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Why You Should Start to Use Bidet Nozzle?

A bidet nozzle is a very basic system that provides fresh water from a narrow nozzle to wash the genital areas. Generally, they are found on bidets and we can use them after doing number two. And it is very useful to use and clean the genital area effectively from other sources.

Why Use Bidet Nozzle?

Bidet nozzle.

First of all, we need to state that, you can clean the anal area after doing number two effectively. If you are thinking that using fresh wipers helps you, you are probably wrong. And if you are using fresh wipers, you are using your hand to clean that area. And this is not a hygienic thing. Also, there are other important reasons why you should start to use bidet nozzles.

  • The cleanliness of the anal area is much more better and effective with the bidet nozzle than with the other methods. Because the water spray coming to that area cleans that area in a much more effective way without touching your hand to that area. After this cleaning, you can wipe the clean area with a dry wiper.
  • Also, bide nozzle prevents health issues because of the improper cleaning of that area such as mehorrıoids, tract infections, and fissures. This is another effect of the bidet nozzle that is very useful in cleaning applications.
  • And by using a bidet nozzle, you are acting much more environmentally friendly. Because you are not using an excessive amount of wet toilet paper to clean. The water naturally cleans and you are just vaping with a few papers. And this reduced paper use in very big amount.
  • Lots of people start to use bidet nozzles thinking that it is much more effective and hygienic in cleaning this area.
  • You will save from expensed money on excessive toilet paper and you will have a much more clean way to do this thing.

Attachment of Bidet Nozzles

In most Muslim countries such as Turkey, the bidet systems have built-in bidet nozzles. And when they are installing the bidet nozzle, they open the required water supply and extra hole in the bidet. So, they will not have any problem that their bidets do not have nozzles.

But probably in the US, people do not have the required bidet nozzle plumbing. And it will be much better to use the compact bidet nozzle attachments below. They are several bidet nozzle systems that you can easily build in your bidets.

Ciays Bidet Attachment for Toilet 

Ciays Bidet Attachment for Toilet 

This is an electrical bidet nozzle system that you can attach to your bidet easily. It provides the freshwater that you expect from a nozzle. And they are very effective to use. Also, there are systems that provide very low hot water.

High quality and slim system make it very easy to install. These are the general steps to follow.

  • First of all, you need to shut off the water supply to your home. Because you will make plumbing attachments to your home.
  • Remove the toilet seat for the attachment.
  • Find the water supply hose that comes to the backside of the bidet. And the water supply will be this.
  • You need to attach the bidet to the water supply of the bidet. You need to use pliers and adjustable wrenches to apply this application.
  • Place this bidet nozzle as you see in the user instruction on the toilet. And attach the pads on the toilet seat to provide the necessary clearance.
  • Apply the silicone to the necessary places to prevent any leakages.

So, installing it on your bidet is very simple like this.

How to Install a Constant Bidet Nozzle?

bidet connections.

This is a compact system. But if you want to make a constant one, you need to follow these steps;

  • You need to have the necessary materials for this thing. Because you need to make some professional thing. You need to use a screwdriver, adjustable wrench for pipe attachment, drill bits, silicone sealant, and bidet nozzle system.
  • First of all, you need to shut off the water supply that comes to your house. Because you need to make water attachmöent.
  • Remove the toilet seat to make the work much easier.
  • Find the water supply hose at the backside of the bidet at the near side of the wall.
  • You need to attach the bidet nozzle to this water supply coming to the bidet. And you need to use an adjustable wrench and pliers to do this thing.
  • Drill a hole on the bidet where you will locate the bidet nozzle. You need to drill with a ceramic drill bit to prevent any problems. Because ceramic is a brittle material and you can create a crack with a normal drill. You need to define the place of the bidet nozzle yourself. So you need to be careful while you are selecting the place and drilling the ceramic.
  • Attach the control valve of the bidet nozzle to the wall or side of the toilet. From this control valve, you will control the flow of water to the bidet nozzle.
  • And test the bidet nozzle if it is working properly.
  • Reinstall the toilet seat by using the screwdriver.
  • Apply the silicone around the bidet nozzle, and control valve to prevent any leaks.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Bidet Nozzle?

If you think you are not capable of making this plumbing thing, you can call a professional to your home for this installation.

But if you do it on your own you will only pay around $50-100 for the equipment. But if you call a professional, the total cost can increase to $200-300 according to the type of the bşdet and the type of the bidet nozzle.

Other Types of Bidet Nozzles to Consider

Also, there are other types of bşdet nozzles that you can consider for your home and use.

  • Handheld bidet nozzles: These are the systems that are connected to the water supply of the bidet. And you can replace them when you are not using them.
  • Fixed systems: Above we explained the fixed systems. Fixed systems are generally much better and healthy solutions.
  • Electric bidet nozzle: Electric systems are generally very useful in such applications. You can easily adjust the heat of the water.
  • Portable systems: These bidet nozzle systems are portable systems that you can carry with you in your bag or suitcase.

Last Words

So, they are very useful systems that you need to start using. And we tried to give all the necessary information about the bidet nozzle applications.

Leave your comments and questions below about the bidet nozzle applications that are very useful and hygienic.


What are bidet nozzles?

Bidet nozzles are very useful systems that you can wash your genital area after the toilet in a hygienic way and without touching your hand. There is a water spray at the bidet section that directs the water to your genital area.

Are bidet nozzles sanitary?

If we compare it with the other cleaning methods, the bidet nozzles are completely sanitary. Because you are not touching with your hand to dirt.

Does the bidet nozzle get dirty?

Like every piece of furniture in your home, it is very normal to get dirty after a specific period of use. But cleaning it is very easy. You can clean it with a detailing brush without any problem while you are cleaning the bidet.

Do bidet attachments fit all toilets?

In general, these systems are unşversal systems that you can use at any type of toilet wişthoutany problem.

Why do not American use bidet nozzles?

It is a very cultural thing that originated in Muslim countries. Because of that Americans are not aware of this useful and hygienic way of cleaning after toilet. But if they discover this system, all of them will build one of them in their homes.

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