What Color is the Brake Fluid? Why to Check It?

Brake fluid is a very essential part of the brake system of your car. This is because it’s a hydraulic fluid that transmits the pedal power that you are applying to your brake calipers to brake pads. So, it must be in very good condition to perform better in your car. Therefore, it is very important to check the brake fluid color, and it is a very simple guide that you will understand the color of the brake fluid.

What color is brake fluid? It’s yellow!

What Color is the Brake Fluid?
Visible yellow color of brake fluid inside the container. Image Source:

The standard color of the brake fluid is yellow. When you take a look at the bottles of brake fluids, you cannot see their color in general because they are contained in non-spark containers, and you are directly putting them into your car. If you buy fluid for your car according to the user’s manual of your vehicle, it is important to check the exact color by dipping on the table only one dip. So, you will understand that it is the ideal color of the fluid.

How to check the brake fluid color?

It is very important and very easy. The color of the fluid is a clear indicator of the condition of the brake fluid. The condition of the brake fluid is also very important because if the brake fluid is in very bad condition, the braking performance of your car will drop, and you may experience different kinds of symptoms.

So, you just need to open the hood of your vehicle and take a look at the master cylinder, which is generally located behind the engine and the driver’s side. It is a very simple structure that has a slender construction and shape. Also, you can see some kinds of indicators on the master cylinder that it is a master cylinder where you can change the brake fluid from it.

On the master side or the side of the master cylinder, you can see a very simple and tiny container that is made of glass, and the brake fluid is shown to the driver. From this glass, you can easily inspect the brake fluid color.

If the old fluid is inside your brake system, the color of the brake fluid will be a brownish color. This means you need to change your brake fluid with the new application. And also, the ABS sign will be on your dashboard if you need to change the brake fluid of your car. Because if the regular maintenance of your car must be made, especially for the brake system, the ABS sign will be on your dashboard.

  • Different colors of brake fluids

According to the types of brake fluids, there can be different kinds of colors.

The first type is the DOT 3 fluid, which has a lighter yellow color. Also, some of these fluids have red or blue colors.

The second type is the DOT 4 brake fluid. It also has light yellow or red crimson shades of colors.

The third one and the last one is the DOT 5. This one has a purple color.

But the common thing is when the brake fluids need to be replaced with new applications, they are in brownish colors or shades.


We try to give a simple answer to your question here, and we didn’t dive into details to make you confused. If you have additional comments and questions about the colors of the brake fluids, you can leave them below without any hesitation.

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