AC Valve Systems in Car – Duty and Replacement Costs

The air conditioning system in a car is very important. There are different kinds of parts and items inside the air conditioning system. One of these parts is the AC valve system. Here, we will take a closer look at the AC valve systems. You can find various kinds of information about these systems that you have in your car.

What is AC Valve?

In a typical air conditioning system, different parts are working. Around these systems, there are condensers, compressors, evaporators, and AC valves. These four systems are working together to obtain the working condition of the air conditioning system that your car has.

The duty of the AC valve or air conditioning valve is very simple. It controls the fluid that enters the evaporator system. Once the fluid evaporates in this system, it takes heat energy from the environment. These are the general working principles of AC systems. And they must control the amount of fluid that comes into the evaporator of your car. According to the temperature adjustment, the valve controls the fluid.

What if AC Valve Fails?

In the event of a fail, the air conditioning system of your car simply will not work. You will feel that when you open the air conditioner system of your car, the AC system simply will not work.

And as an average driver, you will not able to which part o the air conditioning system gives that problem. It will be better if a mechanic must check the air conditioning system problem that you have and say about the problem.

Cost of AC Valve Replacement

We can check the prices of the several AC valves that are available in the market.

ACDelco Professional 15-50013 Air Conditioning Expansion Valve

ACDelco Professional 15-50013 Air Conditioning Expansion Valve

  • Premium aftermarket replacement.
  • ACDelco quality.

This is an example AC valve that you can find for different applications. The general price is $26 on And this is a standard one that you can use in different car models. And there are other aftermarket applications that you can use for average car models.

But we need to consider the labor for this replacement. The replacement will nearly cost $150 for an average car. And you will have a working air conditioning system in your car. And if you are living in a very hot climate, it is completely worth it.

Last Words

The AC valve may see a very basic component in your car. But they are very important systems that you need to consider about the air conditioning system. This is one of the 4 main parts.

If you have additional comments and questions about these systems in your car, please leave them below.

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