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How to Tell If a Lithium-Ion Battery is Bad? Different Symptoms!

If you are using a lithium-ion battery in your technology devices or your car, you need to know the general symptoms about how to tell if a lithium-ion battery is bad. If you have any questions or if you have any doubt about this question or this problem, you are at the right place to learn the different kinds of things.

Why lithium-ion battery?

You know that in the battery and electrical systems, lithium-ion battery applications are the most cutting-edge technology. Both the systems in automotive and technology are using lithium-ion batteries because of the fast charging and the long-running.

How do tell if a lithium-ion battery is bad?

A Li-On laptop battery.

If you are using one of these batteries, it is very important to know the different kinds of reasons why a lithium-ion battery is bad.

Charging time

You know that lithium-ion batteries have the most important performance characteristic with the charging time. Charging times of the batteries decreased substantially with the onset of lithium-ion technology. If there’s a problem with the battery, the charging times get longer and longer. The internal systems of the charging mechanism of the lithium-ion battery do not work properly.

You can tell that your lithium-ion battery is bad if the charging times are very long. For example, if you bought a cell phone or smartphone that has a lithium-ion battery inside it and it has a fast charging feature, around 30 minutes, and if you are charging your phone about 45 minutes or longer times, this means the lifetime or life cycle of your lithium-ion battery is low or problematic. The replacement of the battery can solve this problem.

Problems with charging

So, why, once you plug the lithium-ion battery into the electrical source with its charger, you can face the problem that the lithium-ion battery is not charging at all? In this case, there can be a problem with the charger mechanism or charger system, or there can be a problem with the connections of the cables inside the battery cells.

To diagnose the problem, you just need to try to charge your battery with another charger. If the problem goes on, you can understand that the problem is not with the charger system; the problem is with your battery system.

Unexpected turning offs

Does it mean unexpected power losses on the devices or the electrical system of your car? This means there is a connection problem with the electrical battery system and the electrical systems of your car. If there’s a problem with the battery itself, it can show itself as a low battery life and very high charging durations.

So, you just need to check the connections between the battery and the other electrical systems.

Slow responding times

Also, with the best battery, the electronic devices will decrease over time because of the bad electricity supply. It will affect the performance of your device, and it will be better to get your phone to its service.

Inaccurate battery indicator

If you believe that the indicator of the battery does not show the real percentage, there can be a problem with the battery cells. So, it is very important to change the battery with a new application or bring your system to the service. Software applications cannot read the real value because of the inaccuracies of electricity or voltage inside the battery because of the bad battery cells.

Heat generation while charging

While you are trying to charge your cell phone, smartphone, or other devices, if the heat is at unacceptable levels, this means there is an undesired resistance inside the battery systems, cables, or battery cells that generate heat.

Low run

This is the most important indicator of a bad lithium-ion battery. Because the base results are corrupted or do not show the same performance for the first days that you took. All lithium-ion batteries have a specific life cycle. Watch to the end of these life cycles; the battery will not show the same performance as the first days. The most important solution for this case is to bring your phone to a service to replace the old battery with a new one. They will take care of the electrical connections inside your device.

As we talked about, it is very important to use your lithium-ion battery in a cycleway. You just need to plug the charger into your lithium-ion battery at around 15 or 20 percent. Plug off the charger at around 90 percent. To use your device between these percentages, the life cycle of your battery will be much longer.

So, you need to take special care about not using your device or cell phone while the charger is plugged into the device to decrease the life of your battery.


As you understand, these are the general things that we can state about how to tell if a lithium-ion battery is bad. As you understand, there are certain circumstances and certain symptoms that you can face if you have a bad battery.

Another downside of the battery systems is that you cannot fix the problems with the cells. Most of the time, the replacement will solve your problems.

If you have additional comments and questions about the lithium-ion batteries that are used in cars and devices, you can leave them below without any hesitation.

So, you can check the articles and contents about electrical systems on this website.

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