How to Reset Power Steering Assist Fault?

How to reset power steering assist fault? Do you receive a power steering assist fault sign on your dashboard? Talk to general problems and causes that make the power steering assist fault sign appear on your dashboard? Here we will try to explain the simple answers to these questions to solve your problem. Are curious about this problem and the general solutions you are at the right place to learn about the general answers.

What is a Power Steering Assist?

How to Reset Power Steering Assist Fault?
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First of all, we need to answer this question and you need to know how the power steering assist system works on your car.

If you drive an old car that comes from the ’70s or ’80s you can feel that turning the steering wheel and steering your vehicle is very hard. You need to apply or exert an amount of power to your steering wheel and you will feel very tired after a long run.

In modern vehicles, there are systems called power steering assist to assist your steering performance to relieve this force. So if there is a problem with your power steering assist you can see that sign on your dashboard. There are two types of power steering assist systems. Respond is the hydraulic steering systems. There’s a hydraulic pump that works with hydraulic steering feel it inside it. Once you try to turn your steering wheel while your car is working the hydraulic pump or hydraulic system will assist your steering by applying a hydraulic force.

Also, there are electrical steering acid systems on the newer applications. With the newer automotive technologies, you may see that the use of electric assist systems is much more common. So in this system, there is an electrical motor that assists your steering while you are trying to turn your steering wheel by using the electrical system of your car. These are the more basic systems if you compare them to hydraulic applications.

How to Reset Power Steering Assist Fault? First of all, we need to state that this sign is not appearing because of a fairy reason. If you see this dashboard sign on your dashboard you can say that there is a problem with your hydraulic or electrical system in your steering application. Once you solve the problem with your power steering you may be curious about how to reset the dashboard sign. You just need to reset your car several times. And this will reset all the electrical systems inside your car. But we need to state that it will not solve the problems if there is a problem in your steering application.

According to the model and the brand of your car, there can be different kinds of dashboard signs that you can face if there is a problem with your steering system.

The first and most important symptom is that turning the steering wheel will be very hard if we compare it with the previous performance. And you can easily understand that there is a problem with the electrical system and the hydraulic system.

In the hydraulic applications, if there is a problem with the hydraulic pump or the connections between the hydraulic pump and the power steering system such as pulleys, this dashboard sign will appear on your dash. And also in the electrical applications if there is a problem with the electrical connections between the electrical motor of the power steering and the battery of your car. The only there’s a problem with the electric motor which needed to be changed with the new application.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Power Steering System?

If you need to replace the hydraulic pump or the electrical motor of your power steering it will generally cost around $500 to $2,000 according to the brand and the model of your car. For example, we cannot say that the problem with the Audi Q7 and the Nissan Altima will be the same price.

Can You Drive with the Power Steering Assist Fault?

You may feel very heart-string performance but you will be able to drive your car. In most cases, the problem will not affect other sorts of problems such as engine problems. Even though we do not recommend you to drive your car with the problem with your steering wheel. If you do not have any experience driving old cars without any power steering assist this can be a burden on you and you can affect your traffic performance.


These are the general statements that we can say about the power steering system or power steering assist fault. Wish you found an answer to the question of how to power steering assist fault.

If you have additional comments and questions about this topic you can leave them below without any hesitation.

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