Table Jack – General Guide and Uses

Tabe lift or table jack applications are generally very common in such industries. They are the systems that we are using for lifting different kinds of objects. Here, we will talk about table jack applications which are very common in different areas. Here you can find information about them, how to use them, general buying guide about them.

What is Table Jack?

table jack.
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A table jack is a hydraulic or mechanic system that allows objects to lift to higher elevations. They can have different mechanisms that have a surface on that we can place objects on it. So, they are generally very useful systems.

Types of Table Jack

According to the working mechanism, there are different kinds of table jack applications are available.

  • Screw jacks: There is an adjustable screw mechanism that makes it possible to adjust the height of the table. While the screw system rotates, the elevation of them increases or decreases. They are completely mechanical systems that we are using in different kinds of applications.
  • Hydraulic applications: Also in these systems, there is a manual or electric hydraulic system to lower or higher the table jack. If we compare them with the screw jack applications, they are generally higher in load-carrying capacity. And also they are generally higher in price.
  • Pneumatic systems: Like the hydrauşlic systems, the lifting operation takes place with the pressurized air application. The load-carrying capacity can be lower than the hydraulic applications. But they provide a much clean system. Because there is no hydraulic oil that can contaminate the floor. Also, the adjustment of the height is much more smooth.
  • Ratcheting jack systems: Also, the ratcheting mechanisms are very common in these applications. They are also mechanical applications to lower or increase the height.
  • Leveling jacks: Also we use the leveling jacks that we do not sure about the floor we are using the table jack application. If the floor is uneven, the use of leveling jacks is very common.
  • Folding jacks: For compact and portable applications, folding jack systems are very common. There is a folding scissor system that folds when you lower the height of the table.


There are a wide variety of applications that we use the table jack applications.

  • Outdoor applications: While we are setting up outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and wedding halls, the use of these applications is very common in general. They provide very good versatility to elevate different objects into the air.
  • Trade shows: While vendors are exhibiting their products at the expose, they are generally using table jack applications.
  • Home: Also we are using basic systems of them in the home. To lift heavy objects and reach hard-to-reach places, we are using the table jack applications.
  • Restaurants: While placing the orders and placing the other tables and chairs, the use of these applications is very common.
  • Industry: Heavy-duty applications are also very common in industrial manufacturing places.

We can increase the application examples of the table jack systems.

Important Points to Consider While Selecting a Table Jack

If you need to buy a table jack application, you need to consider several things. And if you consider these parameters, selecting a proper system will be very easy for you.

  • Capacity: The maximum capacity of this application is a very important parameter. You need to define how much load you will carry with the table jack application. After that, you need to select the weight capacity. You can find these applications that have 1000 lbs capacity or 10.000 lbs or greater capacity.
  • Type and power source: As we stated above, there are different types of table jack systems are available. You need to select one of them. And also, there are different power sources available for these applications; 
    • Manual: In general, the mechanical and hydraulic systems are manually operated systems.
    • Electric: Electric systems are also very common.
    • Battery: Built-in battery systems can be very versatile and very useful.
    • Air: They are pneumatic systems.
  • Travel length: Travel length or available height is the total height range that youc can adjust in these systems. And you need to specify the height range that you will use these systems. And you need to select a system that provides this range.
  • Mobility: In the mobile systems there are casters that you can move these tables to wherever you want. And in stationary systems, there are only legs.
  • Elevation per stroke: The total elevation increase per one stroke on the mechanism. So with the decreasing elevation per stroke, the speed of the elevation will be very slow. But, the accuracy of the elevation will be much better.
  • Adjustment mechanism: According to the electric or mechanical system, the adjustment can change. 
    • Lever: In mechanical applications, there is a lever that you can adjust the height of the system.
    • Knob: In the electric table jack applications, you can turn the knob to adjust the height.
    • Push button: You can adjust the elevation of the electric system by pushing a button.
    • Valve: In hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the adjustment of the elevation takes place with valve control.

So, as you see above, selecting a proper system is not an easy thing. You need to make different considerations.


So, lifting systems are very common in the industry. Different types of them are useful for different systems. You can select the best one according to your needs.

In different kinds of applications, the use of table jack systems is very common. And if you are working in these industries, select the best one for you.

And if you need to select a proper application, you need to make important considerations about the table jack applications.

Leave your comments and questions about the table jack applications below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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