Brake Line Replacement Cost – What are the General Costs?

If you have a problem with your brake line, you probably have the question in your mind that how much money you will pay. Here you can find brake line replacement cost and the factors that affect these costs. You will be able to find detailed information here. And also, you can find additional technical information and the replacement of the brake lines.

Average Brake Line Replacement Cost: $150-$200 for Each Brake Line

Brake Line Replacement Cost

We are sure that there are different kinds of factors that affect the price of brake line replacement. Because there are different kinds of cars and different kinds of models that affect the replacement cost. The price range that we stated for an average passenger car such as Nissan Altima. In this cost, there are two important factors, labor costs, and part costs.

The money that you need to pay for the brake lines generally ranges around $20-$50 according to the type of brake lines and also the brand and model of your car. And the labor cost required for the replacement will be around $150-$170. And if we consider changing all the brake line systems for your car, you need to probably pay around $250-$300 for all costs. These are the general factors that we can state about the brake line replacement cost.

What Affects the Brake Line Replacement Cost?

Also if you know about the general factors that affect the brake line replacement cost, it will be much easier to assess the general costs. These are the most general things that you need to know.

  • The brake lines: The type of brake line and where you use the brake lines are very important factors. Because there are different materials and different brands that you can find. You can find even aftermarket parts that cost around $10. But also there are special brake line systems that have much higher durability and quality and can be up to $100 per line. So, it will be much better to choose the OEM part of your car.
  • Labor cost: The replacement of the brake line requires expertise. You need to know how to deal with the brake system and how the brake system works. And also you need to use different kinds of tools that you probably do not have in your toolbox.
  • Brake fluid: After the replacement, they need to add a new brake fluid inside the system which is another additional cost that we need to consider in general. Because they will replace the old brake fluid to work with the other systems properly without any problem.
  • Brand and model of your car: Also the brand and model of your car have a profound effect on the brake line replacement cost. Because the price that you will pay for BMW will not be the same as the price for the Nissan Altima. Dealing with precious and luxury cars requires higher risks. And because of that it will affect the prices.
  • Additional costs: Maybe your brake lines will require additional maintenance costs that you need to make. The main reason for this is the overlooked maintenance in the history of your car. So replacement of the brake discs can be an additional cost also. As you can understand that the situation of your brake system has a profound effect on these prices.

As you can understand that there are different kinds of factors that we need to consider about the prices. Because of this, it is very hard to give exact ranges for brake line replacement costs.

What are the Types of Brake Lines?

Also, different types of brake lines affect the brake line replacement cost. Because these types have different kinds of features that we need to consider in general.

  • Rubber systems: Rubber systems are the cheapest systems in terms of price. And they have the most basic applications for cars and systems that do not have very high braking forces. And if your car has a rubber brake line, the brake line replacement cost will be lower. The most important problems that we see in the rubber brake lines are the damage and swellings. Because with the high-pressure brake fluid inside the rubber system, the rubber can swell and decrease the performance of the braking.
  • Steel lines: Also steel material is very common in brake lines. The most important advantage of the steel brake lines is that they are not swelling and they have less likely to damage. Because they are more durable than rubber material. The use of steel brake lines is generally common in off-road vehicles and performance cars. And these systems generally have a higher strength to higher brake pressures which provides higher performance of braking for these applications. Because the steel brake lines are higher in price, the brake line replacement cost will be higher also.
  • Braided brake lines: If we take a look at the structure of these brake lines, there is a watertight rubber line that allows the brake fluid to flow inside. And also there is a braided strip of steel. The most important advantage of braided brake lines, they provide much more flexibility along with the strength that steel brake lines provide. The steel brake lines are not flexible like the braided applications. As you can understand that braided applications are more expensive than the other ones. And you will pay much more in terms of the brake line replacement cost.
  • High-performance systems: There are also special brake line systems made from braided carbon-fiber and kevlar material that provide very good weight loss for the car and extreme strength and performance. These brake lines are generally used for high-performance cars, F1 cars, and so on. In terms of the price, these systems are the highest price systems you will not probably need to worry about.

How to Understand that There is a Problem with Your Brake Lines?

Also, there are different kinds of symptoms that you need to consider for your brake lines. If you have these symptoms, you can start to worry about the brake line replacement cost.

  • Brake fluid leaks: The color of the brake fluid is light yellow in most cases. And if you look at your brake lines and the connection sections of the brake lines with master cylinders and brake calipers, you can understand that you need to change the brake lines. But also these symptoms are because of the problematic parts in your brake lines.
  • Rust: If you are using a steel brake line system, the rust on these lines is the most important symptom that you need to consider to change them. Rust can cause bad failure for the brake system.
  • Corrosion: Also the corrosion of the brake lines can be caused by the continuous flow of high-pressure fluid through them. You need to consider if there is a bad flow of the high-pressure fluid in general.
  • Spongy feel with brakes: This is the feeling that you can get from your brake lines in general. Once you press the brake pedal, you can feel the spongy feeling on your feet. This is probably the air inside the brake lines that are caused by the bad brake lines.
  • Brakes do not work: This is also one of the most important problems that you can have with your brake system. If the brakes of your car do not work, you can start to worry about all the parts in your brake system including the brake lines.
  • Sinking pedal to the ground: If the pedal sinks to the ground, the most common reason for this is the excessive air and lack of brake fluid inside the brake lines. Because of the damages and the corrosion, this can take place in general. Replacement will solve this problem.
  • Brake fluid light on the dashboard: And also if you have these problems, this light will illuminate your dashboard.

So, these are the general symptoms that you will see if you have problematic brake lines. And you can start to worry about the brake line replacement cost.

What are the General Causes of Bad Brake Lines?

Also if you know the general causes, you may take action to save yourself from the brake line replacement cost. These are the most common causes in general.

  • Corrosion: Exposure to moisture, salt, and other chemical attacks can cause corrosion on the brake lines of your car. Especially for metallic applications, corrosion can be a very serious problem that you need to consider.
  • Wears and tears: Because of the external damages and effects, there can be worn and tears can take place for the brake lines. And these wear, cracks, and tears can cause brake fluid leaks.
  • Age: In specific periods, you need to replace the brake lines. On average, for every 100.000 miles, you need to replace the brake lines.
  • Bad installation: After you change the brake lines, improper installation can cause serious problems.
  • Contamination in brake fluid: The unwanted substances in the brake fluid can cause serious problems such as corrosion and damage.
  • Engine overheating: If you are using rubber systems, the engine overheating can cause damage and melts to these brake lines.

Why Brake Lines are Important?

This is because the brake system is very important. Without a good brake system that works, you can not drive your car safely in traffic. And if there is damage to the brake lines, the brake system will simply not work properly. The brake line replacement cost is not a cost that you can avoid for a long time.

The brake lines must transfer the brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brake calipers. With this high-pressure fluid, the braking of the vehicle takes place. And if this brake fluid is not transferred to the brake calipers properly, you can understand that you have a problem with your brake lines. So, you need to immediately change the brake lines without worrying about the brake line replacement cost?

Can You Replace the Brake Lines to Save on Labor Costs?

This is also a question that most people are asking. Because labor costs are the most important factor in the brake line replacement cost. First of all, we need to state that the replacement of the brake lines requires a good knowledge of the car mechanics. And if you do not trust yourself about these issues, you need to bring your car to a mechanic or service.

The tools that you will need:

  • New brake lines: Be sure that the new brake lines are the same as the car’s OEM brake lines.
  • Flanged brake wrenches: It is for the replacement of brake systems, calipers, and lines.
  • Brake fluid: You will need to replace the brake fluid to change the brake lines.
  • Socket set: You will need to replace the standard fasteners.
  • Glowes and towels: You need to deal with the brake fluid.
  • Hydraulic or mechanical jack: You need to lift your vehicle.

You can follow these steps if you want to change your brake lines.

  • First of all, you need to take the required precautions in terms of safety. Wear your safety glasses and cut-resistant gloves.
  • Place the hydraulic or mechanical jack on the chassis of your car in the place where you need to lift your car. And lift your car to a specific height so that you can work easily without any problem.
  • Find the brake lines that you want to replace. There will be retaining clips that hold the brake lines in place. You need to replace these clips with your hand or a pair of pliers.
  • You need to bleed the old brake line from the bleeders of the calipers. Turn the bleeders off the calipers and make sure that you took all the brake fluid inside a pan.
  • You need to disconnect the brake line from the master cylinder and the caliper with the help of the wrenches. And you need to replace the brake line from the caliper by turning the caliper.
  • Attach the new brake line to the same connections. Be sure that you attached all the connections to their places without any problem.
  • Attach the retaining clips to their places.
  • Add new brake fluid to the master cylinder cap and be sure that you added the required amount of fluid inside it.
  • You need to bleed the brake system. There is a bleeding cap on the master cylinder. You need to bleed uğ to fluid comes. This step is important to replace the air trapped inside the brake lines.

How Long Does It Take to Replace Brake Lines?

This is also the question that people are asking. If you bring your car to a mechanic or professional to replace the brake lines, it will take around 2-3 hours of the whole operation.

Is It Safe to Drive with a Bad Brake Line?

It is not! The faulty brake systems are not safe anytime. Because the brake system is the most important system that must work properly without any problem. This is important for your safety.

How Common is Brake Line Failure?

In general, brake lines are designed to last for 100.000 miles on average. But also external effects that can cause the brake line failure that we stated above. So, it is generally not a common failure that you can face.

How Do You Temporarily Fix a Brake Line Leak?

The use of rescue tape can be a temporary solution to the leaking brake lines. You just need to apply it to the place where the brake fluid comes from. But you need to find the exact source that the brake fluid comes out of the system.

Conclusion on Brake Line Replacement Cost

Along with the brake line replacement cost, we explained all the important details that you need to know about the brake lines that you have. We wish you get the information that you are looking for.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about the brake line replacement cost. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.

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