What is Glass Strips?

In glassworking applications, we are using glass strips for different kinds of applications. They can add very good aesthetic value to different kinds of glass projects. Here we will talk about them that we are using in different kinds of applications.

Glass Strips

glass strips
Image Source: Ceramic Arts.

As you understand from their name, they are the strips that we are using in glassworking applications. In stained glass applications, and glass coating systems, we are using these different sizes of them.

You can find different sizes of these strips from different manufacturers and sellers. According to the sizes, you can create very good home aesthetics. You can also use a door and wall coverings. They will add very good aesthetic visuals.

In general, the available sizes of these applications are 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ wide packages including 20-30 glass strip materials.

Also, different kinds and colors of them are available from different sellers. They are very useful things that you can use for glassworking applications. By using different colors, you can obtain different designs for your home.

From topaz to cherry red, you can find different colors.

In general, one package is around $15-16 for most sellers.

What are the Applications We Use Glass Strips?

There are different kinds of applications we use the glass strips in general.

  • pH testing: There are special glass strip applications available that measure the level of acidityin swimming pools and other kinds of liquids. You just need to immerse the glass strip in the şliquid to see the level of acidity.
  • Optical fibers: In telecommunication applications, the use of glass strip applications is very common in general.
  • Covers: In microscope slides, the use of these applications is very common to cover the samples. They are very good to allow light so that you can see the sample.
  • Chromatography: To create different colors in different areas, the use of these applications is very common.
  • Window Glasses: You can use different kinds of colors in glass strips to obtain aesthetic colors for the windows.
  • Stained Glass: Stained glass applications are very common in tall and old buildings. So, they are using glass strips for different kinds of applications.

So as you understand that they are very attractive and there are different kinds of applications that we can use.

Choosing an Application

Choosing a glass strip application is a very important thing. If you consider these general parameters, choosing the best application will be very easy for you.

  • Quality: Which level of quality that you are looking for? In terms of quality, the most important factor is surface roughness. So, there re different manufacturers that provide different qualities.
  • Geometry: Size, shape, and thickness are also very important. You need to define the exact geometries that you need if you want to apply them to different kinds of applications.
  • Chemistry: The level of chemical resistance is also very important. In which kinds of environments you will use these strips?
  • Transparency: For different kinds of applications such as fiber-optical applications and microbes, the level of transparency is a very important parameter. You should know the information on the label of transparency of the glass strips that you want to buy.
  • Paintings and colors: If you are planning to use these applications in arts and other kinds of things, you need to consider the color and the paintings. And also there are other kinds of decorative paintings are available.
  • Price: You should define a strict budget to spend your money on these items. Do not buy a product that is way cheaper than the market. These applications are generally the lowest quality. But you do not need to buy the most expensive product. Higher prices are not warranty the high quality.


It can ve very hard to give exact price ranges for the glass strip applications. Different parameters affect the prices of glass strip applications. The thickness, quality, quantity, and sizes are the generally important parameters that we can consider. But according to the markets and different sources, we can give some price ranges.

  • Optical fibers: The price range of these strips can be very high depending on the quality and the size. You can find them a few dollars per meter to hundreds of dollars per meter.
  • Microscope slides: They are generally sold in packages. In one package there are 50-100 pieces of microscope slides in general. And these packages are ranging between $15-$35.
  • pH strips: These applications are also sold as packages. In one package you an find 100 strips.And the general options of these packages range between $30-$100.
  • Cover types: Like the other ones, they are sold in packages. They include 100 pieces in one package and you can find them for $5-$10 according to the brand and application.

But it will be a very good idea to check the prices from different sources. And but the best deal that you can find.

Last Words

This is general information about glass strips that you can use in different kinds of glassworking projects. If you have additional comments and questions about this topic please leave them below.

Also, you can find other kinds of useful and insightful pğosts about glassworking on!

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