Alternator Pulley – What is It? Problems and Solutions

Pulleys are very important parts of car engines. And they are connected to the vital parts and accessories. One of these pulleys is the alternator pulley application. Here, you can find detailed information about alternator pulley systems. And you will learn what are the possible problems and solutions that you can face with these applications.

What is Alternator Pulley?

Alternator Pulley
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Before understanding the alternator pulley systems, we need to understand what is the working principle of the alternator. The alternator is a very important part of an engine that provides electricity to the battery. So they charge the battery in your car. Without the alternator system, the battery will run out of electricity and your engine will not work.

The alternator system takes the power from the serpentine belt which is again connected to the crankshaft. And the serpentine belt is connected to the alternator pulley on the alternator side. So, the pulley provides the rotational motion to the alternator to charge the battery.

The alternator pulley is a very basic system that connects the serpentine belt and the alternator. It has a round shape and a groove that the serpentine belt seats.

Common Problems with Alternator Pulley

As you understand that it is a very basic but very vital part of the automotive engine. And there can be different kinds of problems with the alternator pulley systems.

  • Damaged pulley: In general pulleys are designed to last the lifetime of the automotive engines. But the external damage, debris, and filth can cause damage and bents on the alternator pulley.
  • Loose pulley: Also the pulley system can be loose which can cause problems. The loose pulley can cause belt slips which will affect the proper working of the alternator.
  • Corrosion: Over time, if there is no maintenance is made to these systems, corrosion takes place. Even if you are running your car in harsh environments, corrosion can be a very big problem for you.
  • Overheating: If the lubrication of the pulley is not well, heating and eventual wear can take place.
  • Wear: Wear and tears are among the most common problems that we see in crankshaft pulley applications.
  • Problems with bearings: Also the bearings of the alternator pulley can get worn. And this can cause some problems.

What are the Symptoms?

Also, you need to know the common symptoms. If you have these symptoms, it is a very big probability that you have a problem with your alternator pulley.

  • Vibrations: When it comes to pulleys, vibrations are the most common symptoms that you can find in the system. The loose pulleys will cause vibrations which can be harmful to the other parts.
  • Difficult to start: Because the alternator system provides electricity to the other parts, the starter motor will not work properly in general. This is a very common problem that you can see.
  • Noises: Also you can hear the strange sounds coming from the pulley because of the wear. These sounds are generally squeaking or chirping sounds.
  • Battery warning light: The battery warning light is also another symptom that you can see on your dashboard. Because the battery is not charging well and you can get this notification on your dashboard.

Possible Causes of the Bad Alternator Pulley

As we stated above, the pulleys in automotive engine systems are designed to last the lifetime of the engine itself. But you may have some problems with these parts because of the external conditions.

One possible cause is the damages can come from external sources. Debris and hazards from the road can cause faults and damages. And also the debris and filth can cause problems.

Also, the if the belt is not tensioned properly, you may have some problems. Because the pulley is working with a proper amount of stress that comes from the belt system.

Corrosion can be the possible cause of the problems with the alternator pulley. Exposal of hazardous liquids and the environment can cause corrosion on pulleys and the other systems that your engine has.

Like the other pulleys, the overheating can cause faults such as melted plastic parts on the alternator pulley.

If you are harshly driving your engine, the wear and tear can cause such problems that we explained above for the alternator pulley applications.

Possible Solutions

To solve these problems, there are different possible solutions that we can consider for the problems with the alternator pulley. We can apply these solutions.

In most cases, the replacement of the pulley is one solution. And also the alternator connection itself can be damaged. And replacement of the alternator can solve the problem.

Sometimes, belt replacement can be also the solution to lose pulley problems.

If the problem is caused by dirt and debris, cleaning this filth can solve the problem. So you just need to bring your car to an expert and let them examine the exact problem that you have.

Replacement Costs

Different factors affect the replacement costs in general. The model and the brand of your car is the biggest factor.

But if we need to give a specific range for the replacement, the general prices of the alternator pulleys change between $10-$50 according to the brand and model of your car.

But the labor costs can be high because it requires expertise to remove the serpentine belt and use special tools for the alignment and adjustment with the other pulleys. And with the labor costs, the price may increase up to $100-$300 according to the model of the vehicle.


These are the general things that we can state about the alternator pulley applications like the above. We wish that you do not need extra information about these parts.

If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below.

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