Spark Plug Cleaner – Guide to Use It and Other Considerations

A spark plug is a very essential part of car engines. And the maintenance of the spark plugs is a very important thing that you should consider. So, cleaning of spark plug may increase the performance of your engine, and save you from extra expenses. Here you can find detailed information about spark plug cleaner applications.

What is Spark Plug Cleaner?

Before explaining the spark plug cleaner, we need to understand the general structures of the spark plugs in general. Spark plugs are very basic systems that provide the required electrical spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the engine.

Because of the ignition, exhaust gases are produced. And these exhaust gases have a very high amount of carbon that can accumulate on engine parts. So, the accumulation of carbon on spark plugs can be a problematic issue that prevents the from working of it.

And there are special cleaners that you can easily clean your spark plugs. And you can remove the carbon build-up on your spark plugs. So, you can prolong the life of your spark plug and increase the lifespan of your engine.

What to Look for Spark Plug Cleaners?

There are different kinds of important things to consider about spark plug cleaner applications. If you consider these important points about them, selecting a proper cleaner and cleaning agent will be very easy for you.

  • Type: The type of cleaner is very important. In general, there are two types of cleaners; the first one is using sand and abrasive materials to clean the spark plug applications. The other one is non-abrasive cleaners that do not use any sand or other kinds of things.
  • Use: Can you use the cleaner by yourself? This is a very important question that you should ask. So, it is very important to choose a cleaner application that you can apply by yourself.
  • Price: There are different spark plug cleaner applications at different prices. You need to choose a possible one and apply them. So, you should define a specific budget for it. And you should not choose a very low price one. Because these applications are generally harmful and low quality they deteriorate your spark plug. Also, you do not need to buy a very high price application. Because a high ğprice does not mean high quality most of the time.
  • Compatibility: Maybe you have a specific type of spark plug. And you need to choose a compatible application for your spark plug that is very useful. So, it is very important to choose a good application that fits you.

Different Spark Plug Cleaner Products

Here you can find the different spark plug cleaner products that are available in the market. You can choose or check the features and compare them with the different applications.

Sunex 3912 Spark Plug Cleaner

Sunex 3912 Spark Plug Cleaner

This is a very useful abrasive spark plug cleaner that you can use for different kinds of applications.

  • You can easily clean the different types of spark plug applications without any problem.
  •  A compact application that you can store in your workshop.
  •  You attach the tip of your spark plug and the machine automatically cleans the type of plug.
– Easy to apply.
– Useful application.
– Depp cleaning.
– Expensive selection.

OriGlam 3pcs Mini Wire Brush Set

OriGlam 3pcs Mini Wire Brush Set

Also, brush applications are very common to clean spark plugs. You can brush the tips of the carbon build up to remove the filth. So, with the brushes that this set includes, it is very easy to remove the filth without any problem. The tips of the brushes are made from different materials and hardness makes it possible to remove the carbon build up in a detailed way.

  • Brass, stainless steel, and nylon brushes.
  •  Applicable for other kinds of cleaning applications.
– Cheap solution.
 – Versatile for different cleaning and detailing.
– Manual cleaning.

ABN Pneumatic Spark Plug Cleaner

ABN Pneumatic Spark Plug Cleaner

This is another pneumatic abrasive spark plug cleaner that works with pneumatic air. You just need to connect the system to a pneumatic air provider system and attach the tip of the teh spark plug to that thing. And the system cleans all the filth on the spark plug without any problem.

  • It is very easy to use for different sizes of spark plugs.
  •  With 7.7 CFM air and 90 psi applications, it is both safe and very useful to clean the spark plugs.
  •  It is compatible with ¼ NPT air inlet and 3/8 inches of hose.
– Automated spark plug cleaning.
– High quality application.
– Requires a pneumatic air supply.

Other Ways to Clean Spark Plugs

There are also other ways to clean the spark plugs efficiently. You can consider these ways in general if your want to get rid of the carbon buildup on the surfaces of the spark plugs.

  • Sandpaper: You can easily clean the tips and tiny poles of spark plugs with a help of 220-grit sandpaper. These sandpapers are very useful to remove the accumulated firth on the tips of the plugs. Apply the sandpaper gently to the tip of the spark plug to remove the carbon buildup.
  • File: Also, files are very useful abrasive cleanşng applications that you can consider for spark plug cleaning applications. You need to apply the file to the clearance of the spark plug poles. Remove the carbon built up for petter application.
  • Carb cleaners: Also, carb cleaners are very useful applications that you can consider. They are special products that you can use to remove the carbon buildup on the spark plugsç. Because they are special applications, you need to read the instructions to learn how to apply them properly.
  • Blow torch: Blow torches are also very useful to clean spark plugs. You need to fix the spark plug with a bench wise. And apply the blow torch appropriately to the tip of the spark plug. You may think that it will be harömful for the spark plug. Uıt is not. Spark plugs are designed to withstand very high temperatures inside the cylinders.

So if you want to clean your spark plugs in these ways, you can consider buying these products also.


These are the general thing that you can consider about spark plug cleaning. Cleaning spark plugs will be very easy for you like this. If you have additional comments and questions about spark plug cleaners, please leave them below.

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