Side Loader Forklift Systems – Types, Uses and Advantages

Forklift systems are very common in the manufacturing industry and other industries to carry the different sized and volumes of parts. There are different kinds of forklift systems available according to their construction. One of these types is this system. You can find detailed information about the side loader forklift systems and their advantages, types, and general usage areas.

What is Side Loader Forklift?

side loader forklift

A side loader forklift is a type of forklift that lifts the mass and objects on the right side of the machine. There is a fork and platform system that you can easily carry different loads. They provide various kinds of advantages in different applications.

Types of Side Loader Forklift Systems

There are also different constructions of the side loader forklift systems that you can choose o them according to their advantages of them.

Multi-Directional Systems

This is one of the most common types of these construction that you can find in different markets. They have 3-wheel construction that provides very good maneuverability. So, if you will use this system in narrow areas, they can be a very good selection.

For long-load carrying applications, they are generally used.

4-Wheel Heavy Models

There are also 4-wheel models of side loader forklifts. They have 4 wheels that provide higher load capacities. And they are generally best in the carriage of long and bulky loads. You can easily carry bulky loads over longer distances.

Multi-Directional Stand-On Models

They are more compact systems that you can use in the long load stacking in narrow spaces. They are very good at storing different kinds of parts. And the operator can see the weight directly by standing inside the cabin. They have a 3-wheel system for better maneuverability.

4 Wheel Stand-On Models

This is the 4-wheel model of the stand-on systems. They have a better capacity to carry bulky loads. And it provides also better visibility for the forklift operator.

Advantages of the Side Loader Forklift Systems

There are different kinds of advantages that these systems provide.

  • The most important advantage of side loader forklifts, they are much better to carry bulky and long loads than conventional forklifts. Because, if the operator carries big loads with conventional forklifts, it is much harder for the operator to visibility. So, side loader forklift systems provide much better visibility for the operators.
  •  Stacking long loads with this forklift system is much easier. If you are working in narrow spaces to stack the long loads, use of the side loaders provide much better use.
  •  Also, the general visibility increases with the side loader forklift systems. They are very good at stacking different kinds of loads. The visibility decreased with the big loads at the conventional forklifts. But inside loader forklift systems, it is much better.

Side Loader Forklift Applications

These are the different areas where the use of the side loader forklift applications is the most common. Because they provide very good versatility with the load carrying in these areas.

Pipe Manufacturing and Storage Places

Pipes for water and sewage grid applications are very long and bulky loads. And manufacturers generally stack these parts in long stacking units that have narrow spacings between them. So, carrying them with side loader forklifts is much more easy and better. It will provide much more versatility for these applications.

Rebar Storage

Like pipe storage, rebars are very heavy and long items. Manufacturers are stacking the rebars like the pipe manufacturers. So, the use of side loader forklifts is very common in rebar manufacturing places.

Timber Manufacturing and Storage

Also, timber manufacturers are using side loader forklift systems in general. Because timber products are longer and are storing in longer units that have little spacing. So the use of side loader forklifts is much more better and useful for timber manufacturing applications in general.

Floor Covering Manufacturers

The package size of the floor covering equipment is generally bulky and long. And manufacturers are storing them with forklift applications. So, it is very important to have one of them for these applications.

Conclusion on Side Loader Forklift Systems

As you see above the use of side loader forklift systems is very common in different factories and storage places. So, you can consider the different kinds of models at the application sites that we explained above.

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