EGR Valve Cleaner Guide – Choose the Best and Usage

For the different sections of our cars, we are using different kinds of products in general. And also the EGR valves are very important parts that we need to clean regularly. Here you can find detailed information about EGR valve cleaner applications. How to use them, how to buy the best, and different products to consider.

What is EGR Valve?

First of all, we need to start from the basics. The EGR valve is a type of valve in car engines that allow the flow of exhaust gases to the engine cylinders for one cycle to burn them one more time. This increases the effectiveness of the engine to burn fuel, fuel efficiency, and performance of the engine. So, a working EGR valve is a must for such engines, especially diesel engines.

But clogs and filth are common problems for EGR valves in general. The most important factor in this clogs and dirt is the burnt fuels and carbon buildup. If the carbon build-up is at a very high stage on the EGR valve, the valve will not work properly. And the performance of your engine will reduce and the mileage of your engine decrease.

So, you need to use EGR valve cleaner applications periodically to take care of this component.

Types of EGR Valve Cleaner Applications

In essence, there are two types of EGR valve cleaners. You can choose the best one according to your preferences in general.

EGR Valve Cleaner Additives

This is the most basic additive that you can use for your tank. You just need to pour your additive into the fuel tank. And the cleaning effect takes place on EGR valves by itself.

There are different kinds of brands that are selling EGR valve cleaners in general.

The most important advantage of these cleaners, they are very easy to apply. You do not need special knowledge to use these applications. You just need to add them to your fuel tank according to the instructions stated on the bottle.


EGR valve cleaning sprays are the systems that we use to clean these systems. They are the applications that are harder to use. Because we spray these sprays on the clogged and dirty EGR valve systems. But in terms of effectiveness, these cleaners are much better than normal cleaners.

You need to apply it to the intake of the vehicle if you want to get the maximum effect. And you need to understand the basics of car mechanics to apply these sprays.

But they provide the excellent results that you are looking for. And also they are available widely in the market.

What to Look for While Buying EGR Valve Cleaner?

There are important and simple parameters that you need to consider about the EGR valve cleaner applications. And buying and choosing the best one will be much easier for you if you consider these parameters well.

  • Is it compatible with your vehicle? Maybe your vehicle has a different system that requires different cleaners to apply for your car. So, you need to be sure that the general cleaners apply to your vehicle’s EGR system.
  • To be sure about the effectiveness, it will be a great idea to look for customer reviews from the internet and the stores. And you can buy the best overall rated product.
  • Choose chemicals that are not toxic, corrosive, or harmful to the engine parts and other engine systems.
  • If you do not know how to use an EGR valve cleaner, you can consider the easy-to-use applications that we stated above.
  • And also, check the prices. Choose the best application that has the best price. Do not consider the applications that have lower prices than the usual market prices. These applications are not generally high-quality systems that you probably want to buy.

General Causes of Dirt and Filth on EGR Valve

We expect filth and carbon build-up on EGR valve applications in general. Because these systems are directly affected by exhaust gases. This means you need to clean the EGR valves frequently if you want to make them work properly.

But there are some parameters and situations that can accelerate the EGR valve filth and clogs.

  • Short trips with diesel cars: Diesel engines are designed to work in high temperatures and high pressures. And if the temperature inside the cylinders is not high enough, the production of bad smoke will be very high. And if you run your diesel car for short journeys such as tours inside the city, the clogs, and the filth will accelerate in the EGR valve.
  • Fuel quality: Also the quality of fuel that you are using in your engine has a profound effect on the EGR valve. If the fuel quality of your car is not good, the production of bad and harmful gases will be higher. And it will be a higher chance to EGR valves get clogged.

So you need to use the EGR valve cleaner applications frequently to discard these effects.

Best EGR Valve Cleaner Products to Consider

We recommend you some EGR valve cleaner applications that you can use for different kinds of applications. We choose these cleaners based on paid promotion. Also we choose these cleaners based on the parameters that we explained above. It is up to you to choose the best one for yourself.

Genuine Chrysler Accessories 68028729AB EGR System Cleaner

Genuine Chrysler Accessories 68028729AB EGR System Cleaner

This is the first EGR cleaner that we can recommend to you. With this, you can easily clean the EGR valve systems without any problem. This one is useful for various kinds of applications. And this 1 lite bottle is sufficient to clean even the hardest carbon build-ups without a problem.

Liqui Moly (2001-12PK) Valve Clean

Liqui Moly (2001-12PK) Valve Clean

Liqui Moly is another important brand that you can consider if you want to buy a valve cleaner. This is a cleaner that you can use for your car without any problem. This is an example that you can directly apply to valves to remove the carbon build-up and prevent corrosion.

The package is 150 ml and there are 12 packages in one application.

So these are the most common applications that you can find as an EGR valve cleaner. Also, you can continue to search for other products that are available in the market.

Does Cleaning EGR Valve Work?

Yes, it works. Because the carbon buildup can prevent the flux of the exhaust gases to circulate one more time through the combustion system of the car. And this can reduce the performance of the engine and increase the bad emissions that take place. To prevent this, you need to clean and maintain the general EGR valve systems without any problem.

Can EGR Be Cleaning Without Removing?

As we explained above, there are special solutions that you can use. You just need to add these EGR valve cleaners to the fuel tank. And it will remove the carbon buildup which is not at a very serious level. But if the carbon buildup on the EGR valves is at a serious level, you need to clean with much more serious and effective ways to remove it. And this may require the removal of the EGR valve.

Where Do I Spray EGR Cleaner?

If you are using a spray type of cleaner, you need to take the pressure sensor right before the EGR valve on your engine. It is generally placed on the intake manifold. After you removed it, run the engine and make it run at 1500-2000 rpm. And then, spray the EGR cleaner from the hole that is opened by the pressure sensor.

How Often to Clean EGR?

This is also a very common question that people keep asking about. The answer is generally every 5000 km or once a year. Also if you bring your car to regular maintenance to service, they will take care of the general cleaning schedules. So, it will be very easy to deal with the problem.

Is It Better to Clean or Replace EGR?

It depends on the problem of the EGR system of your car. Because it is very important to examine the bad EGR. If the symptoms take place because of severe corrosion or a worn valve, you need to replace them with a new one. But the EGR valve is good in condition and the only problem is the carbon build-up and other contamination, cleaning will be enough to solve the problems.

Conclusion on EGR Valve Cleaner

We tried to explain all the aspects of the EGR valve cleaner applications. And also we give additional vital information about EGR cleaning, contamination, and filth. We wish this article was helpful to you.

If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.

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