How Much Platinum is in a Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converter is a very important system of the exhaust systems of the vehicles. They reduce the harmful exhaust gases to less harmful ways to expel from the tailpipe. So, there are some kinds of intricate channels inside the cattle to converter that is made from the same precious metals. Of these precious metals, Platinum is the most important one. And because of it, most people are considered how much platinum is in a catalytic converter. Here you can find an exact answer to this question and also we will explain much more further things about the catalytic converter materials.

Why Catalytic Converters are Stolen Frequently?

How Much Platinum is in a Catalytic Converter?
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Actually, we need to focus on this topic than the materials inside the catalytic converter. Because the test of the catalytic converter is because of the Platinum rodeo and other precious materials inside the structure. The fever grams of these materials make the casualty converter test much more Noted. So catalytic converter theft is a very important and very common problem because of it.

Without these precious metals, the catalytic converter will not work in a good way.

How Much Platinum is in a Catalytic Converter?

Yes, we can give an exact answer to it. In general usual catalytic converter contains around 3 to 7 G of platinum which make 0.2-0.3 ounces. Maybe it did not seem so much but if you think about the prices of the Platinum it is worth stealing. Because one ounce of platinum hurts around $1,000 today. So these dismayed catalytic converters are very precious.

Also when it comes to the Picture of the Platinum inside the kettle of the converter disparity person is around 95% or higher which is very high.

But How To Recycle Platinum From A Catalytic Converter?

Let me think about the prices of the precious metals inside the catalytic converter structure. The first question that comes to mind is how to take the platinum from the catalytic converter. Because platinum is a very small portion of the total metals inside the system.

It generally stays inside the reduction catalyst, which is the central part of the car’s catalytic converter. So, you need to extract it by reducing and separating the platinum from the other metals.

This can only be done with a very strong acid. Once you place the reduction catalyst inside a severe acid, such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, the platinum will not react to the acid, and other metals will dissolve completely. Then, you can retrieve the platinum.

However, it is important to note that this is a highly hazardous process that should only be conducted in a laboratory setting. You need to take strict precautions for occupational safety. Any accidents involving acids can lead to irreversible problems.

Here, we are merely providing information about these processes and how catalytic converters are stolen. Our intention is to raise awareness about this issue. It is crucial to take significant precautions to prevent catalytic converter theft.

Some Catalytic Converters Have Higher Amounts Of Precious Metals.

Yes, some kinds of catalytic converters that high-end cars are using have much higher amounts of precious metals. Because of it, the thieves are generally focused on high-end cars. What are the other types of catalytic converters targeted by thieves?

Important Materials In A Catalytic Converter?

There are indeed other precious metals inside the catalytic converter structure, and thieves often target these valuable metals.

Palladium is another significant metal found in catalytic converters. The amount of palladium present inside a catalytic converter generally ranges from two to seven grams. Rhodium is also an important material to consider, and each catalytic converter usually contains one to two grams of rhodium.

The current price of one gram of rhodium is around $200, making it a valuable component. However, the price of palladium is not as high as the other metals. As of today, the price of palladium per gram is approximately $50. Therefore, platinum remains the most important metal that thieves typically focus on.

How to Prevent the Catalytic Converter Theft?

Can Be Different Kinds of Precautions That You Need to Take if You Want to Prevent the Any Possible Catalytic Converter Theft on Your Car.

  • First of all, if the if your car is on the focus on the test some kinds of models you need to be much more precocious about this important thing.
  • Also, writing or exchange the VIN number on your catalytic converter. And once the thieves bring your catalytic converter to scrap dealers, these script dealers can inform the police about the stolen catalytic converter because they will not buy the any stolen thing from the thieves.
  • Also, it is very important where you are parking your car. If you park your car to a place where there is no any CCTV cams or any kinds of any security, it is a very high probability that your catalytic converter will be stolen. And also, if you have a high-end car such as BMW such as Mercedes, it is very important where you are parking your car.
  • You can install the alarm on your car. Once someone touches your car, the alarm will go on and you will receive a notification on your phone, and you can deal with the problem right that instant. This is the most effective way to deal with this problem.

So as you see, there are signs of very easy ways to deal with that problem. And if you want to deal with that problem in an easy way, these are the general things that you need to consider in general.


So you can understand that there is a very important amount of platinum in a catalytic converter. We try to give a straight answer to the question of how much platinum is in a catalytic converter. If you’re satisfied with the answers and the additional information you can leave your comments and questions below.

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