Bolt On Wire Wheels – Advantages and Types

Wire wheels are a very cool and very distinguished design for classic cars. They have a very classic vibe that you can add to your car. And also, the bolt on wire wheels are a very useful way to get one of them to your car. Here you can find summary information about the bolt on wire wheels.

What is the Bolt On Wire Wheels?

100 spokes bolt on wire wheel.
Image Source: Luxor Wire Wheels

As you understand from its name, the bolt on wire wheel is a special application that you can easily attach to different kinds of wheel pads. There are different designs and kinds of wheel pad applications that you need to give special attention to while you are applying these wheels. So, the bolt on systems is very easy to apply for different kinds of applications.

To attach different wheels to wheel pads, people are generally using wheel pad adapters. But some people do not trust these adapters because of safety issues. So, bolt on wheels is very useful for direct attachment.

Number of Spokes

For these wheels, the spokes are carrying the weight of the car. And with the increasing number of spokes, the thickness of the spokes decreases. So if you want the thinnest spokes on the bolt on wire wheel applications, you can select the higher number of spokes.

For example, the 100 spokes are very cool applications. And also 72-80 spoke designs are available.

Sizes of Bolt On Wire Wheels

Also, there are different common sizes of these wheels available from different sellers. The sizes start from 13×5.5″ and goes on like this; 13×7, 14×6, 14×7, 15×8 and 15×10.

According to the wheel size that you expect for your car, you can select one of the wire wheel applications.

Also, you can find wire wheel applications up to 24″ in general.

If we take a look at the prices, the prices are changing according to the material, size, and number of spokes. The price range is generally $1000-8000. With the increasing spokes and size, the prices generally get high.

Conclusion on Bolt On Wire Wheels

These types of wheels are generally known in very specific communities. And they give a very different vibe to your car.

If you have additional comments and questions about the bolt on wire wheel applications, please leave them below.

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