Timing Cover Gasket – What is That? How to Choose?

In internal combustion engines, we are using different kinds of systems to prevent oil and coolant leaks. These systems are generally gasket systems to provide sealings between the systems. Also, the timing cover gasket is one of these systems. Here you can find detailed information about the timing cover gasket applications.

What is Timing Cover Gasket?

Timing Cover Gasket
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You know that the timing belt is a very important part of internal combustion engines. It provides the timing of the camshaft and the crankshaft. And the lubrication of this timing belt is very important. To prevent oil leaks, we use timing cover gaskets.

Timing covers also the plastic covers that close the timing belt into a space. And at the intersection point between the timing cover and the engine block, we use the timing cover gasket. It is a rubber material that provides a seal between the systems.

It is a very important part that provides sealing for the lubrication of the timing belt.

General Problems Occur with Timing Cover Gasket

You may have different kinds of problems with the timing cover gasket applications in general. These problems are very important to note.

  • Oil leaks: This is the most common problem that we can have for these systems. The most important reason for this problem is the wear and damage on the timing cover gasket.
  • Engine overheating: Another important duty of this part is to prevent the leaking of the engine coolant. If there is a coolant leak from an engine, you will face an overheating problem. Because of the overheating, you will have serious damage to your engine.
  • Misfires: Also this can be another symptom that you can see in your engine. The main reason for this is the timing cover prevents air leaks inside your engine. And if there is a damaged or worn section on your cover, you will have firing problems with your engine.
  • Damage to timing belt: Also there can be different damages to the timing belt of your car. Because it prevents external filth from coming into your engine. And if there are debris and filth that comes to your engine, you will have serious problems in general.

So, as you understand that they are a very important system that you need to take care of it.

Replacement of It

First of all, we need to state that you need to have a specific amount of experience to replace the timing cover gasket of your car. If you are not familiar with car mechanics, do not attempt to do it in a DIY way.

  • Disconnect the electricity: First of all, you need to eliminate the possible electrical hazards that can take place on your battery.
  • Remove the cover: According to the construction of your engine system, you need to remove the cover of the timing belt. This may require the removal of the alternator, pumps, and other systems.
  • Clean the area: You will see lots of contamination in that area because of leaks and other problems. You need to clean this area thoroughly.
  • Remove the gasket: It is probably attached with the help of clips or adhesives. According to the attachment type, you need to remove it carefully without harming the engine system that you have.
  • Install the new gasket: You can install the new gasket to your engine. After that, install the timing cover on its seat.

Reconnecting the electrical system of your car, you can test it if it has any leaks.

Replacement Costs of Timing Cover Gasket

The timing cover gasket part itself is not an expensive thing. For most of the brands and models, you can buy between $10-$50. But the replacement requires labor and important expertise in general. Because of it, the labor costs define the total money that you need to spend on this application.

It is very hard to give a specific range of prices for the replacement. Because it depends on the model and brand of the car. But if we need to give a specific range for it, we can say that the price is between $250-$550.

How Serious is a Leaking Timing Cover?

Also, most people are asking this question about the timing cover. We explained the general problems that can arise because of the leaking timing cover. From misfires to overheating, there can be serious consequences of the leaking timing cover in general.


These are the general things that we can state about the timing cover gasket applications. Do not ignore if the timing cover gasket of your car is leaking. You need to look for a solution.

If you have additional comments and questions about the leaking timing cover, please leave them below!

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