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Truck Bed Water Tank – Everything You Need to Know

People are using truck bed water tank applications in different kinds of systems to provide water to remote areas and events. And choosing the correct one is a very important thing to consider. Here you can find the generally important things and considerations about these systems. And you will not have any problems in your head with the truck bed water tank applications. 

What is Truck Bed Water Tank? 

Truck bed water tank application.

As you understand from its name that they are the tanks that you can attach to the truck bed and store water inside them. They are generally made from plastic materials that make it easy to transfer water between different areas. 

Types of Truck Bed Water Tank 

According to the different materials and features that they are providing, there are different types of truck bed water tank applications that we can consider. 

  • Plastic: Most of the applications are generally made from plastic materials. So, you can easily install them on the truck bed to use in irrigation pressure washing and outdoor applications. They are generally resistant to UV so you can easily use them for outdoor applications. 
  • Steel: Also some tanks are made from steel material. Steel is a very durable material that you can use in industrial and heavy duty applications. 
  • Fiberglass: In marine and industrial applications, fiberglass tanks are durable against corrosion and chemicals. So, they make it possible to use in different kinds of applications. 
  • Portable systems: The attachment and detachment of these portable tank systems are very useful for different kinds of emergencies. 
  • Water bladder systems: They are truck bed water tank systems that you can use by folding. Storage and usability of these systems in temporary applications such as recreational applications are very common. 
  • Custom systems: Also custom systems are very common in firefighting and mining applications the users are using these systems for different kinds of systems. 

Common Applications 

Also, there is a wide variety of applications that we are using the truck bed water tank applications. If your application is amongst them, you can consider the proper one for your application. 

  • Agriculture: As you can guess, the use of these systems is very common in agriculture. Transferring water to remote sections of the fields can be very useful with truck bed water tank applications. 
  • Construction: While making concrete and washing in construction applications in remote areas of the city, the use of these tanks is very useful.
  • Firefighting: You know that the general firefighter trucks incorporate the truck bed water tank systems to remote places. 
  • Mining: In equipment cooling and dust control, the use of water is very common. 
  • Landspacing: Transferring water to the landscaped areas can be a problematic issue. We can solve this problem by using a truck bed water tank. 
  • Emergencies: In some situations such as natural disasters and fires, transferring water to these areas with these remote applications is very useful and important. 
  • Event: In most, recreational and other events, transferring water is a very important application. 
  • Industrial: In industrial applications, we use water for cooling applications in general. So, you can bring cooling water in a tank to these systems. 

Important Points to Consider While Choosing

Water bladder system.
Water bladder system. Image Source: Aqua Bladder.

It will be very good to consider these important parameters if you are looking for a truck bed water tank application. And selecting these systems will be very easy if you consider these points.

  • Volume: The volume of the tank is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Choosing the correct volume for your application is very vital to find the best one. 
  • Durability: In which kinds of applications you will use these tanks? And select the systems that have the required features. 
  • Size and weight: Be sure that the system that you buy fits with the truck that you have. 
  • Compatible: Be sure that the tank system is compatible with the hoses and pumps that you are using. 
  • Material: We gave the general features of the available materials for tank applications. 
  • Cost: Also it is a very important parameter that you need to consider about these applications. You need to know the budget that you have and define the maximum money that you can spend on truck bed water tank applications. 
  • Transportability: It is also very important that you can transport the system everywhere you want. Is it easy to attach to your truck or pick-up application you have? 

What are the Prices of Truck Bed Water Tanks? 

There are numerous factors that we need to consider to give exact prices. The brand, quality, and extra features affect the prices. But if we need to give a specific and approximate price;

  • In general, you can find a 100-gallon tank for around $100-$500 according to the features and brand. 
  • This price range can change around $800-$1200 for 200 gallons. 
  • If you want to buy a 500-gallon truck bed water tank, you need to pay around $1800-$4500. 
  • If you want to have a customized tank that has specific features, you need to have around $5000-$10000 to build these tanks. 

But it will be a very good idea to take offers from different manufacturers. And you can choose the best price/performance product for yourself. 

Tips to Use These Tanks 

If you do not know how to use a truck bed water tank, you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all, you need to install the tank to a truck bed. You can do this with a very basic strap or with fasteners. 
  • And you can fill the tank with water. But you need to be sure that this water is usable with the tank that you are using. If you use filthy water, this can clog the channels of the top of the tank. 
  • Connect the equipment that you are using such as taps, hoses, and pumps. Make sure that the connections are tight enough to prevent water spillage. 
  • And you can transform the watch to the place that you want to use. And you can dispose of the water with a hose and pump system. The hose and pump system makes it easier to dispense the water. And you can control the amount of water coming from the tank. 
  • After the water is drained fully you need to clean the tank. 
  • You need to store the tank in a safe place to prevent Uv rays and other elements can cause damage. 

And also do not forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions. 


So, you know all the important details about the truck bed water tank applications. It is very easy to select and use one of them. So, you can use it easily without any problem. 

If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below. 

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