BMW Drivetrain Malfunction – Problems and Solutions

When we talk about sports cars and high-grade cars, BMW is one of the best brands that comes to mind. Say German car brand that produces and manufactures high-performance car in general cars in general. But also, high-performance cars come with some kinds of problems such as engine malfunctions or drivetrain malfunctions. BMW drivetrain malfunction is also another common problem that you can face with your BMW car. Here we will explain some general causes of this problem and what are the general solutions to them. We will not dive into lots of details but we try to explain all the possible causes in the most simplistic terms.

BMW drivetrain malfunction

What is a drivetrain?

First of all, we need to understand what is the drive train and what is the duty of the dry strain in the different kinds of cars. The main duty of the dry frame is to take power from the engine and transmit the power to the wheels of a vehicle. It consists of Excel drive shafts, differential gears, transmission, and some sort of sensors and subsystems that attach to these systems. If there’s a problem in these parts, you will see a sign appear on your dashboard like a BMW drivetrain malfunction.

Possible causes of BMW drivetrain malfunction

That can be different kinds of causes of the BMW drivetrain malfunction sign on your dashboard. Interstate that these problems are not easy things to solve on your own. Cause the drivetrain systems of vehicles are the heaviest systems that the even DIY enthusiasts cannot solve. In most cases, you just need to bring your car to maintenance or service.
Performance loss

This is the first symptom that you can feel if you see a BMW malfunction sign on your dashboard. There is a great problem with your drivetrain system such as drive shafts, differential gears, and the wheel systems or your transmission system. Power may be generated by the engine of your BMW, but there is a problem with the transmission of this power to the wheels. You will feel a performance loss, and when you hit on the gas pedal, you will not cultivate the same amount of power that you expect in the old days.

In this case, you just need to drive your car slowly, and also your BMW software system will activate the safe drive, which means you cannot exceed a specific amount of power and speed. Things to do is to bring your car to a service or mechanic for the diagnosing situation. If you overlook the problem, it can cause much worse problems that will be much more costly to repair.

Gear problems

BMW cars may be manual transmission or automatic transmission; there are uncertainties and technical problems with the changing gear in your BMW car, which means that can be a problem with the gearbox or transmission system of your engine.

Homes with transmission of BMWs are generally major problems that you cannot solve on your own in most cases. Just need to bring your car to service safely to prevent much worse damages to the drivetrain, even the powertrain systems.

Check engine light

Check engine light is on with the BMW drive frame malfunction sign, you can have Goosebumps 🙂 Cause in the BMW communities, checking engine lights is one of the most feared things.

In general, the check engine light is on because of the problems with the powertrain. And if the two lights are on, this means a general problem with your system. Also, in most cases, you just need to bring your car to today’s service.

Problems with powertrain

This stated about if there are problems with the powertrain of your BMW car, it can let the BMW drivetrain malfunction. Because the power system is not working properly and the drivetrain system cannot get the required amount of power to transmit to the wheels.

You may have problems with the catalytic converters, ignition coils, ignition systems, different kinds of sensors such as oxygen sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, etc. Solution of these simple things will cancel your BMW drive frame malfunction.

Did you understand that if you are not familiar with the car mechanics, it is not advisable to solve this problem on your own.

Is it okay to drive with a BMW drive frame malfunction?

You understand from the different causes of this problem that driving with the BMW drivetrain malfunction is not a good idea. The engine control module of your BMW car will take your car to safety mode automatically to prevent any further damage. Means you need to bring your car to service safely.

But if you overlook the problem and the sign, this may cause much worse problems that will be worse to solve.

How serious is a drivetrain malfunction?

Maybe you understood that the causes of the drivetrain malfunction are very serious. Cuz the drivetrain and the powertrain systems of vehicles are responsible to move the vehicle according to the inputs that are given by the driver. They are not like the site systems such as interior electronics or accessories. The problem with this system you cannot drive your car. But these problems are serious.

How much does it cost to fix a BMW drivetrain malfunction?

Then also question that lots of people are asking. We understand that you fear if you see a dashboard sign of a BMW drivetrain malfunction or check the engine light. But the sources of these dashboard signs are generally serious problems. You need to prepare yourself for every scenario.

The solution to the problem can be very simple. It will not be costlier than you are thinking. Maybe every little gear or sensor change will solve all your problems, which will not be as costly as you may expect. But also, the problem is the general transmission system and changing months of this transmission can be the solution. You need to pay thousands of dollars for this operation but to change a basic sensor can cost several dollars.

You understand that giving an exact number is not possible for this problem.

Conclusion on BMW drivetrain malfunction

I understand that this situation is very ambiguous. Just not easy to understand the real cause of the problem on your own. Just need to drive your BMW to a service to see the real cause of this problem. Maybe you just need to pay for the diagnosis of the problem.

Do you have additional comments and questions about the BMW drivetrain malfunction? You can leave them below.

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