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Worst Time to Water Plants – What Time is the Best?

In general, people think that watering plants are a very easy thing that you can do. And also they think that you just need to put the water into the soil. But the situation is not like this. You need to take care of lots of things if you want to get your plants healthy. One of the most important things to consider is the time of the day that you need to water the plants. Here we explain the worst time to water plants. And we explain the best time that you can water them. So, it will be very easy to assess how and when to water them correctly. 

What is the Worst Time to Water Plants? 

What is the Worst Time to Water Plants? 

Yes, you need to select a specific period to water the plants. And it has a very important health effect on your plants if you care about them. 

We need to state that watering plants at midday or noon is the worst time. 

The main reason for that is if you water them at midday, the sun exposure will be the highest. And water will evaporate before the plant takes it to itself. So this makes the watering plants ineffective as you expected. 

Also if you splash water on the leaves and flowers of the plants, the formation of bacteria can be a problematic issue for the health of your plants. So, you need to take care to give the water directly to the soil. 

What is the Best Time to Water Plants? 

Also probably you are searchişng for an answer to this question. You learned which tşme that you should not water your plants. The correct answer to this question is, you need to water your plants right before sunrise and right after the sun is down. This is because they are the correct times that you can avoid the evaporation of water. And the roots of the plants can absorb water correctly without any problem. 

Also right after the sun is down, the temperature of the soil is very good for absorbing water. Also, plants can easily absorb the water that they put into the soil. 

Another important factor is the watering in cold temperatures. In general, water and other liquid will freeze at night times. And if you need to water the plants in cold temperatures, the best time to do it is an hour after the sun rises. Because the water and other liquids will defreeze and the soil is cold enough to completely absorb the water. 

And if the temperature is completely minus zero, it is not recommended to water the plants at any time of the day. 

So these are the general things that you need to consider about the watering time of the plants. 

Important Points on Watering Plants 

Also, there are very important things that you need to consider about watering plants. Like the worst time to water plants, you need to consider other kinds of parameters to obtain the most effective and healthy watering. 

Checking Soil Before Watering 

It is a very important thing that you need to make while you are watering the plants. Check the soil with your hand and if the soil is watery or wet, you do not need to water your plant. 

Because, if the plant needs water it will absorb all the water from the soil. And if you find the soil wet, this means the plant does not need extra water on it. The water on the soil will be sufficient for one cycle more. 

If you add extra water to that soil, you will overwater the plant that you have. 

Check the Boxes or Pots 

The structure of the pots and containers that contain the soil for your plant is very important for effective watering. When you need to water the soil, spill a sufficient amount of water into the soil. And if the water goes off from the bottom of the pot very quickly, this is a problem. This means the roots of the plant can not absorb water effectively. 

Drip watering.
Drip watering from a hose.

The pot and the soşl structure must absorb water to provide time to absorb to roots of the plants. 

In this case, you need to change the pot structure and add more soil to provide a better watering environment for your plant. 

Find the best pots that hold a sufficient amount of water inside them. And also the holes at the bottom should not be very big to prevent the flushing of the water. 

Correct Watering 

Also, you need to apply the water directly to the soil. Not above the plant itself. Watering the leaves and the flowers can cause some problems with bacteria formation. So built systems that directly give water to the soil. 

The drip watering systems are very useful for it. You can build a hosing system for the bottom of the plants. These hoses can have a simple little hole that the water dipped directly into the plants. And these hosing systems are connected to a faucet or a water system. Once you open it, the hosing system provides a sufficient amount of water to the plants in the correct way. 

Another way that you can apply, this is just to create a small hole in the cap of the bottle. Fill a bottle with water and close it with the cap. And place the bottle in the position where water comes dripping from the hole. 

Also if you are watering your plants manually, you can direct the hose to the roots and the bottoms of the plants. And it makes it very easy to apply water to the roots of the plants. 

Also if you are using the drip irrigation method that we explained above, you need to use that method with a timer. And be sure that the soil of the plant took a sufficient amount of water. 

Frequency of Watering 

The basic philosophy of watering is, you need to water it infrequently. For example, you do not need to water the plants daily. And you can water them on weekly basis. But you need to give a decent amount of water each time. You need to be sure that the water must make the soil completely wet. And this water will be sufficient for several days for the plant that you are watering. 

The Water

The best water that you can use for your plants is rainwater in general. Because it is one of the most natural ways of water. And all the plants in nature generally receive rainwater. The rainwater includes all the necessary minerals and is away from all the toxicities that can harm your plants. 

Also, you can use tap water for your plants. But the fluoride and chlorine content in these waters can be problematic for some delicate plants such as clothes or carnivorous species. 

In general, the experts do not recommend filtered water that you drink. Because these waters are filtered from the minerals can be very healthy for your plants. 

The best way to get rainwater, you can build a rainwater collection system for your plants in your backyard. And you can water your plants with this fresh raişn water which will be very useful. 

Overwatering Can Kill Your Plants

Also, you need to be aware that overwatering can kill your plants. This is because the roots will be overly fed with water and this can choke the plant. So, you need to check the soil and give water if the first inch of the top of the soil feels dry. 

Also, there are important tools that you can use to measure the level of water in the soil to be sure about watering. 

Type of Plant

Yes, we explained lots of important points about watering plants. We gave some important assumptions for watering. But the type of the plant is also a very important factor. 

Different species need different amounts of water. For example, cacti do not need frequent watering. But tropical plants need water the time. The best way to learn about the frequency and the method of watering for specific types of plants is to consult an expert on that plant. 

Also, you can make very basic research to find watering times and information about the specific plants that you have. But make sure that you are taking information from trustworthy sources. 

Conclusion of the Worst Time to Water Plants 

Upon the worst time to water plants information, we gave and explained other important things that you need to consider about watering the plants. So, you can easily consider them for different kinds of applications of watering. 

Also if you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below. 

FAQ About Worst Time to Water Plants 

What time of day should you not water plants?

You should not water the plants during midday. It is because the soil can not absorb the water correctly because of sun exposure. The water evaporates immediately because of the sun. So, it will not an effective watering.

Is it pointless to water plants at night?

Generally yes. Because at night the soil will prone to be very cold or freeze. And it will be better to water the plants right after the sun is down.

Can I water the plants at 6 pm?

Yes, it is an ideal time to water the plants in most cases. Because the sun is about to be down or down newly. And the soil is not hot or cold to prevent freezşng water or evaporating it.

It is OK to water plants at 10 am?

10 am can be somewhat late. Consider what your plants are right before sunrise. The watering will be much more effective. After 1-2 hours at 10 am, the sun will be at its highest point and make the water on the soil evaporate before absorbing the roots.

Can I water the plants at 7 pm?

It is an acceptable hour. But be sure that you will not be past 7 pm.

Is 7 am too late to water plants?

It’s a bit late but it is acceptable. Because there are 4-5 hours for the sun that will be at the highest point.

Can I water my plants at 10 pm?

It is not a good idea to water plants at 10 pm. Choose the time ranges right before the sun rises and right after the sun is down.

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