Temporary Fix for Crankshaft Position Sensor

In modern vehicles, we are using different kinds of sensors and systems to improve their performance of them. One of these sensors is the crankshaft position sensor. And sometimes, people can have problems with the crankshaft position sensors. And they can search for the answers to this problem. Here you can find detailed information about the temporary fix for the crankshaft position sensor. With this detailed guide, you will get all the necessary information that you need.

What is Crankshaft Position Sensor?

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First of all, we need to understand the general working principle of the crankshaft position sensor systems that our cars have. As you understand from its name, this sensor measures the position of the crankshaft. And sends this information to the engine control unit(ECU) of the car. In the ECU, some algorithms adjust the rate of the engine fuel and the mixture with air according to the inputs coming from the sensors.

So, the information that is coming from the sensors is very important for the neat working of the engine. It provides very important information for the system.

And according to the position of the crankshaft, the ECU system adjusts the firing and injection timing of the fuel inside the cylinders. Also without any information from this sensor, the ECU can not adjust it. And you will face problems.

Location of the Crankshaft Position Sensor

You can find the crankshaft position sensor at the front side of the engine block. It is located near the flywheel and looks at the crankshaft system. And for different car models and designs, locating and locating the position sensor can be hard.

Symptoms of the Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor

The car and engine will show some symptoms if you have a problem with the crankshaft position sensor.

Check Engine Light

This is the first symptom that we know. The check engine light will flicker if you have a problem with your sensors. Because it is related to the performance of your engine. And if there is a problem with the performance of your engine, you need to take special care about the check engine light.

But we see this light for different kinds of problems. And we can not say directly if the check engine light comes on and there is a problem with the crankshaft position sensor.

Engine Stall

An engine stall means you feel power loss while you are driving your car. So, it is a very important problem that you need to lean on. While you are driving you can not feel the same power from your engine before.

Because the ECU system can not adjust the required fuel for the system that you have. And because of the uneven air-fuel mixture and combustion, the engine will not work properly. And you will feel it as a stall and power loss.

Difficulty in Starting the Engine

While you are staring at the engine, you will feel the difficulty. Because while we are starting the engine, the ECU system provides the required starting fuel and air, and ignition. And without knowing the exact position of the crankshaft, the system can not do it.

Misfiring in Engine

Misfiring means, the comöbustion inside the cylinders will not be efficient as before. Because there will not optimum timing between the injection of the fuel inside the cylinders and the ignition of the fuel in time. So, a misfiring problem will occur in the engine and you can understand that there is a problem with the crankshaft position sensor.

Vibrations and Noise from Engine

Because of the misfire and uneven combustion in engine cylinders, you will feel the vibration and different noises coming to your ear. The general reason for this symptom is very simple. There is a problem with the crankshaft position sensor that does not send the exact position to adjust the firing and the ignition of the engine.

Acceleration Problems

You will feel that the acceleration of the vehicle will not be stable as before. Because sometimes the engine produces lots of power and sometimes very low power because of the uneven firing of the engine.

Engine Stops Suddenly

Also, this can be the symptom that you can feel with your engine. The engine can suddenly stop because of the uneven firing and injection of the fuel inside the engine. If this unevenness reaches a very bad level, the engine will stop after that.

The Poor Mileage

Another symptom is, the mileage of the vehicle will drop and you will start to pay much more money for gasoline. Because the ECU system does not adjust the optimum gasoline to run the engine optimum way. And the gasoline consumption of the engine will skyrocket.

Detecting and Testing the Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor

These symptoms are the general symptoms that we can face with the different problems with our engines. So, we need to examine to diagnose that we have a problem with the crankshaft position sensor. Let’s check them and learn about them.

There are different test methods that we can apply for the crankshaft position sensor.

Testing with Multimeter

This is the first method that we can apply. We can test if the crankshaft position sensor works.

  • Unplug the crankshaft position sensor from the engine.
  • Open the multimeter and adjust the resistance measurement.
  • Hold the ends of the multimeter on the wirings of the sensor.
  • If you are reading zero or infinite resistance, the crankshaft poısition sensor does not work. There must be a finite number of this resistance. There can be a short circuit if the reading is zero. And there can be a disconnection if the reading is infinite.

Another test method with the multimeter is,

  • Rip off the bolt of the crankshaft position sensor without taking it from the electrical systems.
  • Adjust the multimeter to the measurement of millivolts.
  • Hold the multimeter rends to the sensor wirings while cranking the engine.
  • The reading must be around 200 millivolts. If you are taking different results, you need to replace the crankshaft position sensor.

OBD2 Scanner Tool

OBD2 testing.
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It is a very basic tool that you can connect to the computer system of the car. And if you get the related code from this tool, you have a problem with the crankshaft position sensor of your car.

Testing with Test Light

A test light is another tool that we can use for testing the crankshaft position sensor. These sensors are generally made from 2-wire or 3-wire systems. According to the number of wires, we can test them.

Testing the 2-wire System; 

  • Rip off the crankshaft position sensor from the engine.
  • Attach the test light tool to the positive terminal of the car battery.
  • Turn the ignition “on” position.
  • Tap on the sensor terminals quickly.
  • If the spark plug is ticking, there is no problem with the sensor.

Testing the 3-wire System; 

  • Rip off the crankshaft position sensor from the engine.
  • Attach the test light tool to the negative terminal of the battery. Also, it is called a ground terminal.
  • Turn the ignition “on” position.
  • Tap the middle and signal terminal of the sensor.
  • If you hear the spark plug ticking, the sensor is working.

According to the advantages that you have you can use one of these test methods.

Different Ways of Temporary Fix for Crankshaft Position Sensor

We need to state that, there is no temporary fix for this problem. Because the problem is very huge. As you see above the general symptoms, you need to solve this problem immediately. Because it will harm your engine system. Do not drive your car for prolonged periods with a bad crankshaft position sensor.

Check Wiring

The crankshaft position sensor is connected to the ECU system and the battery with wirings. So, if there is a problem with these wiring systems, you need to check them. There can be damages or contact problems with the wiring system of your car. So, it will be very important to consider this.

Restart the Engine

If you have an instant problem with the crankshaft position sensor, your engine will work very bad way probably. And if the engine stops, restart the engine and try it again. But before starting the engine, you need to let the system cool down.

Disconnect the Sensor

If you disconnect the crankshaft position sensor from the engine, the engine will start with the default mapping in the ECU system. But if the engine will not start, you need to change the crankshaft position sensor with the new one. It is very important to check it correctly.

Fill the Fuel Tank for Temporary Fix for Crankshaft Position Sensor

Also, the engine can stop because ECU does not supply the cylinders of your car with a sufficient amount of fuel. It is very important to fill your fuel tank. And the fuel supply will be much easier. And restating the engine without the crankshaft position sensor will be much easier.

But do not forget that, they are the temporary fixes for the crankshaft position sensor. You need to take care of this system immediately.

What Causes the Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor?

There are so many factors that are the reason for the bad crankshaft position sensor. And multiple reasons can cause this problem. To prevent further faults, you need to check these problems and solve them immediately. And these problems can also affect the general health of the engine and car.

Voltage and Wiring Faults

The main problem can be the electrical system of the car. You know all the electrical systems take the power from the car battery. So, you need to check the voltage of the car battery. If there is an overcurrent problem, it can burn the systems and sensors.

Also, you need to check the connections, terminals, and wiring systems that connect your sensor to the other systems. And if there is a problem with these systems, you need to apply them accordingly.

Check the fuse box of the car. The fuse systems generally prevent the over currents that come to the electrical systems of the cars. And if there are connection problems and short circuits in the fuse box, you need to check the voltage and wiring faults in the fuse box of the car.

Engine Overheating

Engine overheating can be caused by different kinds of reasons such as non-efficient cooling. Cooling fluid deficiency and other problems. The crankshaft position sensor is positioned on the engine block. And if the engine block heats up, the sensors and other electromechanical systems will be affected by this issue.

And engine overheating can cause faults and problems for the crankshaft position sensors. We recommend that, check the general engine overheating problems.

Replacing the Sensor

First of all, be sure that you are replacing the same sensor. And you need to be sure about the sensor that you have is compliant with your car and your car engine. If you are sure about that;

  • First, you need to remove the old and faulty sensor from your engine. Find the location of this sensor and unplug the electrşical connections coming from the battery and to the ECU system. And then, use a socket wrench to remove the fasteners to rip off the old sensor.
  • And attach the new sensor to the system. You will be able to attach it without any problem in the same way.

After this process, you need to apply the “relearning” to the ECU system of your car. Take a look at the manual of your car and how to restart the ECU system. And you will be able to do it correctly.

Can You Drive a Car Without Crankshaft Position Sensor?

The crankshaft position sensor is a very important part of your car. It sends very important information about the position of the crankshaft that makes it possible to adjust the sparking and the fuel injection. So, without this sensor, the vehicle will not work. The ECU system needs the şnfoırmaiton that comes from this sensor to start the engine.

Will Drive with a Bad Position Sensor Damage the Engine?

Unlike without the position sensor, you can drive with a bad position sensor. But you will have very big problems while the engine is working. The combustion and the ignition will not be even. So, you will have great problems with your engine. And if you do not solve this problem, the other components of the engine will be affected badly. And it will much more costly than you think.

So, we recommend you that, do not only depend on the temporary fix for the crankshaft position sensor. Solve this problem immediately.

Crankshaft Position Sensor Diagnosis and Replacement Costs

As you see above the diagnosis requires labor. You need to use different techniques and different devices to say that you have a problem with them.

After that, they will replace it with the new one. According to the model of the vehicle, the general prices of the sensors can change between $20-50.

If we consider the general diagnosis and general labor costs which are around $75, you need to pay around $100-120 for the total replacement of this sensor.

Conclusion on Temporary Fix for Crankshaft Position Sensor

As you see that maybe the crankshaft position sensor can seem like a very basic system. But there are different important points that we need to consider about these systems.

First of all, you need to check the symptoms. If there are symptoms like the above, you need to diagnose if there is an exact problem with this sensor. Also, if you diagnose correctly and you are sure about it, you can replace it with a new one by following the steps above.

If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below.

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