Can You Mix Power Steering Fluid? Correct Answer!

This is the question that lots of car drivers and experienced drivers are asking in the car communities and different places. Can you mix power steering fluid? How can you understand if the different power steering fluids are mixable? If you have these questions on your mind, you are at the right place to learn the exact answer.

What is power steering fluid?

Can You Mix Power Steering Fluid?
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First of all, it is very important to understand the power steering fluid and what is the duty of the power steering fluid inside the power steering of your car.

The power steering, as you understand from its name, is the major system that helps the heavy steering of your car. To rotate your car’s steering wheel, the hydraulic pump system exerts extra force to steer the wheels of your car and help in the steering.

If you drove any old car that does not have a power steering system, you may have noticed or experienced that steering these cars is very hard even in a stationary position. You just exert a lot of force to turn this steering wheel.

So, with the new power steering applications, most of which are hydraulic systems, you do not need to exert lots of force to steer your wheels or your backup.

If there is a hydraulic power steering system, there is a hydraulic fluid that exerts the hydraulic force on the steering system. This hydraulic fluid, which is also called power steering fluid, is pumped from the steering pump.

Hydraulic steering pump levels must be at a specific level, which is generally specified on the steering pump column under your hood. Take a look at that column or reservoir, and if you notice that the power steering fluid is lower than the specific position, you need to add more.

In most cases, most drivers do not care about the power steering fluid system until there is a problem with these applications.

Can you mix power steering fluid?

You can understand there is a problem with the power steering if your steering feels get hard and hard, and also if you get strange sounds that come from your steering system. The symptom that you can face is the power steering fault sign that appears on your dashboard.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to be sure that the general specifications of the power steering fluids are the same as the OEM. In most cases, you can mix the power steering fluids between each other without any problem.

Just need to do the required research on the internet or from the user manual of your car. Just know the general specifications of the power steering fluid of your car and bring the power steering fluid that has the same specifications.

These specifications are not hard to understand, and there are not a lot of specifications that you need to choose from. As stated, most of the power steering fluids fit each other without any problem.

Can you mix the different brands of power steering fluids?

As you stated, it is not about the brand; it is about the general specifications. Check the important specifications and the type of the steering fluid, and do not hesitate to use it on your car.

Can you mix the old power steering fluid with the new one?

Definitely. There’s no problem if this specification is met between the old steering fluid and the new steering fluid. In general, if your power steering fluid levels are low, you do not need to flush all the old steering fluid from the system; you just need to add new fluid to the reservoir.

What happens if you use the wrong power steering fluid?

As you know, the power steering pump is a system that works with fluids that have specific density, specific viscosity, and specific temperature specifications. Pumps and the additional hydraulic systems are designed according to these fluids. So, it is very important to use the correct application that has the same specifications explained in the user’s manual.

So, if you use the wrong one, it can hardly damage the steering system pump and the other parts of the hydraulic steering system of your car.


We need to state that power steering fluid is not a universal thing that you can use in all types of vehicles. Each of the steering systems of the different types of vehicles requires different types of fluids.

You just need to be careful about the general specifications, but in most cases, for passenger cars, fluids can be mixed.

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