Spark Plug Socket Set – Buying Guide and Additional Infos

If you have a workshop for your car or if you are a professional car maintenance service provider, you are probably dealing with spark plugs. And to detach and attach them, you need a spark plug socket set. Here, you can find detailed information about the spark plug socket sets. And we explain them with all the details to make the selection easy for you.

What is Spark Plug Socket Set?

As you can estimate that the spark plug socket set is a special socket set that you can use to rip off and on the spark plugs of gasoline engines. Because spark plug applications are generally attached to the car engines as nut assembly. There are threaded sections on the engine head cover that we attach the spark plugs to these holes. So, you need special sockets to deal with these spark plugs.

What are the Important Parameters for Buying Spark Plug Socket Sets?

Here we explain some important parameters that you need to consider if you want to buy one of these applications. And buying them will be very easy for you if you make these considerations well.

  • Size: Which sizes or size ranges are available? Are the size of the different sockets in that set compatible with the general spark plug applications that you are dealing with? This is a very important consideration that you need to make. In general spark plugs are manufactured according to the screw standards both in SI and SAE designations.
  • Socket depth: For some engines, the spark plug nuts are attached to very deep sections. Nd reaching that deepness is not an easy thing to make. So, it is very important to choose a good application so that you can reach that deepness without any problem.
  • Material: In general the sockets are manufactured from carbon steel and stainless steel. If you choose stainless steel applications, you will not have any problems such as corrosion.
  • Drive size: Also these sockets have driver mechanisms such as breaker bars. And these drive sizes may have different sizes. You need to be sure that the driver of your socket is compatible with other kinds of applications. So, you can make it very easy for you to deal with. The most common drive sizes are 3/8 and ½ inches. And be sure that you are choosing the proper one.
  • Extra features: Some applications have rubber inserts and easy-to-reach applications. According to your needs, you need to consider these important features to deal with the problems. But also, if you do not need a specific feature, you do not need to spend extra money on it.
  • Cost: Also the cost of the application is a very important consideration. You need to define a specific range of money that you can spend on these applications. This range will be very important for you. Because spending very low money on a spark plug socket set will bring you very low quality. But it does not mean that you spend so much money on a very high price application that will bring you high quality. So, looking at general customer reviews will give you a general insight into an application.

Who Can Buy a Spark Plug Socket Set?

Different people can buy spark plug sets. If you are among one of these groups you can consider buying.

  • DIY automotive enthusiasts: If you have a garage where you are dealing with different automobiles or your automobile, you can consider buying a spark plug socket set. Because in most of the cases where you need to detach the engine, you will need one of theö.
  • Automotive services: Professional automotive engine services generally need spark plug sockets. Because they may need to change or clean the spark plugs of the customer’s cars. So, it is very important to deal with these applications.
  • Car owners: Also if you do not want to pay money for each park plug change or spark plug cleaning application, you can buy one of these sets and put it into your garage.

Best Spark Plug Wrench Sets

Here you can find several spark plug wrench sets with different features. And by comparing them with each other, you can choose the best one for you.

LLNDEI 3/8 Inch Drive Spark Plug Socket Set

LLNDEI 3/8 Inch Drive Spark Plug Socket Set

This is a spark plug socket set that you can consider. The package includes 7 pieces of some jest that is compatible with the SAE and Metric applications. And also the drive is 3/8”.

  • Polished and high-quality materials will provide a very long lifespan for heavy-duty applications.
  • 14mm, 18mm, 13/16 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch of different sizes.
  • It is very compatible with professional applications.
– High-quality material.
– Both SAE and Metric sizes are available.
– Not available for ½ drive.

CASOMAN 3/8-Inch Drive Spark Plug Socket Set

CASOMAN 3/8-Inch Drive Spark Plug Socket Set

This one is another high-quality spark plug socket set that you can use in your garage. The set includes 5 pieces of sockets.

  • 5/8-Inch, 3/4-Inch, 13/16-Inch, 14mm, and 18mm spark plug sets are available.
  • Chrome vanadium steel provides corrosion resistance and high-quality application.
  • A mirror chrome finish will bring a very good vibe to your place.
  • There is a 6-point rubber retaining ring that provides smoother application.
  • It has 2 years of quality warranty.
  • Passed from ANSI performance standards.
– High-quality material.
– Compatible with most spark plug applications.
– Not useful for ½ inches of drives.

How to Use a Spark Plug Socket Set?

This can be a good guide for those who do not know how to use the spark plug socket sets. You just need to follow these steps if you want to use theö.

  • First of all, you need to be sure that the engine is cool. Because dealing with a hot engine can hurt your engine itself.
  • You need to know the exact location of the spark plug on your engine. And also you need to exact the problematic spark plug in your engine.
  • Take the electrical connection on the plug before ripping it off.
  • Choose the appropriate size of a spark plug socket to detach the spark plug application. And attach the wrench to the socket.
  • Turn the spark plug with that wrench counterclockwise to rip it off. You need to be gentle if you do not want to hurt the wirings and other components.
  • Check the spark plugs and see the problem.

As you see, it is very simple to use the spark plug socket set.


These are the general things that we can consider about the spark plug socket set. We wish that it is a useful guide for you to choose the best application for yourself.

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