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Does Cast Iron Work on Induction Cooker? Simple Answer!

If you need to regularly cook dinners and breakfasts and if you have an induction cooker in your home and your kitchen, this is a general question that comes to mind. Does cast iron work on induction cooker? You can find a very simple answer here. And also with the additional information, it will be much easier to make comments in general.

Does Cast Iron Work on Induction Cooker? Simple Answer: Yes!

Does Cast Iron Work on Induction Cooker?

Yes, you can use your cast iron cooking pans on your induction cooker in general. And it will work with your induction cooker without any problem.
But, what is the logic behind it? According to which parameters that the different materials work on the induction cooktop? To understand it, you need to understand how the induction cookers are working in general.

How Do the Induction Cookers are Working?

The working principle is very simple for induction cookers. There are special coils inside the induction cookers. When electricity comes to these coils, a magnetic area is created. And if you place magnetic stuff on the induction cooker, the magnetic atoms and molecules are vibrated with this magnetic area.

With this vibration, heat is generated on the structure of the magnetic cooking pan. So the working principle of induction cookers is generally very easy.

We can understand here if you place magnetic stuff on the induction cooker, it will get heated. And if we know that the cast iron is magnetic, the cast iron pans will get heated and work with the induction cookers.

Also, What are the Other Materials

There are also other materials that you can use with the induction cooktops. These are the materials that show magnetic behavior in general.

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel materials are very common with cooking pans. They are very good to cook different kinds of meals and things. The difference between stainless steel from cast iron is the percentage of carbon content. The carbon content in steel is lower than the cast iron.
  • Induction-specific cookware: Also there are special materials that are designed to work in the induction cookware.

Can You Use Enamel Coated Cookware On Induction?

This is also another question that people are asking about. Because, they are thinking that if there is a special enamel or coating on the cookware, the induction will not work on it. For example, some cast iron cooking pans have special coatings to prevent scratches on the induction cooktops.

In general, there is no problem with the enamel-coated cookware on the induction. You can use it. Because the magnetic cast iron will take all the heat generation without any problem.

Important Tip: Look for the “Induction-Ready” Label!

If you have induction hobs or induction cooking tops, you can look for cooking pans that have an “induction-ready” label on them. This means you can use this cooking pan on induction cooktops without any problem.

Conclusion on Does Cast Iron Work on Induction

As you can understand cast iron works on the induction without any problem. And also we tried to explain the logic behind the induction cooktops. If you have any further questions, please leave them below.


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