Makita Brad Nailer Review and Comparison

Brad nailers are common in the woodworking industry. So, most people are using them in woodworking and carpenters. Different brands provide different brad nailers. One of these brands is Makita. Here we will check the features of the Makita brad nailer. And you can decide between two different products available. And also, we will compare this product with their brand’s neutral way. This article will be very helpful in terms of selecting the best brad nailer for your workshop.

Makita Cordless Brad Nailer

Makita is one of the biggest power tool manufacturers. And they are producing one of the most common brad nailers.

Brad nailers are generally used for nailing the 5/8″ to 2″ (18 ga.) nails in woodworking. These are the brad nailers that come with this tool.

Makita AF506 2" Brad Nailer

Makita AF506 2″ Brad Nailer

  • Best for softwood nailing applications.
  • Cordless easy to use.
  • Aluminum body with 9 lbs. of weight.
  • Narrow nose design.

This is the general Makita brad nailer that is available on Amazon.com. Different kinds of features are provided for woodworkers.

360° Adjustable Exhaust

This is a very important feature of the Makine brad nailer. You can easily adjust the exhaust of this product for much more easily use. So, you can easily exhaust away from yourself the parts by adjusting your working orientation.

Air Blower

Also, it comes with a built-in air blower that you can easily clean the work area from dust before applying the nails on the workpieces. So, it will provide much better working conditions in carpentry.

Depth Adjustment

Depth Adjustment

Depth adjustment is very easy with this machine. You can easily adjust the depth of the brad nails without using any extra tools. If we compare them with the other products, you will probably have much more versatility for these brad nailers in general.

Nail View Window

Also, you can see how many nails you have while you re operating with the Makita brad nails. You can easily place the 18 gauge nails inside the brad nail compartment of the Makita. You do not need to use any extra tools.

High Visibility

Makita brad nailer has a very slim and good design that you can easily view the workpiece from different angles. So, you can view the different kinds of angles to nail the part from the correct position.7

Also, a narrow nose design provides working in tight areas in general. So, it will be very easy for you to work in narrow places.

Clearing Jammed Nails Easily

Jammed nails are the general problem in the brad nailers. The Makita brad bailer tool has a very good quick-release nose that you can easily release the tools from the jammed nails. So, you can easily take the jammed nails from it.

Toolless Adjustment

This is another important feature of the Makita brad nailers. You can adjust all the adjustments and mechanisms that this product has without any kind of tools.

Other Technical Details About Makita Brad Nailer

The operation air pressure s 70-120 PSI according to the hardness of the material that you are using. So, it will be very easy for you to deal with different hardnesses of wood materials.

The size of the inlet is 1/4″ NPT which is good for the 5/8″ to 2″ (18 ga.) nails. Also, it comes with a tool hook that you can easily place the Makita brad nailer in different places.

This brad nailer is only 2.86 pounds which makes brad nailing much easier for the carpenters.

Comparison with Other Brad Nailers

Also, various brands provide brad nailers in general. And we need to compare them to see their pros and cons over the Makita brad nailers.

Makita versus DeWalt Brad Nailer

DEWALT 18 ga. Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT 18 ga. Brad Nailer Kit

  • Lightweight brad nailer.
  • Adjustable belt hook.
  • Tool-free operation.

DeWALT is also a very important brand that manufactures and sells power tools around the world. And DeWALT brad nailers are another common tools that carpenters are using. If we take a look at the features;

  • It does not stain the workpieces. Also Makita brand provides this feature.
  • Most of the brad nailers are nailing the 18 gauge nails from 5/8 in. to 2 in. lengths. So, we do not need to compare the brad nail lights.
  • You can easily remove the jammed nails without using tools. So, it will be very easy for you to remove them.
  • Also, an adjustable belt hook provides the top kept away from the operator. This provides extra safety for the operator.
  • Small nose-tip design to see the place that you are nailing. Makita also provides this feature.
  • Magnesium body provides a lightweight body which is 2.65 pounds that is lighter than the Makita.
  • The rear exhaust is not adjustable. Makita brad nailers have this important feature for extra safety.

Makita versus Ryobi Brad Nailers

Ryobi P320 Airstrike Brad Nailer

Ryobi P320 Airstrike Brad Nailer

  • Drives up to 1700 nails per change.
  • Battery-powered nailing.
  • Low nail indicator.

Ryobi is also a very important brand that provides different kinds of power tools that are available. So, the brand nailers of the Ryobi brand are also very common like DeWALT and Makita. According to the different features, we can make comparisons between the Makita and Ryobi.

  • You can nail up to 60 nails per minute. So you can automatically adjust the sequential drive shifts for the Ryobi brad nailers. Maybe this is the very important plus side of the Ryobi brad nailer over the Makita.
  • Dry-Fire Lockout feature provides extra tool life. And we know that Ryobi is known for its long-lasting power tools.
  • You can adjust the depth of the nails without the use of any additional tools. So, it is very easy to apply the nails to the surfaces. Most of the brad nailers including Makita provide this important feature in general.
  • The adjustment dial is very convenient to use. You can easily load nails into it.
  • Also, you can find a tool-less jam release feature for the Ryobi tools. So, you can easily make it easy to get jammed nails. Other brands are also providing this important feature.
  • It comes with 3 years of Ryobi warranty. It is maybe the most important feature that Ryobi power tools provide.


As you see above, most of the brad nailers are generally using 18 gauge brad nails. And most of them are using 5/8″ inches of nails in general. So, it is not generally important to compare the brand nailers in terms of the type of nail that they are using.

Makita comes with various kinds of important features. And also, if we compare it with Makita brad nailers, we can see that there are important advantages. But also, other brad nailer brands provide other important advantages. So, you need to assess the general budget and these advantages according to your needs to select the best one for you.

These are the general points that we can state about the Makita brad nailers. Finally do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about this topic. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.


Does Makita make a brad nailer? 

Yes, it does. There is a cordless brad nailer version of this brand. You can find a review of it in the articles above. Also, we compared it with the other brands to see the advantages and disadvantages.

What brad nailer is best? 

It depends according to your expectations and needs. If you are looking for durability and sturdiness, we can say that Ryobi is the best. It comes with a 3-year warranty. And also, if you are looking for the best performance for lower prices, you can choose Makita.

What is brad nailers are used for?

The most important application area of brad nailers is the carpenter. In carpentry applications, the use of brad nailers is very common. In the attachment of cardboard and coatings, carpenters are using these tools. And also, the general standards of the nails are 16 or 18 gauge. 16 gauge nails are generally shorter but more sturdy than the 18 ones. 18 gauge provides much more thickness nailing. You can find the review of Makita brad nailer above.

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