Winch Bar – Types, Uses and Selection

Winch bar systems are very useful applications for winch systems. They provide the required torque to unwind the rope and cable systems in mechanical applications. Here we will talk about winch bar systems and their general uses.

What is Winch Bar?

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A winch bar is a bar that we attach to a winch crank to unwind a rope or cable system. And they provide the required torque to pull heavy loads. And they are designed for a socket attachment that makes them very easy to attach.

You can find different sizes and applications of them in the market. And according to the load and torque that you need, you need to select the correct one. And they are generally made from aluminum and steel to withstand torque created in winching applications.

Aluminum alloy is generally lower in strength if we compare it with steel. But they are generally lower in weight. And the corrosion resistance of aluminum is much higher than that of steel.

What are the Types of Winch Bars?

There are different types of these applications are available in the market.ç According to your needs you can select the best application.

  • T-handle bar: T-handle bars provides the required torque to rotate the winch drum without any problem. So, you will be able to rotate it by attaching it to the socket system of the drum.
  • L-handle bar: The L-handle design provides the application of torque at different angles. They are generally useful for applications where the place is very narrow.
  • Swivel-handle winch bar: Swivel is another construction that the user of the winch bar can easily rotate the winch drum. You can choose between the t-handle and swivel handle winch bars.
  • Ratcheting winches: Ratcheting applications are also very useful for continuous rotation applications. You can easily rotate in a specific angle range with the ratcheting system. But the winch drum must be compatible with the ratcheting application.
  • Folding systems: If you are looking for a compact system, there are applications that you can easily fold without any problem.
  • Off-road winch bar: For off-road applications, we need a rugged and heavy-duty system. So, off-road winch bar applications are generally made from stainless steel that you can use for different kinds of applications.

Which Applications Do We Use Winch Bars?

Off road winch system.
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If you are dealing with one of these applications, you probably need a winch bar.

  • Towing: The most common application that we use them. Towing vehicles with cable systems are very common application. And we generally use a winch bar for towing if there is no electrical system.
  • Construction: In the lifting of heavy materials and equipment, we are using these applications in construction. So they are very useful in construction jobs.
  • Cargo handling: Also people working in the cargo area are using them for towing and lifting heavy cargo to cargo delivery cars.
  • Mining: Also, mining is another important sector in that we are lifting very heavy objects.
  • Agriculture: In agriculture, we need to pull the tractors and combines when necessary. And we use winch drums and bar equipment for these jobs.
  • Landscaping: While we are adjusting the landscaping, we need to move heavy objects such as heavy rocks and other materials. And the use of these systems is very common in landscaping.
  • Rescuing: In emergencies, we are using these applications in general. For example in fires, we are using these bars.

How to Properly Use Winch Bar?

Apply these steps while you are using winch bar applications in different environments and places.

  • First of all, you need to be sure that the winch systems are properly anchored to the object that you will move. And you need to position the winch properly before starting the pulling action.
  • Be sure that the attachment and towing of the load are balanced and secure. After that, you can start to move the objects.
  • And then, you can insert the winch bar into the socket of the winch drum.
  • Start to turn the winch drum with the winch bar. You need to turn it to the clockwise rotation. And if you want to unwind the system you need to turn it counterclockwise.
  • After the towing application is completed, check the load that if it is stable or not. To prevent accidents, you need to be sure that the object that you are carrying is stable.
  • You can release the winch bar from the system if the towing is complete.

How to Select a Good Winch Bar?

There are different basic factors that you need to consider to select the best one for your application. And if you make these considerations well, selecting a proper one will be very easy for you.

  • Size: The size of the attachment is very important. You need to be sure that the socket or attachment section or hole is consistent with the winch drum that you have.
  • Material: We recommend you buy a steel or aluminum winch bar application. Other materials such as plastics or low-strength materials do not provide the required amount of torque and power.
  • Comfort: The handle must be comfortable for heavy-duty use. And choose the systems that have a comfortable grip.
  • Type: Consider the features such as the ratcheting mechanism, folding handle, etc. according to your requirements and needs.

What are the Prices of Winch Bars?

The prices generally change according to the load-carrying capacity, size, and the mater, al that they are made of. But in general, if you want to buy a smaller application, you will probably pay around $10 to $40. And also the larger systems are generally between $80-150.

We recommend you check different sellers.

Last Words

So these are the general points that we can state about the winch bar applications. You know the applications and general types of them. And by considering the general parameters while you are selecting one of them, it will be very easy to select the best application for you.

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