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Ceramic Epoxy – Epoxy for Advanced Applications

Epoxies are very good thermosets that we are using for the coating of aerospace and automotive applications. They provide very good structural stability and high-quality and lightweight coating applications. There are different kinds of epoxies are available. One of these epoxy systems is the ceramic epoxy system. Here, we explain the general important features and the prices of these applications.

What is Ceramic Epoxy?

Ceramic epoxy.

Sometimes people can confuse ceramic epoxy systems with the ceramic glues that you can find on the internet easily. And once your search on the internet, the general results that you will find are not generally related to these applications.

Ceramic epoxy is a special epoxy that includes ceramic parts inside the epoxy. So in some industries, people call these products brushable ceramic. Because, you can apply them with a brush, and they show ceramic-like structure.

There are different kinds of advantages of these systems over the traditional ones.

Low-Friction and High Gloss

In aerospace applications, the use of these coatings is very common. Because the ceramic addition provides very good low friction and high gloss surface. And for turbulence prevention systems for aerospace applications, it is a very important feature.

Low Abrasion and Cavitation

Abrasive environments are very common and very problematic things for aerospace and automotive applications. The ceramic addition provides very high abrasion resistance and resistance to cavitation because of the high-speed fluid flows.

Prevents Moisture

If we compare it with the traditional epoxy systems, the moisture resistance of the ceramic epoxy is much higher. Because ceramic is a very good moisture resistant material. And the small ceramic particles provide a very good obstacle to the moisture that tries to reach the downer surfaces.

Corrossion Resistant

The most important characteristic of corrosion, once they reach beneath the epoxy coating, they will spread without any obstacle. Conventional epoxy can not save the metal. So, the minimal ceramic particles will act as very good corrosion resistance and they will not prevent the spreading of the corrosion over the other surface.

Basic Application

The application of ceramic epoxies is much better than the other epoxies. You can apply them with basic brushes to create a much thicker coating surface. And generally, they will show the same performance with half of the thickness of the conventional epoxy applications.

So, these are the general advantages of these coating applications.

Prices of Ceramic Epoxy

If we take a look at the prices of them, they are very high if we compare them with conventional epoxy. In the market, you can find 2 lbs of ceramic epoxy for around $250. But if we check the prices of the conventional epoxies, 60 lbs of them are $750. You can understand the price difference per lb of the epoxies.

Last Words on Ceramic Epoxy

These are the general points to remember about these applications. They are very high in price, but they are much better than conventional applications. And in general, their application of them are common in advanced aerospace and automotive applications.

If you have additional questions about the ceramic epoxy, please leave them below!

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