Brake Hold System Problem – Common Causes

Brake hold systems are very important safety measures for cars for parking. With the hand brake, it creates an extra holding system for your car. But sometimes, you can have problems with this system. There can be different causes with the brake hold system that your car has. In general, you are facing this problem with Honda CR-V and Honda Civic cars. You can see the possible causes of this brake hold system problem below.

What is Brake Hold System?

Brake hold system problem.

In general, there is a brake hold button that you can use to release the brake hold system while you are parking. If you press it, you will see the brake hold indicator in the control panel. And also, if you press the brake and press that button, you will release the brake hold system in your car.

Also, the brake hold system must disengage if you press the brake pedal for more the 10 minutes. And also if the electric parking brake is applied, the brake hold system cancels.

And if you turn off the engine the brake-off system will also be cancelled. Also if it does not cancel in these situations you can have problems.

You Need to Check the Electrical Wiring

The brake hold problem generally arises because of the problems with the electrical wiring system that you have in your car. So, you take your car to the service or car electronic experts to look at this problem.

Check the Battery and Battery Connections

Car brake hold systems are generally electrical systems that must work like the above. If there is a problem with the deactivation of this system, you need to also check the battery connections. There are different kinds of connections that the battery has. So again, it will be much better to bring your car to a mechanic.

This is a General Problem with Honda Civic and CR-V

Electric park hold is a common problem that you are facing with Honda cars. You can find different kinds of forum posts about this problem and lots of people are talking about it. Because this is a common electrical problem that you can’t solve on your own It will be better to bring your car to the service.

Conclusion on Brake Hold System Problem

These are the general points about the brake hold system problem that you are facing with your Honda cars in general.

If you have further questions about this issue, leave their comments below.

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