Ford Transmission Repair Costs, Problems and Causes

Problems with transmission are one of the biggest fear of drivers. Because it is one of the most costlier parts to repair. And also your Ford transmission repair cost can be high. Here you can find detailed information about the Frod transmission repair topic. Get to know about the prices, replacements, and general problems that you may see.

How to Understand that You Need Ford Transmission Repair?

Ford Transmission Repair

First of all, it is important to understand the general working principle of transmission. Transmission is a set of gear systems that you change gears. These gears are responsible to transmit the power to wheels in different proportions. With the increasing gear, the torque decreases, and the speed increases. So, when you change gears in a manual transmission if the car changes gears in an automatic transmission, the gear engagement generally changes.

This is a general working principle and duty of a transmission in a car. So, this is a mechanical system that you may have different kinds of problems. And you may need Ford transmission repair for your car.

Common Problems You May See

These are the common problems that you can see with Ford transmissions. And if you have these symptoms and problems, you may need a Ford transmission repair.

  • Slipping gears: The main cause of this problem is the bad alignment of the gears inside the transmission. The alignment must be provided to deal with the problem.
  • Shaking vehicle: If your Ford vehicle shakes in a specific gear, you may need a transmission repair. This means you have a problem with the gear engagement in a specific gear.
  • It is difficult to change gears: Also if it is hard to change gears, this means, you may have wear problems with the transmission gears.
  • Problems with acceleration: This is because the transmission is directly related to the traction, you may have a problem with acceleration in general.
  • Engine stall: If the transmission can not transmit the power to the wheels, the engine stall can occur.
  • Low transmission fluid: You need to check the transmission fluid of your Ford to see if there is a problem with it.
  • Check engine light on: Probably the check engine light on your dashboard will be on because of the problems with your transmission.
  • Transmission fluid leaking: This is also a very bad sign that you have a bad transmission. The leaking transmission fluid can cause much worse problems with the transmission system that you have.
  • Strange noises: Also when you are in neutral, you may hear strange noises from your transmission.
  • Burning smell: Also burning smell can be a symptom of a bad transmission of your Ford vehicle.

So these problems are generally very serious. If you see these symptoms, it will be very urgent to bring your Ford car to service.

It is Important to Check Ford Transmission Fluid

Checking the transmission fluid level is also a very important measurement that you need to take care of. Like engine oil checking, you need to check the transmission fluid of your car. It is responsible for the lubrication of the transmission gears. You can follow these steps to check the transmission fluid of your Ford vehicle.

  • First of all, you need to find the transmission fluid dipstick. This is generally placed under the hood at the driver’s side. But you need to search for the place of the dipstick of your Ford model on the internet and from your catalog.
  • Once you find the dipstick, take it and wipe the edge of the dipstick with a towel.
  • Attach it again and detach it. Check if the liquid level is between two lines. If the fluid is not at the required level, you need to add additional fluid inside your transmission.

How Must Be the Colors of Ford Transmission Liquid?

Like checking the transmission fluid level, you need to check the transmission liquid color of your Ford vehicle. The color of the transmission fluid says lots of things about a vehicle.

The ideal color of the Ford transmission fluid must be a clear dark red color in general. If the color of the transmission fluid is lighter red color, this means there is water inside the fluid which is a very harmful thing that you need to consider.

Also, dark brown or black colors are not desired things to consider in general. This means you need to change the transmission fluid with a new one.

What are the Ford Transmission Repair Costs?

It is very hard to say an exact value for the Ford transmission repair costs in general. Because the problem can be a very basic thing or a very major thing. But we can give some price ranges according to the type of problem that we see in your transmission.

  • If there is a problem with the transmission speed sensor that measures the RPM of your vehicle, it will cost around $150 including all costs.
  • A major Ford transmission cost such as a change of a gear or gear set can range around $1000-$2000. This requires very major expertise in general. And the labor costs are very high for it.
  • The transmission fluid replacement and fluid addition costs are generally the lowest costs which can be around $50-$100.
  • Also if there is a problem with the transmission oil pressure switch, you need to pay around $50-$150. It is very important to send the information on the oil pressure inside the transmission to the ECU system of your Ford. It is an important parameter that the ECU of your Ford decides the required gear for the drive.

What About Ford Transmission Replacement Cost?

Some people can be curious about the Ford transmission replacement over the Ford transmission repair. But keep in mind that the replacement of the Ford transmission will cost much higher. According to a problem that you have, the replacement of the transmission will cost around $2000-$7000 according to the model and year of your Ford car.

And also, if your Ford car has lots of salvage vehicles, there can be a transmission system provided by another vehicle. This will cost around $500-$1000 also.

Keep in mind that the replacement and repair of manual transmissions are less costlier than automatic transmissions. And if we think that most of the modern Ford transmissions are automatic, these prices are generally valid for automatic transmissions.

What are the Common Ford Transmission Repairs?

In general, these are the general solutions for Ford transmission repairs.

  • Repair of the oil leak from your transmission. These are generally caused by bad gaskets, bad drain plugs of transmission, and faulty transmission pans. Replacement of these arts will solve the problem in general.
  • Also, the replacement of the transmission fluid is one of the most common things that you can make.
  • Replacement of the sensors and solenoids in the transmission that sends the important information to the ECU system of your Ford.
  • If the linkage between the transmission and engine loosened over time, the replacement or repair of this linkage will solve the problem also.

Can I Repair My Ford Transmission on My Own?

It depends on the problem that you have. If you only need to replace the transmission fluid, and if you are familiar with the car mechanics, you can do it on your own without any problem. But the other things generally require expertise on the Ford transmissions. So, it will be better to bring your car to a Ford mechanic or service to diagnose and solve the problems with your Ford transmission.

Conclusion on Ford Transmission Repair

Here, we tried to explain all the problems and solutions that you can face with your Ford transmission. Costs and all considerations are made and giving an exact choice is up to you.

If you have additional comments and questions about the Ford transmission repair, leave your comments and questions below.

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