What is Idler Pulley Bearing?

Bearing systems are so common in lots of mechanical applications like car engines. One of these systems is the idler pulley bearing applications that we are using. Here, we will check what is the duty of this part in automobile engines.

Idler Pulley Bearing

idler pulley bearing

Before understanding them, we need to understand the idler pulley systems. They are the systems that the timing belt is attached to. Several idler pulleys are attached to the different parts of the engine. Around these parts, are the water pump, ignition timing system, camshaft system, and oil pump system.

And the main idler pulley is directly attached to the crankshaft itself. The crankshaft takes the roration power from the reciprocating pistons. So, it rotates the idler pulley.

But, we need a system in that the rotation of the idler pulley must be satisfied. They are the special conical ball bearing systems that we call idler pulley bearing.

These systems are generally attached to the crankcase and the engine block for the attachment of the idler pulleys. Idler pulleys can rotate freely with the idler puller bearing mechanism.

If we take a look at their structure of them, we can see several cylinders are constantly rotating over the surface. Andfrom teh center of them, the shaft of the idler puller passes. It is close fitted to that shaft. So, once the shaft rotates, the inner section of they rotates. This is their general working principle of them.

When Do You Need to Change the Idler Pulley Bearing?

So, on regular basis, it is very important to change the idler pulley bearing applications with the new ones. Because, over time, these bearing systems become fatigued. The internal bearing elements become dull and worn off. This can be a serious problem for your engine.

If you hear squeaking sounds from your engine, you will probably have a problem with the idler pulley bearing. When you increase the rev, the frequency of the sound will increase. Because of the RPM of the pulley increases.

If you do not change with a new system, it can harm your timing belt and other pulley systems. And eventually, you can face timing belt rupture and damage on the other systems.

The general cost of the regular idler pulley bearings is around $9-50 which changes according to the quality and the brand of your car. But the labor cost of the mechanic can take money around $100 for replacement.

Last Words

These are the general points to remember about the idler pulley bearing applications in general. If you have additional questions and comments about this topic, please leave them below.

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