Catalytic Converter Cutter – What is That?

Some people and drivers have problems with catalytic converters. And they provide a very important duty for the environment. We know they reduce the very toxic emissions that internal combustion engines produce. And there are very strict laws about these emissions. You can face real problems if you drive without a catalytic converter. But, different services can cut your systems with a catalytic converter cutter. What is that system?

What is a Catalytic Converter Cutter Application?

Catalytic Converter Cutter

A catalytic converter cutter is a hydraulic or pneumatic machine that gently cuts the catalytic converters of your cars. If we check the structure of the catalytic converters, they have a very basic system. They only combine the converter with the tailpipe system of your car. So, with the correct cutters, you can easily remove the catalytic converters.

According to the power supply, there are different designs of catalytic converter cutter applications. The first of them is the battery-powered cutters. They are very useful and mobile you can use them directly to cut the converters. There is a pincer cutter system that applied very high hydraulic force to cut the pipe. And with one battery, you can make up to 30 cutting applications.

Also, corded electric cutters are very common. They have a very basic hydraulic system that moves the cutters. And they can apply up to 30 tones of cutting power to cut the catalytic converter pipes.

And also, fuel-powered options are available. You just need to load it with fuel, and the internal comöbustion engine will start to work the hydraulic system that this one has. So, they are very simple systems that you can easily apply for mobile applications.

Why People are Cutting Catalytic Converters?

We can not say that the only purpose is removing cats. The other purpose is to change them with the new ones. But most of the people are removing the converters from their cars.

Catalytic cıonverters have tubular channels that the exhaust fumes are going through these channels. These channels are acting as turbulators and resistance to the natural flow of exhaust gases. This means the engine will use more power to push these gases out of the engine. This means the use of the cats means the reduction of the horsepower.

Typical catalytic converters reduce the engine power by up to 15 hp. So, people are trying to gain this loss by removing these converters. But in terms of the environment, it is a very disastrous thing…

So, the use of catalytic converter cutter systems is very common.

Last Words

These are the general points that we can state about the catalytic converter cutter machines. If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below.

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