Push Lock Systems – Uses and Types

We use locking mechanisms in teh furniture manufacturing and in other kinds of systems. One of these lock systems are the push lock systems. Here, we will summarize teh applications and the types of these systems.

What is Push Lock?

Push lock.

Push lock is a very simple mechanism that locks the furniture lids, cabinets and drawers by pusing on them. They secures them by holding them in teh closed position. In general, they are not intended to design these systems to securely hold the precious items.

There are generally two types of these systems; keyed and keyless.

  • Keyed Push Lock: Keyed mechanisms have a small key that you need to attach it to lock or onlock the system. They are very common in the furniture, office desks and office applications.
  • Keyless Push Lock: You do not need to attach a key. You just need to push to open or close the system. They are common in teh kitchen drawer systems.

Applications that We Use Push Lock Systems

In general we are using these applications in the furniture and other carpentery applications.

  • Drawers: In drawer applications, we are generally see these systems. And at the top of the drawers, you can see a very basic mechanism resides.
  • Cabinets: At public places such as GYMs and churches, there are cabinets that habe push lock mechanisms and keys that you can place your items. So, the use of these systems are very common in general.
  • Cases: Some of the cases taht we are putting our spreadsheets, we are using these systems in general. They are very useful if we are carryig importna tpackages or files inside them. The mechanism prevent any drops and accdentaly opening.

Different Push Lock Prices

In general, you can find these mechanisms from different sellers such as Amazon and Ebay. And you can buy them in multipack by paying much more less.

If youa re carpenter or furniture manufacturer, you need to contact with the manufacturers to buy them wholesale purchase. Because, you will pay much more less money per one system.

Last Words

These are the general important points that we can state about the push lock mechanisms. They are generally very commpn in the furniture manufacturing applications.

If you have additional questions and comments about these mechanisms, please leave them below.

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