What is Pressure Washing Skid? What are the Important Things to Consider?

At outdoor cleaning applications, we are using different kinds of skids and systems to clean even the hardest grimes. Pressure washing skid applications are very useful for these duties. Here we will birfly explain these systems and important points to consider about these systems.

What is Pressure Washing Skid?

Pressure Washing Skid

Pressure washing skid is a system that contains a high ğressure tank, a pump and control valves with hoses. They provide high pressure water that youc an use with hoses. From these hosesi you can use this high pressure water to wash different outside systems.

Another important benefit of these pressure washing skid applications, they provide very good versatility. You can easily install them to your pick up trucks and use them as a mobile applications. So, they are very useful systems that you can use for different kinds of applications.

Most of the systems have soap injection system that built-in. With the use of 3 way ball valve system, you can eaisly adjust the percentage of the soap injection system that you have.

So there are impotant things that you need to consider about these systyems.

  • Pressure range: With the incrrasing pressure of the water supply, the cleaning performance of the skids increases. So, if the pressure is very high, this means you will be able to clean most stubborn grimes.
  • Flow rate: Also, flow rate of the hosing system is very important. How many water comes from hose at a specific pressure range? This will define the total time that you can use of the water inside the tank. Some systems provides 5 GPM or 10 GPM of flow rates.
  • Tank capacity: According to the size ofthe truck or moving system, there are different tank acapacitiees are available. You can attach a 50 gallons or 100 gallons tank to the backside of your truck.
  • Hose lentgh and number of hoses: Multiple number of hoses provides availablbility to clean the multiple systems in same time. So, multiple of operators can work in the same time. And also hose reach is very important for the pressure washing skid applications. With the increasing hose length, youc an reach much more higher places.
  • Soft wash: Also most of the systems have soft wash system that you can easily adjust the pressure of the application. So it is very easy to apply these systems for different kinds of applications.

Also the generally worked by an electrical engine or internal combustion engines. These engines are connected with a pump that pressurize the water inside the tank. And you can use this high pressure water inside the tank.

Applications that We Use These Skids

Especially the outdoor cleaning applications can be very useful and good with these pressure washing skid applications. They provide very good system that you can easily apply the pressure water with a specific proportion of soap or surfactant.

  • Driveways: In the cleaning applications of the roads and drivceways, use of these high pressure water with soap will be very effective to remove the grime and filth on the ground.
  • Sidewalks: After heavy rains, sidewalks can get dirty. So, the use of the mobile skids are very common in the cleaning applications with these skids.
  • Decks: It is very hard to bring water and cleaners to decks. And with teh pressure washing skid applications that we brind to decks, we can easily reamove the grime and filth without any problem.
  • Agriculture vehicles: In agriculture applications, vehicles can get dirty with application of very dirty systems. So, the use of the mobile cleaner applications can be very useful. These applications generally include the skids.

Last Words

So, they are very useful systems for mobile cleaning applications at outside. If you are thinking about bringing one of them, you can consider the points that we stated above about the pressure washing skids. If you have comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below.

And also, you can find other kinds of useful posts about the outdoor and agriculture systems in!

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