Oil Filter Socket – What is It? How to Choose?

The oil filter system is very important in your car. And to remove and attach, you need two different kinds of tools. One of these tools is the oil filter socket application. Here you can find detailed information about the oil filter socket systems.

What is Oil Filter Socket?

Oil filter sockets are special applications that you can install and remove the oil filters easily in your engine. There is a gripping mechanism that holds the oil filter from its head. And you can easily take the oil filter with the help of the socket that it has.

You just need to attach a ratcheting mechanism to remove or install oil filters with oil filter sockets. So, it is very important to have one of these.

It provides a very easy way to deal with stock oil filters. And attaching and removing the oil filters are much easy with these applications.

Who Uses the Oil Filter Sockets?

People who deal with machinery that has oil systems or internal combustion engines. So, these people are institutions that are using oil filter socket systems in general.

  • Mechanics: The most common users of these applications are mechanics. They professionally use them to deal with different kinds of applications. So, oil filter sockets are very useful systems to deal with different kinds of vehicles. If you are a car mechanic, you need to have an oil filter socket application.
  • DIY: Also you can be a DIY enthusiast to deal with car mechanics. And if you have an oil filter socket in your garage or workshop, it will be very useful for you. And you will probably deal with the oil system of your car.
  • Automotive technicians: If you are working in a specific car maintenance and service institution for a specific brand, you need to use the oil filter sockets to deal with the problems with the oil filters. You need to have one of the oil filter sockets in general.

As you see, if you are among one of these groups, you will need to use the oil filter sockets in general.

Types of Oil Filter Sockets

Also, there are different types and constrıctions of oil filter sockets available in the market. And if you know the general types, choosing the best one for yourself will be very easy for you.

  • Cup type: This type is one of the most common types that are available. The cup-shaped design makes it very easy to attach to the oil filter application without any problem. So, they are very easy to use and commonly used.
  • Claw type: These are systems that have a claw design that grasps the oil filter from the sides. And make it very easy to deal with hard-to-reach filters in general.
  • Strap-type: There is a strap of band application that goes around the oil filter application. And you can detach the oil filter without any problem. Like the claw type, it is very easy to deal with hard-to-reach places.
  • Socket wrench: There is a hexagoınal bar that fits with the end of the oil filter. And with a ratcheting design, you can easily detach the system from the engine.

So, you need to choose the most applicable type of oil filter socket application around the others.

Parameters to Consider While Buying an Oil Filter Socket

There are different simple parameters that you need to consider if you want to buy an oil filter socket application for your garage. By considering these general things, it will be very easy to choose the best application for yourself.

  • Compatibility: You need to be sure that the system that you choose is compatible with the oil filter applications that you are dealing with in general. So, the available size range of the sockets is very important. So, it is very important to know the compatibility of the socket wrench application.
  • Material: Also check for the most durable materials. You can choose the chrome vanadium steel material if you want to be sure about the quality of the material. These applications are generally resistant to corrosion and very durable.
  • Grip: The grip strength and safety are very important. Because you do not want that the oil filter socket will slip over the system.
  • Brand: Check the brands that have the best reputations among the users. And check the general customer reviews on the internet if you want to buy.
  • Price: The price of the system is also a very important parameter to consider. Do not buy oil filter socket applications that are way lower prices than ordinary applications. Because they are probably low in quality. But high prices do not mean high quality every time. Find the best application that meets your expectations and needs.

Different Products

You can consider the different oil filter wrench applications available below. And choosing the best system will be very useful for you. Check the general features and general applications to which they provide the best system for you.

ARES 14001 – 8-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive Low Profile Fuel and Oil Filter Socket Set

ARES 14001 – 8-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive Low Profile Fuel and Oil Filter Socket Set

In the market there are different oil filter socket sets are available. These systems are very useful systems that you can consider for your projects. In these sets, different sizes are compatible with the different applications.

In this set, there are 8 pieces of applications that range between 24mm to 38mm. So for most oil filter applications, you can use them without any hesitation.

It is made from very high-quality material that will be durable for long years without any problem.

– A complete set to deal with oil filters.
– High-quality chrome vanadium steel.
– Spacious design.

Universal Oil Filter Wrench

Universal Oil Filter Wrench

Also, the use of universal oil filter wrench sets is very common. They have special jaw designs that make them very useful to attach to different kinds of applications. Also, the chrome vanadium steel application makes it very useful for such applications.

  • You can easily deal with oil filters that have 2-3/8 to 3-7/8 inches without any problem.
  • Comes with a ½” drive attachment and is suitable for 3/8” square drive socket applications.
  • Compact application for small workshops.
– Useful and compact design.
– Applicable to both drive sizes.
– Can be problematic for heavy-duty applications.

As you see above these are the general types that are most common in the market. You can also check the other models from this link;


So we tried to give all the important information about the oil filter socket applications. They are very useful systems that you can use in your garage and other kinds of applications.

If you make the general considerations well, selecting a proper application for yourself will be very easy for you.

Also if you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below.

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