Oil Filter Housing Gasket – What is That?

The oil filter system is a very important part of car engines. They are responsible for filtering the engine oil which provides the required lubrication. And we attach the oil filter housing to the car engines to attach the oil filter inside it. Also, there is a gasket that provides the sealing between the engine block and the oil filter housing. We call this gasket an oil filter housing gasket. Here you can find detailed information about the oil filter housing gasket applications.

What is Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

Oil Filter Housing Gasket

As we stated above, they are the components that provide the sealing between the engine block and the oil filter housing. Inside this housing, there is an oil filter application with auxiliary systems. So there is a constant oil circulation inside the oil filter housing. And because of this circulation, there can be oil leaks take place. To prevent it, we use an oil filter housing gasket.

It can be a very basic part but, it has a very important duty.

Common Problems with This Part

If this part is problematic, there can be serious problems occur. These problems are very important problems to note about them. If you know these problems, it will be very easy to recognize the source and apply the solution in general.

  • Leaks: The most common problem that we see with them. Because of the damaged or worn gasket, oil leaks can happen.
  • Damages: As we stated above, the damage to the oil filter housing gasket would take place. To prevent it, we need to take important measurements.

And the most common cause of these problems and symptoms is the bad oil filter housing gasket.

How to Fix the Bad Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

Before delving into the solution to the bad oil filter housing gasket problem, you need to be familiar with the car mechanics. You need to specify the oil filter housing and apply the required replacement.

  • You will need a wrench set to remove the fasteners.
  • Drain the oil from the oil system of your car. There is an oil drain plug at the bottom of your engine which is on the oil pan. Put a container below it and open the plug.
  • The oil filter housing is generally installed on the engine block. You need to remove it. You need to remove the fasteners that attach the system to the engine block. Do not forget to track the fasteners and their correct places.
  • You will see that the gasket is attached to the engine block. Remove it with a gasket remover application. And clean the area thoroughly before applying the gasket.
  • You can install the new gasket. And reinstall the housing.
  • Add new oil or if your drained oil is new, add this again.
  • Check if there is a leakage.

Costs of This Replacement

In these kinds of situations, it is very hard to give exact prices and costs. It depends on the model and brand of your car in general.

The gasket itself will not be huge money. But the process requires an important amount of labor. And the general cost can seem to be high because of this parameter. So, if we need to give a price range for the replacement, it will be around $100-$500.

The gasket must be installed by an experienced mechanic.

Can I Drive with an Oil Filter Housing Leak?

This is the most common question that people are asking generally. If there is a leak on your oil filter housing, you constantly lose an important amount of oil from your engine. And this can cause additional problems in your engine.

If the housing does not leak so much oil from the system, you can drive for several kilometers. But before the situation becomes very problematic, you need to bring your car to a mechanic as soon as possible.

What Happens If You Do Not Replace Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

If your gasket is leaking oil, you need to replace it with a new application. It is very important to consider. And if you do not replace it, your engine will lose oil constantly. And you frequently add oil to your engine. More frequently, the engine oil warning light will be on. Because of this, you need to pay much more money for engine oil.

So, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.


This is the general information that we can give about this part in your car engine. You know all the aspects of it and you can decide to make the important action to prevent the problems.

If you have additional comments and questions about the oil filter housing gasket, leave them below.

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