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Lots of BMW owners and enthusiasts are looking for new bolts and lugs for their wheels. But before buying a bolt or lugs for your wheels, you need to know the BMW bolt pattern of your wheels. Here, we give you the exact information that you need for your BMW car. And you will be able to choose the proper size lug pattern for your car.

What is Bolt Pattern?

BMW bolt pattern.

First of all, we need to learn what is the bolt pattern first. A bolt pattern is a set of standardized numbers that tells you about the standard lugs and bolts that are appropriate to your wheel. We can give some examples of bolt patterns and their meanings.

  • Wheel size: The diameter of your wheel. In general, the available wheel size is inscribed inside the user’s manual of your car. For example, 17”-24” is an example. You can use wheel diameters between 17” to 24” wheels on your car.
  • Bolt pattern: The bolt pattern values are generally given in the form of 5×4.72”. The first number, 5 in this case, gives the number of lugs that you need for each wheel. So if you have 4 wheels, you will need 20 lugs. And the second number, which is 4.72” in this case, gives the diameter of the lug hole in average. For US standards, the measurement is generally given in inches. And also for metric standards, these numbers are given in millimeters.
  • Stud size: The size of the lug stud that you need for the lugs and bolts in your tires. For example, these numbers are given as 12×1.5. The first number of the diameter of the stud, starting from the cap of the lug. The 1.5 gives the distance between threads.

So, it is very easy to read the bolt pattern values. And we can start with the BMW bolt pattern guide.

BMW Bolt Pattern Values for Different Years and Models

Here you can find detailed information about the BMW bolt pattern values. It will be easy to find the required bolt pattern that you need. To make the situation easy, we made such different grouping.

Bolt Pattern for BMW 1 Series

Without the difference of a year, the bolt pattern for BMW 1 series is 5×4.72” with the 120mm H offset.

BMW Bolt Pattern for 3 Series

Also without the difference in years, the bolt pattern of the 3 series are same as the 1 series.

3-Series E36

This is also a very common model of BMW that people are thinking about changing the bolts and lugs with different applications. Also for these models, the bolt pattern is completely the same with the 1 and 3 series.

BMW 5 Series Bolt Pattern

The bigger model of BMW has a slightly different bolt pattern than the model above. The bolt pattern for it is 5×4.72” with a 120mm medium offset. As you understand that the only difference comes from the offset value for this model.

5-Series E34

Also, the E34 of the 5 series BMW is the same as the 5 series above without the difference in the years.

5-Series E39

E39 is also a very common model that BMW lovers are using. You can choose the same bolt pattern as the 5 series.

BMW 6-Series Bolt Pattern

Also BMW 6 series have the same bolt pattern as the 5 series which is 5×4.72” and medium offset.

BMW 6-Series Bolt Pattern

And also BMW 7 series has the completely same pattern as the 5 and 6 series which is 5×4.72” with medium offset.


BMW M series is also a very common high-end and high-performance series that owners generally change the bolts. The bolt pattern for M3 is 5×4.72” with high offset which is the same as the 3 series.

BMW M3 E30

The only different model in the M series is this one which has the only difference of medium offset. And all the other models have the same pattern with high offset.

Special Case for BMW M3 E46

The front and rear pattern for BMW M3 E46 is slightly different. The front wheels are high offset and the rear wheels are medium offset. You need to take care of this difference if you want to change the lugs and bolts.

BMW M5 Bolt Pattern

There is also a sightly difference case for M5. Over the years, there is a change in the offset. The pattern number is the same as M3.

The models before 2010 have a high offset and the models after 2010 have a low offset. For all of them, the lug pattern is 5×4.72”.

BMW M5 E39

The difference between this model of M5 from the other models is the low offset.

BMW M6 Bolt Pattern

The pattern of the BMW M6 is 5×4.72” with a low offset.

BMW M-Coupe E37

It has the same bolt pattern as the 3 series which is 5×4.72” with a 120mm high offset. Also, the M-Roadster E37 has the same pattern as the M series.

BMW X Series

As you know that there are different versions of the X series of BMW. We can easily explain it with several words.

  • The X5 E53 3.0/4.0 and X5 E53 4.6 models have a 5×4.72” medium offset.
  • Other models have the same bolt pattern which is the same as the 3 series, 5×4.72”, and 120 mm high offset.

BMW Z Series

Also, the BMW Z series have the same bolt pattern as the 3 series which is 5×4.72” with a 120 mm high offset.

As you understand above, the pattern is 5×4.72” with a 120mm bolt stud. The only difference between the different models comes with the offset value. And we explained all these important values above.

Can You Use Another Bolt Pattern for BMW?

No, you can not. And if you use there will be serious problems such as poor handling, vibrations, and safety. We do not recommend you use another pattern apart from the patterns that we stated above.

Conclusion on BMW Bolt Pattern

These are the general things that we can state about the BMW bolt pattern. If you have additional comments or questions about the BMW bolt patterns, please leave them below.

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