above there are different kinds of accident types that you can have.

How to Prevent Rolloıver Accident?

Also, there are very important tips that you need to consider if you want to prevent a rollover accident.

  • First of all, if you did not buy the car, you need to select the best cars that are safe for rollover accidents. These cars generally have the lowest gravitational center.
  • The tires are very important in this case. Your tires must be suitable for the weather conditions. Also, always keep your tires at the required pressure levels. You can find detailed information about it on this website.
  • Also, overloading the vehicle can cause a rollover accident. The load inside the vehicle can be very heavy which makes your car rollover.
  • Drive slowly. Slow speeds can save your life like in the story that I tell you above. And comply with the traffic rules every time.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. This is a very important tip that we can give to you. You need to give your full attention on the road to prevent your car to contact with obstacles and curbs.
  • Fasten your seat belt. Because seat belt prevents you to skid inside the car in the case of accidents.

Last Words on Rollover Accident

As you understand above, rollover accidents are very common. And you need to take the important precautions as we stated above. We wish that you took a lesson from the rollover accident of my sişster.

If you have additional comments and questions about it, please leave your comments and questions below!


What happens to your body in a rollover accident?

Rollover accidents are very dangerous for yoru body. Your head will crash to the ceiling of your car immediately. And other parts of your body will crash to the other rportions of the car. To prevent this, you need to always fasten your seatbelt.

What is a rollover crash?

A rollover crash is a type of crash in that you hit your car on a curb or other object and pullover because of the unbalance. This is the main mechanic of the rollover crash.

What is the most common cause of a rollover accident?

The most important cause of this is the carash with the other cars.

Do people survive rollovers?

If they fasten their seatbelts and drive slowly, they generally survive these rollovers without any nosebleed like my sister.


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