EGR Valve Cost of Replacement in Mechanic and DIY

The EGR valve is a system that makes the recirculation of exhaust gases through the intake and combustion stages. And in some instances, you may need to replace the EGR valve system that you have. And also if you are curious about the EGR valve cost of replacement and repair, you are at the right place.

What are the EGR Valve Replacement Costs?

EGR Valve Cost

If we need to state, the replacement of the EGR valve is not a cheap process. You will need additional equipment and the proper OEM part. Because of it, the prices are quite higher.

It is also very hard to give exact prices of the EGR valve replacement. Different kinds of factors affect the prices. For example, the model of the vehicle is a very important parameter. But if we need to give a specific price range, the replacement costs of the EGR valves are generally between $300-$350.

We can divide the prices into two categories, the price of the valve and the labor costs. The price of the EGR valve is around $150-$200 according to the aftermarket or OEM part. And also the labor costs will be around $150.

Can You Replace EGR Valve Yourself to Save from Labor Costs?

Also, it depends on the type of vehicle that you have. You can save on the labor cost according to the place of the EGR valve that you have.

The first one is to find the exact place of the valve. If you can reach it without removing any of the engine parts, it will be very easy to replace. But if you need to remove some additional parts such as manifolds and other components of the engine, a replacement will be very hard.

But you need to have the essential knowledge about the car mechanics and engine to replace it. These are the general tips to remove the EGR valve to save on labor costs.

  • It is generally connected to the intake manifold with a tube. And it is generally at the backside of the engine. If you locate it, you can start to remove it.
  • You need to disconnect the negative side of the battery to prevent any potential electrical hazards that can take place.
  • There will be an electrical connector on the EGR valve that operates the valve system. You need to remove it by pushing the tab down. And you can take the electrical connector by sliding the connector off.
  • There will be basic fasteners that are connecting the EGR valve to its place. You need to remove it by using a socket wrench or other kinds of tools.
  • In most vehicles, the EGR valve is generally connected to a vacuum hose system. You need to disconnect this connection also. And you can easily remove the EGR valve.
  • Clean the connection surface of the valve and clean the other carbon buildup and the gasket.
  • In a reverse way, you can reconnect the new EGR valve to your vehicle. Also, it is very important to choose the correct valve application that fits your vehicle.
  • Test the engine by running it for miles. And see if there are any symptoms that we explained below.

These steps will save you from the labor costs of the replacement of the EGR valve applications in general.

What are the Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve?

There are different kinds of symptoms that you need to know about EGR valve applications in general. If you know these symptoms, it will be easy to detect if you have a problem with this part.

  • Check engine light: If there is a problem with the EGR valve, the check engine light will on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Rough idle: Rough idle can be a symptom also. Because the exhaust gases are not recirculated and the ECU system of your car sends the air and fuel according to the exhaust gases that are coming to your vehicle.
  • The engine is not starting: This is also a very common symptom of the bad EGR valve that you have. The engine simply will not start.
  • Emission problems: Once you bring your car to emission tests, you will probably fail. This is because the EGR system of your car decreases the emissions of the exhaust gases of your car.

As you can understand that these are the general symptoms. And it is very hard to say that you have a problem with the EGR valve of your car.

Diagnosis Tip

To correctly diagnose that you have a problem with your EGR valve, you can connect an OBD II scanner to your car. Because this valve is an electromechanical system that is controlled by the ECU system of your car, it will be very easy to detect with this scanner.

Also, you can bring your car to a mechanic for diagnosis. And diagnosis price will be around $30-$40 and you can take care of the EGR valve of your car by yourself.

Can You Drive with EGR Valve Disconnected?

Simply disconnecting the EGR system and EGR valve will not solve your problems. Because it is operated by the ECU system of your car. And also the air-fuel mixture is directed to the intake manifold according to the recirculated exhaust gases. And if the ECU system adjusts the recirculation of the gases through the engine system according to the so-called recirculated gases, the engine will not work in a good way. You may have engine stalls and engine knocks and sounds.

So, if you are thinking about disconnecting the EGR valve, you need to tune the ECU system of your car according to it. And you can run your engine like it.

Can You Drive with a Bad EGR Valve?

Most people are asking this question also. As we stated above, you will have the symptoms explained above. And it is not a good idea to drive your car with a bad EGR valve. The problems can worsen and the total costs of the repair of your car will increase.

And also in terms of insurance, you may have problems. If you overlook the problem and do not make the required maintenance, you may lose the right compensation from your car insurer.

How Often Should EGR Valve be Replaced?

In an average vehicle, you need to replace it every 10 years. But this period may change according to the driving behavior that you have. If you drive your car the hard way, the lifespan of the EGR valve of your car will decrease.


We explained all the details that you need to know about the EGR valve cost of replacement, labor, and part prices. And you can make it DIY by making the considerations above.

If you have additional comments and questions about the EGR valve systems please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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