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Pipe Rollers -Types and Their Duties

We are using different kinds of systems in HVAC and other applications. Pipe rollers are one of these applications. Here we will take a short look at the pipe rollers that we are using to support the pipes.

What are the Pipe Rollers?

Pipe rollers.

Pipe rollers are the support systems that we are using for expanding and contracting pipes with temperature. They are used for compensating the movement of the pipes while changing their volumes with the changing tempğerature and pressure.

There are different types of them that you can use and attach in different ways. You can directly attach them to the securities and also you can use welding for the attachment of them.

Also, they are made from galvanized cast iron material which is a very good material for structural applications. And also galvanized cast iron is very resistant to corrosion in outside applications.

Important Points in Selecting

There are different kinds of important points that we need to consider about the pipe rollers while we are selecting different kinds of applications.

  • Pipe Size: It is one o the most important things that uu need to consider. Which size of pipe that you are looking for in these systems? Because there are different kinds of them in different sizes. So, they are very useful systems that we can use.
  • Capacity: The capacity of these systems is generally for the load carrying for the pipes. They are very important things that we need to consider about them. Their ae different load-carrying capacities for the pipe rollers ranging from 1000 lbs to 15000 lbs.
  • Length: The total length of them is very important also. How much length that you want to support the different pipe structures? So, it will be very easy for you to select one of them.
  • Maximum Temperature: They are systems that work in different temperatures in general. So you need to know the maximum working temperature o your pipe application. Most of the systems work up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Minimum Temperature: To eliminate the contracting effect on the pipes, the minimum temperature is also a very important parameter that we need to consider about them. They are very useful systems that we are using for these applications.
  • Mounting Holes: The number of mounting holes and the size of the mounting hole is an also very important things that you need to consider about the pipe rollers.


Pipe rollers are generally simple mechanisms. If you know the general parameters that we stated above, it will be very easy to select one of them for your different applications.

If you have additional comments and questions about the pipe rollers, please leave them below.

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